January 30, 2015

Outfit: Red Skater Skirt, Silver Sweater over a Denim Shirt, and Black Loafers

This silver sweater may seem a little bit holiday-tastic for January, but I love it. I'm here to show you can rock metallic pieces after New Year's Eve! Honestly, I think this outfit would be a perfect choice for a casual Valentine's Day but it's perfectly acceptable for a regular day as well. Silver, red, and black is always a winning combination.

I've worn this sweater a few times since I got it back around November, but for whatever reason it hasn't been on the blog yet. It's very versatile and the metallic threads aren't scratchy at all (which is a big bonus!) I like that it looks kind of gray from afar and then when you step closer to me it's like, "Ooo sparkly sweater!" This time I layered a studded denim shirt underneath. The studs on the shirt played off the silver sweater. Then I added my neoprene skater skirt, simple black tights, and classic patent loafers. The bow earrings were my final touch!

So what do you think? Would you wear a silver (or gold) sweater after the holidays? Metallics are just neutrals with extra pizzazz in my book!

Red Skater Skirt, Silver Sweater over a Denim Button Down, Black Tights, and Patent Loafers
skirt: sheinside | denim top: forever 21 | sweater: new york & company | tights: walmart | loafers: target | bow earrings: new york & company

Studded Denim Button Down Under a Silver Sweater
Silver Sweater over a Denim Shirt and a Red Neoprene Skirt
Silver Bow Earrings and a Rook Piercing with Red Hair
Silver Sweater, Denim Button Down, Red Skater Skirt, and Black Loafers

I can't believe it's already Friday but I actually feel like I accomplished things this week. Those things were mostly job hunt related, so I haven't had much free time for fun things. It's the most important thing I need to do right now though! I hope to have a little fun this weekend, like perhaps catch up on some of your blogs and do a little book reading. What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Even if you'll just be binge watching Netflix this weekend, I hope it's a good one! Happy Friday!

January 28, 2015

Review + Swatches: Covergirl Lip Lava in Lychee Lava and Lava-nder

Today I have a review of my most recent makeup purchase, Covergirl Lip Lava in the shades Lychee Lava and Lava-nder. I haven't seen a whole lot of information on these, so I thought maybe this could be helpful for any of you who come across these at the store. It's strange because they're not even being advertised on the main page of Covergirl's website and they're brand new! Here they are though. 

These are under the "lipgloss" section on the Covergirl website but they're really a strange lip gloss/lipstick hybrid. They apply like a gloss but they're super pigmented. They're incredibly sparkly in a way that almost comes off as being metallic! The ultra-sparkly goodness was the main reason I was interested in these. Plus I saw one YouTube review that showed just how opaque they are. 

Now you can look at some too-close-for-comfort swatches of the colors on my lips!

Lychee Lava is a coral shade with pink and gold shimmer. 
Lava-nder was my absolute must-buy shade. It's a true purple with blue-purple shimmer.

Covergirl Lip Lava in Lychee Lava

Covergirl Lip Lava in Lava-nder

These definitely leave a lot of color all on their own. I've lightly layered them over other lipsticks to change them up and make them sparkly too. The wear time is about average for a lip gloss. They're not particularly sticky so you'll have to reapply throughout the day, especially after eating. I didn't experience any staining on my lips, but they left microsparkle on them.

The main issue I had was the application. You can see above that the applicator is a pointy brush which is good for getting into the corners of your mouth. However it just picks up way too much product. I have to wipe it on the inside of the tube which can get very messy. 

I picked up these two shades at Ulta a couple weeks back. They were hidden in an aisle toward the back of the store but they may be in a more prominent place now. They retail for $7.99 but I got them buy one get one half off.

I think we'll be seeing these advertised a bit more once we get closer to summer makeup releases. There are a ton of other interesting-looking colors to check out too. Pick them up if you want to try some fun makeup and/or love sparkly lip products!

Disclaimer: This wasn't sponsored. I bought these with my own money!

January 26, 2015

Outfit: Polka Dot Blazer, Purple Graphic Tee, and Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

Just a quick outfit post today! I wore this casual outfit last week and probably didn't even need the jacket when I took these pictures. I thought it was a much more interesting look with the addition of my polka dot blazer though. This blazer always gets buried underneath other more-often-worn coats so I sometimes forget about it. It's a nice light layer that's actually perfect for springtime. Unfortunately it's usually too hot for jackets once proper springtime rolls around, so I'm wearing it now! I threw it on over a purple The New Pornographers band t-shirt and my skinny acid wash jeans. 

I really like these jeans but I find them hard to style. I know I should treat them as a neutral denim but for some reason that's difficult for me! How do you guys style acid wash items? I know they're not everyone's taste, but once I bought these pants I appreciated the 80s goodness so much more. They're a good mix of a vintage wash with a modern cut.

Also, check out my new blue flats! 

Wearing a Polka Dot Blazer with a Graphic T-shirt and Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
blazer: lauren conrad - kohl's | t-shirt: concert | jeans: boohoo | shoes: delia's

Red Hair, Polka Dot Blazer, and Purple Graphic Tee
Skinny Acid Wash Boohoo Jeans with Blue Pointed Flats
Polka Dot Lauren Conrad Blazer with Acid Wash Skinny Jeans and Blue Flats

I hope you had a nice weekend and did something fun! Mine went by far too quickly, but when is that ever not the case? 

Have a wonderful start to your week!

January 23, 2015

Outfit: Green Floral Shift Dress, Yellow Patterned Tights, and Ankle Boots

Happy Friday! I'm excited to show you my most recent purchase, this green floral shift dress from Target. It was actually a gift card purchase so I didn't feel guilty buying it when I really don't need another dress. But can you ever have too many dresses? (Probably. I'll deny it though!)

Anyway, I'd seen this dress on a previous Target trip and willed myself not to try it on. However, I kept thinking about it. So the next time I went to Target I wandered over to the clothes section and found that there was just one of these dresses left. Luckily it was in my size! Then I figured I needed to try it on. It fit perfectly, so it became mine. It actually looked really cool with the tights and shoes I was wearing that day so I may need to wear those with it next time...

Green Floral Print Shift Dress, Yellow Patterned Tights, and Black Boots
dress: xhileration - target | tights: forever 21 | shoes: hand-me-downs

Green Floral Dress Detailing

I wore this out to dinner with my family last weekend. Instead of going the more neutral route with my accessories for its first day out, I added some bright yellow tights. I enjoyed the mix of green and yellow going on in this look. The ankle boots were handed down to me from an ex-style blogger. Just looking at these pictures is making me want to wear this dress again. I just don't have a lot of shift dresses in my wardrobe and this one fits so nicely. Maybe I'll wear it again today!

Green Floral Shift Dress, Yellow Patterned Tights, and Black Ankle Boots
Patterned Bright Yellow Tights, Green Floral Dress, Black Ankle Boots

I hope you all had a great week! I'm looking forward to getting out of the house this weekend. It's in the plans, but we'll see. Do you have any fun weekend plans? Whether you do or not, I hope you have a good one.

January 21, 2015

Outfit: Sleeveless Black Dress over a Plaid Shirt, Herringbone Tights, and Bronze Shoes

I realized there was something familiar about this outfit a couple hours into wearing it. Last March I wore this dress layered over a button down top with these exact same tights! Sure, the button down was cat print last time, but there's still a distinct similarity going on. Either way, I enjoyed how this outfit turned out. I layered a new plaid shirt from H&M under my little sleeveless black dress. This dress is worn with tops layered underneath way more often than not. It just works so perfectly as a sort of jumper. I've had this inexpensive dress for many years now and I've gotten a ton of use out of it. I guess a simple piece that really fits well gets plenty of use. Go figure.

Other things that made this dress and tights combination different from last time is the addition of my new fringe ear cuff and my comfy bronze shoes. The ear cuff was a Christmas gift from Jeanie. I love the way it looks but I can only wear it for a few hours before it hurts my ear. The clip on the upper part is too tight. I don't know how anybody wears clip on earrings! It's worth it for a few hours of super cool ear goodness though.

Sleeveless Black Dress layered over a Plaid Button Down Shirt, Herringbone Fishnet Tights, and Bronze Shoes
dress: poof apparel - ross | shirt: h&m | tights: kmart? | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | ear cuff: forever 21 | hair bow: h&m

Purple, Pink, and Red Plaid Shirt with a Little Black Dress
Gold Fringe Ear Cuff and a Rook Piercing
Herringbone Print Fishnets with Bronze Fisherman Sandal Heels
Plaid Top Under a Little Black Dress
Plaid Button Down under a Black Dress, Fishnet Tights, and Bronze Shoes

And Jeanie came home while I was taking pictures so I made her jump in and take a few with me. I like this one.

How's your week going so far? I've really been trying to catch up with my blog reading while also pumping out job applications. This is okay when I don't leave the house, but I basically have to stay inside all day. On Monday I got out and saw Big Eyes at the theatre though! I enjoyed it. What's been your favorite movie you've seen lately? I want to see a couple more before the Oscars happen.

Anyway, have a wonderful Wednesday! 

January 19, 2015

Outfit: Colorful Bodycon Dress, Black Cardigan, and Black Ankle Boots

I picked up this little colorful bodycon dress over the summer because it seemed highly remixable and it was incredibly inexpensive. I thought it was time to style it for the mild winter weather we've been having lately. (You can see how I wore it in the July heat by clicking here though!) It has a ton of colors in its abstract pattern so I could have tried a more colorful pairing, but black seemed like a good choice that day. I added a black cardigan, plain black tights, and some ankle boots. My pink thrifted earrings were another colorful touch though! 

Colorful Abstract Print Bodycon Dress, Black Cardigan, Black Tights, and Ankle Boots
Black Cardigan and a Colorful Bodycon Dress
Hot Pink Round Retro Earrings and a Rook Piercing

This silhouette is quite the departure from my last outfit post! I don't wear bodycon styles as much because I feel like an a-line shape balances out my lack of hips/butt. Plus you don't have to suck in your food baby as much after a hefty meal. I felt good in this outfit though! It's nice to mix things up. It really was a comfy outfit too!

Colorful Abstract Print Dress Detailing
Abstract Print Bodycon Dress, Black Cardigan, and Black Ankle Boots

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! I basically just hung out with my family because Jeanie was home this weekend. I played trivia on Friday night and my team won 2nd place. Good times. 

In other news, someone over at Buzzfeed used one of my pictures as an example in a very general style tips post. They used a picture I took of my sister at one point too. I wish they'd notify me that they used my picture on their giant website just so I'm not surprised when people let me know about it on Facebook! It's different than a blogger sharing my picture. I understand though. My pictures are labeled as Creative Commons Share Alike so it's a-okay. I just hope people don't say mean things about me in the comments section, though I really like that outfit and I see nothing too offensive about it! Someone did complain about colorful tights adding bulk to the legs and I'm like, it would be really difficult to make my legs look bulky so no. Also who cares? 

But anyway, that's about it for today's news. I hope you have a fantastic start to your week!

January 16, 2015

Outfit: Black and White Plaid Dress with Purple Tights

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm excited to show you this new black & white plaid dress I bought from Modcloth with the credits I won last month for sharing a holiday outfit! I'm always so happy when I open a package and everything fits perfectly. I may have been able to size down on this but it's extra comfy because nothing is snug, which means I'll probably be able to wear it for many years.

I wore this outfit to Matt's work holiday party last week. The dress has a perfect retro shape and it's actually very comfortable because the fabric is slightly stretchy. It also has a neat texture and heft to it which makes it a perfect choice in winter (especially our generally mild Georgia winters). For its debut I paired it with some dark purple tights and my trusty lace-up ankle boots. A woman at the party gave me a compliment on my colorful tights so I think they were a good choice.

grazioso long farewell dress: modcloth | tights: kmart | boots: xhileration - target | belt: thrifted

Sorry this post went up later than usual. I posted so late yesterday I figured I could wait and write this today. Then I ended up going out to lunch and shopping at Target today. I was incredibly happy to get out of the house! I also tried one of the new flat whites at Starbucks and I was very pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. It has extra coffee taste and kind of reminded me of the breves I was drinking in Washington during that last basketball band trip I went on. Yum.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you and that you're having a good Friday!

January 15, 2015

December Favorites

We're already half way through January so I thought it was time to get my butt in gear and show you my favorite blogger outfits from December. I can't believe this is the last of my favorites from 2014. Now we're on to a new year and I'm sure there'll be a ton of cute looks from everyone. I'm looking forward to being able to share those with you too.

December had a lot of fun holiday looks but most of these are just as wearable through the winter as they were around Christmas. I noticed a ton of great layering and plenty of red shades going on last month. As always, everyone looked super cute! Be sure to click through to see their full posts and follow these fantastic bloggers if you get a chance. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Southern California Belle looks like the queen of winter in her holiday outfit and Cici Marie is rocking a fantastic vintage coat.

The Shades of Monet Chronicles and Swing the Day Away are both styling mustard yellow pieces with a toned down version of a primary color. Navy blue and burgundy are both great choices to wear with yellow.

Kansas Couture and The Magpie Girl both layer button down tops under cute sweaters and pair them with jeans for casual winter outfits.

The Dainty Squid's orange and pink hair contrasts wonderfully with her green coat and Fleur d'Elise makes comfy skinny sweat pants look chic.

Kaylee Daily and Melodic Thrifty and Chic have some amazing pairs of pants. Kaylee's sequined pants are incredibly fun and Anna is rocking the primary colors with her houndstooth pants.

Larkspur Vintage and It's Not Her, It's Me style their bright red skirts in completely holiday appropriate ways. I think these would be wonderful outfits for Valentine's day too!

Rachel The Hat perfectly mixes light pink and burgundy and Steffy' Pros and Cons has the cutest fur collared jacket and plaid skirt.

A Walk In The Park styled her bell sleeved dress with a huge comfy-looking scarf and The Clothes Horse created a cute preppy look with a twill skirt and graphic sweater.

January 14, 2015

Jeanie Outfits: 2014 Holiday Style

Happy Wednesday! Even though the holiday season is over, I have pictures of two of my sister Jeanie's Christmas party looks to share with you. She humors me by occasionally letting me take pictures of her outfits when we're together. She's a good sport and obviously has great fashion sense. I'm not 100% sure where all her clothes are from, but I do know that the yellow dress was something I bought online from Oasap that didn't fit me right. So I gave it to Jeanie! The shoes she's wearing with the yellow dress are from Target, I think. You can see more of my sister's outfits by clicking here! Those posts used to be much more frequent because we were at school together. I miss those days.

I hope you like seeing Jeanie's outfits as much as I enjoy sharing them with you! 

I wish I had more to talk about but my life is seriously boring. I'm genuinely sorry if my blog bores you too, but I do still get dressed these days and therefore that's the content I have. This has always been primarily a space to share my outfits but lately I wish I had more varied content to share. The truth is I'm living at home again, job hunting from the couch, and working a part time remote job. I get out of my comfy clothes/pajamas about half of all days. Then, even if I don't end up going anywhere, I have an excuse to get outside and take some pictures because I genuinely enjoy doing that. Maybe a year from now I'll have some wonderful advice to share with you about post grad life and actually starting real adulthood. I hope so. 

What would you like to see here in the near future? 

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