January 14, 2015

Jeanie Outfits: 2014 Holiday Style

Happy Wednesday! Even though the holiday season is over, I have pictures of two of my sister Jeanie's Christmas party looks to share with you. She humors me by occasionally letting me take pictures of her outfits when we're together. She's a good sport and obviously has great fashion sense. I'm not 100% sure where all her clothes are from, but I do know that the yellow dress was something I bought online from Oasap that didn't fit me right. So I gave it to Jeanie! The shoes she's wearing with the yellow dress are from Target, I think. You can see more of my sister's outfits by clicking here! Those posts used to be much more frequent because we were at school together. I miss those days.

I hope you like seeing Jeanie's outfits as much as I enjoy sharing them with you! 

I wish I had more to talk about but my life is seriously boring. I'm genuinely sorry if my blog bores you too, but I do still get dressed these days and therefore that's the content I have. This has always been primarily a space to share my outfits but lately I wish I had more varied content to share. The truth is I'm living at home again, job hunting from the couch, and working a part time remote job. I get out of my comfy clothes/pajamas about half of all days. Then, even if I don't end up going anywhere, I have an excuse to get outside and take some pictures because I genuinely enjoy doing that. Maybe a year from now I'll have some wonderful advice to share with you about post grad life and actually starting real adulthood. I hope so. 

What would you like to see here in the near future? 


The Charley Girl said...

I love those colors on you, beautiful!


Panty Buns said...

Both of the dresses your sister is pictured in look very pretty, and I love her hairstyle. I love the rich red colour of the first dress and that yellow dress would look amazing styled under a dressy winter coat. I don't think your blog is boring, and besides, it is winter after all (brrrrrr - cold). I think the only reason I resist the urge to hibernate might be the urge to eat -which I'm doing too much of. There are now less than 65 days until Spring! :)

P.S.: I finally did my first post in over 5 months: THANK YOU 2014 Commenters, Bbloggers Beauty and Makeup Haul, No Pants Subway Ride 2015

~ K said...

I love the yellow dress!

No worries about being boring! We're all a little boring. I'm only interesting on my weekends haha

Katie Z said...

LOVE the Mustard dress! <3

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Anna Martin said...

Clean and sophisticated on both counts. That yellow dress slays me, though. Beautiful craftsmanship!

- Anna


Liana Skewes said...

Those spotty stockings are the best!

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