November 10, 2014

Outfit: Floral Bell Sleeved Dress, Pink Tights, and Brown Clogs

Happy Monday everyone! This is yet another outfit I wore in Illinois in October. I really love this floral bell sleeved dress I picked up from Forever 21, so I keep trying to think of new ways to style it. Usually that means another color of tights or new shoes to switch it up but still show the sleeve detail. I know it'll be too cold to go without a jacket or sweater soon though! I've shown this dress with a jean jacket layered over top too which gives it a 90s vibe even though it covers the sleeves. Hooray remixing!

This look has a very monochromatic feel. I enjoy seeing others rock monochromatic outfits so I hope I'm doing it well too. I didn't realize just how much magenta/pink stood out in the print until I saw these pictures. The dark pink tights really bring out that shade and make the whole outfit look very pink! Anyway, I added my new clogs because they're delightfully retro just like my dress.  

Floral Bell Sleeved Forever 21 Dress and Pink Tights
Dark Pink Tights with Brown Korks Clogs
Retro Style Floral Bell Sleeved Dress, Pink Tights, and Brown Clogs
dress: forever 21 | tights: kmart | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | necklace: gift from Jeanie from Italy

Italian Cameo Necklace with a Floral Square Neck Dress
Retro Bell Sleeved Dress with Dark Pink Tights

Here's an outtake shot for you. I was actually making faces at Matt and creating some interesting poses. This one is the monster pouncing pose. You're welcome.
Outtake Jumping in a Floral Bell Sleeved Dress and Clogs

Did you guys have a fun weekend? We went out to Terrapin Brewery to hang out with my sister on Friday. I spent much of Saturday deep cleaning the vanity in the bathroom my sister and I have shared (on and off) for the past 13 years. I came across so many Bath and Body Works products from around 1999-2002 it was ridiculous. They were lurking in the back of the cabinets and linen closet too. It was time for them to go. Way past time. There were also plenty of butterfly clips and hair things of that nature. (I stored away the non-broken ones.) So after throwing out bags of various old products and corroded metal hair clips I finally have space to store my makeup. It's no longer spread all over the counter! I can actually see my palettes. It's pretty amazing. 

I also ran over 2 miles on Saturday which is the longest I've ever run without stopping in my life. I'm pretty proud. I'm one of those people who hate running but it's becoming more tolerable each time. It's something I've always been really bad at. In school I was the girl who could do 12 pull-ups but had crappy flexibility and struggled keeping up with my friends during "the mile." (Now that I think back, there was no way I was pacing myself properly while trying to keep up with my much longer-legged friends so we could chat.) Anyway, I'm trying to get in better cardiovascular shape so hopefully this is doing it. We'll see!

Have a great start to your week!


Panty Buns said...

The dark pink colour of your tights is beautiful - I love pink and love the way your tights coordinate with the magenta/pink colour in the floral print of your Forever 21 dress. The overall design and bell sleeves of your Forever 21 are fabulous. Congratulations on your increasing fitness! Are you by any chance thinking of working up to 3.1 miles to enter 5 kilometer races? Have a great week yourself!

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Congratulations on your fitness achievement! I started running over Summer but have totally fallen out of the habit - I need to get on it again. I love this outfit, those sleeves are so fantastically retro! Also, love your monster face :D


CiCi said...

Just reading about running makes me feel a bit sick... so I'm very impressed as I'm definitely someone who's always hated it and been dreadfully bad at it. I've always been convinced my short little legs weren't made for it... so it's inspiring to see someone of similar height get somewhere with it! Oh, and beautiful colours in this outfit. The pattern is so delicate too - very pretty look :) CC x

Kate said...

Loving the retro look and the square neck line. And your face in that last photo. :)

Congrats on your running achievement! I used to be a pretty serious athlete, (I rowed in college) but absolutely HATED running. I've always been terrible at it.

Demi said...

12 PULL UPS???? Christ on a cracker, why don't we see more of those guns on this blog?? I can't even do one. Or half of one. I can hold myself up for a couple of seconds and make weird grunting noises though, I guess I'm.. proud of that...

I'm loving the colour coordination in this outfit though! Every time you bring those tights out I swear up and down they look maroon to me.. and then some photos make them look magenta and I'm all confused again.

Demi |

Eccentric Owl said...

Haha, the monster pose is the BEST! I get a lot of outtakes when my husband takes pictures, because it's more fun to goof off with him than be good. ;) You are too cute! I am so in love with that dress on you, it looks fantastic every way you wear it! Also, congratulations on running two miles; that's pretty impressive. I've never been able run much, either, so it must feel amazing to get that far.

Olivia Monopoli said...

Hey I have met another fellow blogger who is my height! This makes me so happy! And you're inspiring to me because I would have thought wearing such a flowy dress like yours would have enveloped my petite body. But wow you look amazing and I want a dress just like yours!
Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

Porcelina said...

What a fabulous dress! Lovely look with the pink tights.

Well done on the run! X

lisa said...

I love this monochromatic look and how it goes all the way up to your hair! Also- these shoes are perfection. I have never been able to do a single pull-up, how on Earth do you do 12??! Also, this is a good reminder that I need to do a deep cleaning of bathroom cupboards- ugh ;)

Megan Butcher said...

This outfit is so awesome! Love everything about it. Outtakes are so fun, this makes me think I should start sharing some too! Good luck with your running goals, it sounds like you're on track! No pun cheesy lol :)

<3 Megan

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

I love this look.. it's so cute on you! Your tights just pop so much :D

Running is evil. lol I always started off strong for the mile run and died out not even halfway. Over 2 miles is just crazzzzy!

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