December 23, 2014

A Jeanie Outfit: Fall Leaf and Fox Print Shift Dress with a Burgundy Cardigan

Happy Tuesday everyone! I nearly forgot I took these pictures of my sister Jeanie's Thanksgiving outfit. I figured I better post them while it's still 2014! She's wearing her handmade fox and fall leaf print shift dress here. It's the same pattern as my mushroom print dress with a few changes in the details. Hers has a peter pan collar and little buttons while my dress has a big yellow bow on the front. It was made at the same time as my dress while we were attempting to learn to sew over the summer. Mostly I learned that patterns are difficult to understand when a ton of adjustments for size have to be made. Anyway, she was saving this dress for fall even though it's a summery material. She paired it with a maroon cardigan, sparkly belt, and some neat cutout flats. It made for a very cute fall outfit!

Fox Print and Fall Leaf Print Shift Dress with a Sparkly Belt and Burgundy Cardigan
dress: handmade | cardigan: forever 21?

Fox and Autumn Leaf Print Dress with a Sparkly Belt
Fall Leaf Print Dress and a Maroon Cardigan
Peter Pan Collar and Autumn Leaf Dress
Fox and Fall Leaf Print Shift Dress with a Sparkly Belt and Burgundy Cardigan

I'm not ready to give up fall color schemes even though it's technically winter. I'm never ready to give up all the sparkly clothes that people wear around the holidays either. Can we just wear sparkly things and fall colors all through the winter? I feel like that'd make January - March much more pleasant!

I hope you're all having a great week so far. Thank you to everyone who comments such nice things on this blog. I really appreciate every single one of you!


Charlotte Kerry said...

That dress is gorgeous, I really like the cardigan aswell. Such a cute outfit, I agree that you can't beat autumn colours!

Panty Buns said...

Your sister's outfit looks beautiful! I love her dress's fox/cherries/daisies/oak leaves print, its Peter Pan collar, and the colour combination with her maroon cardigan. Your sister's hair looks beautiful. You both have the same lovely smile.

Camilla said...

How lovely! <3<3<3


Sierra Rose said...

What a great dress print!

Pay with Polka Dots

RC Rabbit (Bunny) said...

I love that fabric so much, I made myself a dress out of it too.

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh my gosh- the dress is so cute! Alex

Rachel Sullivan said...

Omg perfect fall colors, and that dress!! <3


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