January 12, 2015

Outfit: Faux Fur Scarf, Lace Dress, Leather Jacket, and Polka Dot Tights

Happy Monday everyone! An all black outfit is a little different than the norm for me, but when I do it I tend to mix a bunch of textures or patterns to make it interesting. This time I did both! I just love the way different textures make an outfit interesting even without adding color. This vintage faux fur scarf was a Christmas present this year and I really like how it looks with my leather jacket. Plus leather and lace always look good together. Every piece here combined to create my ultimate all-black outfit! Do you ever wear an entirely black outfit? How do you make it interesting?

dress: oasap | jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | tights: kmart | boots: boohoo | scarf: charter club - thrifted | glasses: zenni optical

This little black lace dress isn't worn nearly enough. I tend to shy away from it in the summer because it has long sleeves and I live in sweltering Georgia. (You can see the pretty lace sleeves in this previous post though!) How should I wear it next?

(I was hiding from the very chilly wind!)

Did you have a good weekend? I didn't do nearly enough job hunting but I went to Matt's work holiday party. He's always a fun date! I got to get all dressed up and had fun doing my makeup. My eyes have been incredibly dry lately so I've been wearing glasses and doing minimal eye makeup. (Note the rarely seen glasses in this post.) My mind is more at ease about them after going to the eye doctor. It's just uncomfortable to have dry eyes. Maybe I should rent some audio books from the library and sit with my eyes closed for hours at a time. Who am I kidding? I'd be asleep in 10 minutes if I did that!

Anyway, the more I look at these pictures the more I'm in love with this outfit. Is that okay to love your own outfit? Actually, I don't care if it's not socially acceptable. I think this fur scarf set the outfit over the edge into super cool texture territory!

I need to stop type-rambling so I'll leave you at that. Have a wonderful start to your week!


CiCi said...

I've had dry eyes now and then recently and taken to wearing glasses more often to be comfortable... and I do find the more I wear them the more I like them and find ways to make them work with outfits. Sometimes they add a little something! I don't think you could ever look boring - even outfits in one colour are exciting. Fur works for me any day of the week ;)

Taylor Hart said...

Hey doll! I love an all black outfit and especially they way you did take time to add different textures! Those polka dot tights are adorable and I sooo wanted to do the faux fur look this season but didn't find any vests or scarves that looked decent enough to buy. I do have a real fur coat that was given to me but I don't ever wear it. Ha ha. Sucks your eyes are so dry, I can totally relate. I had Lasik surgery done on my eyes years ago and ever since then my eyes are always hella dry. WTF! So glad you are a new member of Flock Together! Weeeeee!

Sammi said...

I love this outfit! I really love an all-black outfit on a redhead (I always wanted to be one, which might explain it), and I love the pattern and texture mixing you did. This reminds me that I need to buy more patterned black tights -- all of mine have huge runs in them! And I love it when people love their own outfits! Sometimes the ones I feel most iffy about turn out to be the ones that other people like the most, but I'm right there with you on loving this one.

xox Sammi

Frannie Pantz said...

Totally ok to like your own outfit and this one is a good one to like! I love the glam all black look! I hope that your eyes get better soon!

Imogen said...

I feel exactly the same whenever I wear black. The key is definitely textures and you did that perfectly. I especially love the touch of polka dots and the scarf,

Iwona Szczepanik said...

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Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

You look so pretty all in black.. the leather and lace was a perfect choice :D

~ K said...

It's been ages since I wore all one colour. Black would be my go to colour for all over, or maybe burgundy because I love that colour too. Usually I'm wearing all black because I got up crazy late and I'm having a rough time haha.

I feel quite inspired by this outfit! I tempted to try something like this on the weekend.

Sammy Scott said...

Love this outfit on you, the black really makes your hair stand out :)

Serli N. said...

Love your tights! It seems like I am always loving your tights :) you have them in such cute prints. And the black color of your outfit makes your red hair stand out so nicely. Just beautiful!

xo, Serli

Anna Martin said...

This is an all-black outfit done right, IMO. Wonderful mix of textures and subtle clash of prints. Each piece has a voice and they're saying: rawr! :D Rock on!

- Anna


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