December 17, 2014

November Favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! How is it already mid December? I guess it's about that time to show you my favorite blogger outfits from last month. There's quite a variety of styles going on here so I hope you spot some inspiration. Be sure to check out these blogs to find more cute outfits!

Fleur d'Elise mixes green and blue perfectly and Cici Marie is adorable in an off-the-shoulder top and button down skirt.

Ready Two Wear is rocking some very cool leather overall shorts and Eccentric Owl is gorgeous in warm fall colors.

M Loves M created the perfect comfy chic outfit and What Olivia Did has the cutest houndstooth pants.

Rachel The Hat is rocking her classic black dress with a burgundy leather coat and Orchid Grey looks amazingly cool in her casual fall outfit.

Mermaidens is adorable in her cat print dress and Carbon Chic's nautical inspired look is something I'd like to wear this very second.


Demi said...

Awww thanks for the love, Jamie! :)

I recently discovered Cici Marie and I'm really digging her already, especially that cute curl thing she does with her hair (looks so effortlessly retro!). All the outfits here look very cute too :D

CiCi said...

Ah, you've made my day! Incredibly flattered to be featured among these beautiful, stylish ladies :)

Including you, Demi - what a lovely comment :D I'm getting lost in your blog now... x

Camilla said...

I loved the last one! :)


Kailey said...

Thank you so much for including me! So sweet of you oh my goodness :'3 <3

Elizabeth said...

All amazing looks!

Panty Buns said...

All of your favourite blogger outfits from November are fab. My favourite from amongst them is the Mermaidens Hello Harriet caturday cat print dress - absolutely adorable!

Eccentric Owl said...

I always love these roundups of yours; I end up following more amazing blogs every time! I especially love CiCi Marie's outfit, so perfect!

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