January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve Outfit: Black Sequined Dress, Blue Tights, and Polka Dot Boots

Happy 2015! This incredibly sparkly ensemble was my New Year's Eve outfit. Is there a better time to wear a dress completely covered in sequins? I actually wore this same dress for Christmas Eve with red tights and blue shoes too, but never got a full picture of it. For New Year's Eve I styled my new dress with my ultra cool and quirky polka dot boots and a pair of super bright blue tights. I figured I may as well play up the loudness of the dress with bold accessories!

You may have also seen me wearing this dress in the Delia's dressing room on my Instagram page, but if not here it is! This black sequined dress was my last purchase at the now-closing Delia's. During a trip to the mall before they were closing, I'd gazed at this dress from afar but willed myself to keep moving along. Then everything was on super sale after they announced the bankruptcy and closing, so during another mall trip I was sucked into the store to try it on. Obviously it fit, I got a great deal, and the rest is history.

You never realize how cumbersome sequins can be until you're entirely covered in them. Luckily this is a very well made dress and each dangly sequin is individually sewn on instead of just strung together. That's a big deal because the sequins sometimes get caught on one another and I don't have to worry about losing a whole row of sequins if it gets pulled on. It also has two layers underneath: a regular lining and a half crinoline lining to poof out the bottom a bit. Probably the best detail? They left pieces under the armpits without sequins so there isn't rubbing on that sensitive skin. Can you tell I'm happy with this score? It was under $30. 

New Year's Eve Outfit Sequined Black Dress and Bright Blue Tights
sequined dress: delia's | blue tights: walmart | polka dot boots: boohoo | earrings: stella & dot

Sequined Dress, Blue Tights, Lace Up Polka Dot Boots
Detailing of Delia's Black Sequined Dress
Exposed Zipper and Black Sequined Dress with V-back
Black Sparkly Dress with Blue Tights and Polka Dot Boots
White Polka Dot Lace Up Boots and Blue Tights
Black Sequined Fit and Flare Dress with Blue Tights
Black Sequined Fit and Flare Dress, Blue Tights, and Polka Dot Lace Up Boots

For New Year's Eve I got together with some old friends, my sister, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend. We drank and watched some fireworks from the rooftop of a bar in town. It was pretty low key but a really nice way to ring in the new year. Matt and I came back and attempted to watch Star Wars but it was around 3am so that didn't last long. Did you guys do anything fun for New Year's Eve? I'm looking forward to catching up on your end-of-the-year posts!

I briefly shared my sentiments about 2014 on my last 2014 outfit recap post. I'm hoping 2015 is the year things happen and change in a good way. I never make resolutions, but since my birthday in October I've been making gradual changes. I started to work out pretty regularly which is a big deal for me since I generally hate it. My job hunt got kicked up a notch with ultra organization and extra searching too. This motivation should carry me through the beginning of the year and hopefully lead to positive outcomes. I just want 2015 to be a happy year! Here's hoping!

Have a fantastic Friday and I hope your new year is off to a great start!


karlozman said...

Super cool look!
U are a very special girl,
love ur style!

Ina R. said...

Ong I've always wanted such a dress! I so hope I will find one this year! I LOVE black sequins!!
It looks fab on you, I love the quirky cool combo with the tights and boots!
Happy New Year! :)

Sammi said...

You look so adorable! And I was so sad about Delia's closing! I hope your year is wonderful <3

xox Sammi

CiCi said...

This dress is amazing! Great NYE outfit. For the first time in a while I didn't do much on mine in the evening that required dressing up, but I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's outfits! CC x

Alexandra Marie said...

So cute and sparkly! Alex


Keit said...

Don't like resolutions either, so I'm going with the flow. :D Love the sparkly dress, sequins can be a bit hard to style, but you did a top notch job little lady! I love this combo!
And good luck on the job hunt! Exercising is a pain in the ass during the first months, after that it gets awesome! :D

Miranda said...

Aaaaah this is so funky, I love it! Glad you had a nice New Year's!

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Sammy Scott said...

Stunning outfit!
Love all the different colours and textures :)
Have a super New Year lovely.

katie said...

Your new years eve sounds lovely and like a lot of fun - I'm glad you had a lovely, low key evening and the best of luck to you in the new year! I also really hate working out, I try to do a work out by myself and its like "blah" no fun. And good luck with the job hunt as well!
I did want to say I love this outfit, you always have such a fun and happy sense of style, the blue tights with the boots is so bold and fun. And wow, I'm impressed that each sequin was sewn on seperatly, that takes a lot of time!
I hope 2015 is a awesome year for you and everything goes really well for you! :)

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