October 22, 2014

Outfit: Maroon Cat Print Top Layered Underneath a Sleeveless Striped Dress

I'm always happy when the time of year for tights and long sleeves comes along. Layering makes getting the most out of your wardrobe so much easier. One of my favorite ways to remix my sleeveless dresses is to layer a long sleeved button down top underneath. I find this looks best when the neckline on the dress isn't too high or too low. There's a certain Goldilocks zone for this layering technique so I was very happy when this striped dress from Modcloth fit that criteria!

This actually wasn't an outfit I planned for our trip up to Illinois. It turned out to be cooler than average while we were there (and it felt wonderful) but I had to mix and match what I brought to dress a little warmer. I'm a firm believer in navy blue as a neutral and maroon tends to match with almost everything, so this outfit is the result of these items laying next to one another in my suitcase. Maybe the stripes mixed with cat print is a little quirky but I liked it. What do you think? Would you let cat print mingle with your stripes?

Maroon Cat Print Top Layered Underneath a Striped Dress
Maroon Cat Print Button Down, Striped Dress, Navy Blue Tights, and Brown Clogs
dress: modcloth | top: forever 21 | tights: target | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | earrings, belt: mom's

Maroon Cat Print Underneath a Sleeveless Striped Dress
Layering a Cat Print Button Down Top Underneath a Striped Fit and Flare Dress
Navy Blue Tights with Brown Clogs
Navy Striped Dress, Cat Print Button Down, and Short Red Hair

Are you guys having a good week so far? I'm not sure where it's gone and how it's already Wednesday. I have cover letters to write, work to do, and catching up on your blogs too. Somehow all the tasks are never complete since the hours fly by. Life has never moved so quickly and that worries me. I wish I had time to just read a book but that would require stopping the other things that are more pertinent. Oh well!

Have a fantastic rest of your day!


gabrielle said...

this is a really cute outfit! i agree with navy blue as a neutral. these colors complement each other really well.


Isabella said...

I think the cat print and stripes work wonderfully together! This is a really great look. I layered a button-down under a dress for the first time in forever the other day - I love this look for fall.

Good luck with all of your to-do's! Here's hoping you get some time to chill out and read soon :)


Panty Buns said...

You've styled yet another fabulous looking outfit! Your striped Modcloth dress and dark blue Target tights are both very pretty and I love the cat print, the colour, and sleeves of your Forever 21 top. all of the outfi pieces look wonderful styled together.


Alexandra Marie said...

That top is adorable! Alex


Rebecca said...

This is totally cute! I paired navy and maroon a ton this past winter. I love the mix of prints as well - and stripes are subtle/neutral enough to match with anything. :D And how fab are your shoes?!

Yay for mixing and matching while traveling!

Idealism never goes out of fashion

Keit said...

Same here, I don't do anything that special and yet time flies so fast O_o
I love clashing prints, and you did a kick ass job ad mixing them, adore this outfit ^_^

Eccentric Owl said...

Yes, I would definitely let cat print mingle with stripes! I love this! And it just gave me an idea for an outfit... haha!
I hope life slows a bit for you soon! I never like it when there is a ton to do; I feel like I must be missing out on simpler things.
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~ K said...

Shirts under dresses is always a win, but you're so right about the neckline on the dress! I have a few that are just not quite right. But I'm looking forward to trying out some different layers this winter.

I thought they were little mice with I saw the blouse first haha then I read the title.

Sara Gerard said...

This is my favorite type of outfit! I love layering patterned button up shirts with sleeveless dresses. I agree, this time of year is always insane!

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