October 8, 2014

Remix: Bright Pink Tights

Do you ever look at the ways you style a certain item and notice very apparent patterns? Maybe that's just a style blogger thing, but I never realized I mostly wore pink tights with the black items in my wardrobe. I like the way a pair of brightly colored tights adds a fun pop to an otherwise monotone look. Maybe that's why I'm always so excited for tights weather. It's easy to make an outfit more interesting with a pair of colorful or patterned tights. Not to mention you can wear essentially the same outfit but stick another pair of tights with it and it looks completely different.

Here you'll see a few ways I've styled bright pink tights over the years. You could substitute pink for almost any bright color though. Maybe this post will inspire you to pick up a couple colorful pairs of tights this fall and winter! (As usual, click the numbers below the pictures to see the full post.)

One | Two


Four | Five

Six | Seven

Eight | Nine

Which outfit is your favorite? Are colorful tights a staple in your wardrobe too?

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


Marisa Noelle said...

I think I definitely need a pair of pink tights in my wardrobe after seeing this. And I'm pretty sure I would be inclined to remix them with a lot of black and white too! (Black and pink were my wedding colors...ha!).

Love them all - but especially swooning over that little black dress with the checkered top and the remix with the yellow card :-)

Rebecca said...

I love number 8 - that is exactly how I have (and still do!) style my brightly coloured tights. :D

Idealism never goes out of fashion

Isabella said...

A black dress with bright tights was a go-to for me for weekend nights in college, and I wore a black-and-white dress with purple tights yesterday - I'm excited to bring the look back into my wardrobe this fall!

This is a great collection of looks, and while I really like the colorful look (#3,) #7 might be my favorite. I love the more straight-laced cardigan with the pretty striped dress and the rad shoes!


© Frankie said...

nice look! and it is important to recognize
What the color of your hosiery says about you

Eccentric Owl said...

Number five is my absolute favorite! So retro and cute!
I have such a plethora of colorful tights just waiting to be worn, and I really want to pop over to the store and grab a few more colors... but it's not quite cold enough yet. Sigh. I keep wishing it to be, and wearing tights in spite of the warmth, but the weather always beats me. Oh well!
I can't wait to see how you style tights this year!

~ K said...

I think 8 is my favourite!! I'm so excited to wear my coloured tights this year! I've already started with the green ones :)

Selina said...

I love coloured tights. Purple, red and white are my favourite colours

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