November 19, 2014

Outfit: Leopard Print Shirt with a Red Scarf Bow and Navy Blue Skater Skirt

Happy Wednesday!
A while back my grandparents were clearing out my great grandma's house and I ended up with many scarves of various sizes. Some of them were more like a necktie width without actually being neckties. I figured they'd be perfect tied into bows worn with button down shirts or worn in my hair, but they've mostly sat folded in a drawer. I'm making an effort to remember they exist!

This scarf tied into a bow was an afterthought but I think it makes the outfit interesting. Leopard print on its own sometimes isn't enough! I loved the way the subtle print in this red bow mixed with my leopard print button down. Sometimes its the accessories thrown on after getting dressed that really make an outfit special. Without the bow it's a pretty standard way to wear a leopard top like this. Navy blue is one of those colors that I naturally pair with leopard print. They're both neutrals in my book so I guess that makes sense!

top: thrifted | skirt: forever 21 | scarf bow: great grandma's | shoes: shoe carnival | hair bow: h&m

Have you guys had a good week so far? I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls, job hunting, and working from home. That's the usual excitement of my life - except you can swap out Gilmore Girls for whatever I'm binging on at the time. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving time which is approaching very quickly. Mmm food. I'm looking forward to my morning coffee. I'm looking forward to the day someone gives me a chance and hires me too. And I'd love to be living with my boyfriend again. I'm trying to enjoy the life lull as much as possible because things could be very different a year from now. We'll see. As for now it's a lot of sameness, but at least I'm catching up on my TV and get to spend time at home!

What about you? What have you been watching lately? Doing anything exciting this upcoming weekend? Let me live vicariously through you.

Have a happy middle of your week!


Demi said...

That pussy bow is gorgeous! I wish they made stuff like that nowadays, you can really tell it's a vintage piece. Digging the coordination in this outfit!

Demi |

Monique Reinds said...

That little red bow is adorable~!

Sarah.Scribbles said...

I absolutely adore this outfit! It suits you so much! Now folowing you and look forward to reading your blog in more detail!


Ina R. said...

Aaw Jamie this look is perfect! SO cute! I love the red scarf bow with the leopard blouse, such a good combo! And then the navy skirt! It's all so full of 50s pin up vibes! :)

Panty Buns said...

I love the colour combinations of your outfit, the red scarf bow, and your blue Forever 21 skirt.
I've been binge-watching "The Gilmore Girls" on NetFlix as well! I'm into season 3 and plan to watch all 7 seasons! I love the character Rory, and Paris cracks me up. All the scenes with Loralai's parents are great too. It's hard to stop watching.

Frannie Pantz said...

I LOVE scarves, jewelry, clothing, etc. from older family members--so fun, so classic and so special! This is a great subtle mix of patterns!

Crumbs In The Bed said...

Leopard print and navy go really well together! I didn't think they could but this combo is awesome.

Totally loving the bow too!

Kate said...

I've totally been binging Gilmore Girls too. Weird thing is, I never watched it in middle school/high school, so I have this weird nostalgia thing with it because it was from that time period. ANYWAY.

This outfit is absolutely stunning. I love the mix and match, and that bow ties everything together. (pun intended) Best of all, it's something from your great grandmother's house. How cool!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love this look! The patterns and colors and so interesting together.
Ugh...job hunting sucks. I keep getting interviews, and then not getting the jobs. :\ I wish you the best of luck! I never got into Gilmore Girls, but I can't wait for when Friends is available on Netflix!
Also, I'm jealous that you're not in tights.

Justine Prabucki said...

Ah what a fun outfit. That bow definitely was a great addition. So cool that you were able to get some of your great grandmas stuff. Also Im so glad to see someone else is excited that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix!

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