October 1, 2014

Outfit: Fox Print Blouse, White Lace Skirt, and Black Platform Sandals

Happy Wednesday everyone! This outfit is a recent favorite so I hope you like it too. It's actually made up of a bunch of new clothes you haven't seen before! This fox print top is quickly becoming one of my go-to shirts because it matches almost everything. (It's also super cute.) I've already worn it three times.

My fox top was a lucky Twitter giveaway win from Boohoo. The skirt is new from Forever 21 because I wanted a white skirt and these fisherman style platform sandals were an epic sale find at Shoe Carnival. I actually bought these shoes in a bronze color too because they were 2 for $20. The fact that they're an incredibly comfortable Kork-Ease brand, Korks, convinced me I needed more than one pair. I could probably walk miles in these things, they're that comfy. 

top: boohoo | skirt: forever 21 | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | hair bow: h&m

I have so much to do today it's kind of ridiculous. Why does this always happen before I go on a trip? Task #1 on my list is getting my flu shot! Then I have to figure out what outfits to pack which is always a dilemma. Then 50 billion other things. There's just not enough time in the day! 

Anyway, have a fantastic middle of your week. I hope it's been going great!


Kate said...

I love it! The darker animal print with the lighter, textured skirt is a great duo!

Marisa Noelle said...

So true! Things always are chaotic for me before leaving to go on a trip. Best wishes on getting everything done smoothly :-)

LOVE this outfit. That fox print is just the cutest thing! Gorgeous pics too Jamie!

Amy N. said...

I love the fox print and those adorable ruffled sleeves!

Stylish on a Shoestring

Frannie Pantz said...

This is, for sure, one of my faves of yours for sure!!! I adore your skirt, the top is cute and so cool that you won it on a giveaway! I love that feeling!

aprileveryday said...

I love the print on the top! I never have enough time in the day after getting home from work haha! I just want to lie on the couch watching tv (and that's usually what happens haha).
Enjoy the rest of your week!
xo April Everyday

Laura Go said...

GOODNESS that foxy top is just the most ADORABLE thing ever!

gabrielle said...

eeee how cute is this top!? i have a top with fox print on it too and i have to restrain myself from wearing it every day.


Jessica Cai said...

You look gorgeous! I adore the fox print shirt and lace together...I actually just posted about lace too :)


xo Jess

~ K said...

Totally love that top!!

Good luck with getting everything done and enjoy the trip!

LEN K said...

Nice post! And love those pics!
By the way, would you like to follow each other??
Hope you'd stop by my site and leave a comment when you have time!


Christina Langner said...

Oh I totally adore the shirt, what a cute print and love how you styled it!

Much love xxx

Sara Gerard said...

This outfit is adorable! I love that last shot of you, perfection.

Camilla said...

What a cute skirt! <3


Nella Fragola said...

Such a charming outfit!

jess said...

That top is so cute! The print is so you.

Imogen said...

I am so in love with the fox print top. The most adorable print. Now I want a fox print top!

Midwest Muse said...

This outfit is so freakin' cute and very you. Also those shoes look incredible on you.

Nancy Wilde said...

Fox print is the prettiest print when it's Autumn! There's something about your hairstyle that reminds me of a flapper... in the most flattering way, obviously!

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