November 30, 2014

Weekend Roundup \\ 19

Happy Thanksgiving weekend (and happy regular weekend to all my non U.S. readers)! I hope you're having a good one so far. I've spent mine relaxing with my family and stuffing my face with leftover Thanksgiving food. It's been a pretty delicious couple of days. Anyway, below you'll find some links to check out in case you're trying to find something to read on this long weekend. But first here's a little Instagram recap from the past couple weeks.


The Japanese maple tree in the front yard looking pretty and my well loved Urban Decay Naked palettes.

A couple pictures I didn't use in my last outfit post.

\\ 30 ways to break the ice and start a conversation. These are intended for a networking event but I think they can apply to almost any gathering!
\\ Why you shouldn't draw attention to the experience you don't have while job hunting.
\\ Why feeling like you're not good enough is wrecking your career. I thought this article was spot on and relevant to my life right now. It seemed like a lot of you liked it when I shared it on Twitter too!

\\ We may have 100+TB hard drives by 2025.
\\ The Rosetta lander found organic molecules on a comet!

\\ An artist reimagined U.S. dollar bills for a master's thesis and they're so much prettier!
\\ The persistent myth of the narcissistic Millennial. (Basically, every generation goes through a more narcissistic stage of life.)
\\ A super cute video about Uga, UGA's English Bulldog mascot.
\\ An infographic of the world's most common myths.

The Past Couple Weeks' Posts
\\ Outfit: Retro bell sleeved dress with pink tights
\\ Outfit: Vintage Blue Oyster Cult t-shirt with blue shorts
\\ Outfit: Floral crop top with a leather skirt
\\ Outfit: What I wore to Zoo Atlanta
\\ Outfit: Wearing a leopard dress as a skirt with a blue crushed velvet top
\\ Outfit: Thrifted leopard top with a red scarf worn as a bow
\\ Remix: Leather Forever 21 skater skirt
\\ Outfit: Flannel shirt with a short burgundy leather skirt


Brina S. said...

Adorable look so cute! :)

Brina xoxo, Check out Giveaway -->

Ina R. said...

Awesome links! Thanks for sharing the job hunting pics about the esperience I don't have. I'm desperately looking for a job at the moment and this is really helpful!

Milex said...

Lunie Chan said...

I love your star trek necklace!!

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