December 3, 2014

Outfit: Gold Sequined Crop Top, Red Pencil Skirt, and Black Ankle Boots

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wore this fairly holiday-tastic outfit to an informal dinner party the other week. This sequined top is a recent purchase because I couldn't resist its shininess (and the fact that it's a crop top which means it'll fit like a normal shirt). Everyone thought I looked like I was going to a Christmas party but I really just enjoy gold with red. I love that I can get away with as many sparkly items as I see fit at this time of year though!

For this shirt's sequin-y debut I paired it with a trusty red wool pencil skirt I thrifted many years ago. This skirt is a standby during the winter months. Though it's perfectly snug around my waist so it's not the best choice when gorging on holiday meals. I've made it work though. It's nothing a little stealthy unbuttoning can't fix if I end up eating a few too many pierogies and produce a food baby. Anyway, maybe this outfit will give you some holiday inspiration. It was warm so I didn't need a jacket but this looked equally as cute with the black cardigan I threw on later that night. 

Gold Sequined Crop Top, Red Wool Pencil Skirt, Black Tights, and Ankle Boots
top: forever 21 | skirt: thrifted | tights: walmart | ankle boots: xhileration - target | bracelet: forever 21

Detailing of Gold Sequined Shirt from Forever 21
Red Wool Pencil Skirt with Black Tights and Black Lace Up Ankle Boots
Gold Sequined Crop Top with a Red Skirt
Spiked Bracelet and a Gold Sequined Shirt
Sleevelss Gold Sequined Shirt, Red Wool Pencil Skirt, Black Tights, and Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Unfortunately I don't have anything exciting to tell you about right now. Most of my days consist of job hunting and doing my contract work. Sometimes I partly watch House Hunters in the background. Let's just hope some sort of steady and not horrible full time job wants me soon because life is getting stagnant around here. I need to learn something new and be challenged. Also I'm poor. And I'd like more excuses to actually get out of my pajamas most days. Post-grad life, you guys. It's glamorous.

So how is your week going? Do any exciting Cyber Monday shopping? I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping. I just have one more thing to buy which is good because my bank account is crying.

Anyway, have a fantastic middle of your week!


Mona Te said...

I love your smile, it's so sunny and pure. I like this skirt and boots - this is my style :D

Elizabeth said...

I love the color scheme you have going here! LOVE LOVE this look!

Panty Buns said...

That outfit is very pretty and Christmasy! The gold sequined Forever 21 top is beautiful and looks fantastic styled with your bright red skirt and dark tights. Beautiful!

~ K said...

Have to admit, I kind of avoid sequins at all costs but the skirt, that's pretty :)

Hopefully in the new year you might find something!

We don't do Christmas shopping any more haha, each yea we take people off the list and now it's just ourselves. We're classic Christmas Scrooges.

Frannie Pantz said...

So many awesome words here--sequin-y and holiday-tastic! LOL Love the outfit also! So fun and shiny!

Laura Go said...

You look like Christmas!!! And how are you almost done with shopping? SO lucky! i still have loads to do -_-

Jessica The Pyreflies said...

You look fantastic! This is the perfect Christmas outfit :)



Keit said...

I say enjoy your unemployment while it lasts :D Most people would be thrilled to finally have time to do the crap they wanted to do! ^_^
Who can resist shinies? I know I can't! :D Love the top, it's sparkly goodness!!!!

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