February 27, 2015

Outfit: Plaid Pleated Skirt, Blue Velvet Top, Jean Jacket, and Silver Shoes

Blue Velvet Crop Top with a Plaid Pleated Schoolgirl Skirt and Silver Oxford Shoes

Sometimes I draw inspiration from the school uniforms I never had to wear. And by that I mean I wear this thrifted plaid skirt that I'm pretty sure was part of a child's school uniform. It fits like it was made for me and I love it. This time I paired it with a crushed velvet crop top and my jean jacket. I added silver accessories for some extra flair. 

I really liked how this outfit turned out! It felt young, fun, and a little bit 90s-inspired. I always feel like I get bonus points when main parts of my outfit are thrifted too. 340 points for Hufflepuff! (Because, P.S. I'm a Hufflepuff according to Pottermore.)

Jean Jacket, Crushed Velvet Top, Plaid Skirt, and Silver Shoes
jean jacket: thrifted | velvet top: forever 21 | plaid skirt: thrifted | tights: forever 21 | shoes: sam & libby - target | necklace: sheinside

Bright Red Hair, Silver Spiked Necklace, and a Blue Crushed Velvet Crop Top
Jean Jacket, Crushed Velvet Top, Spiked Necklace, and Plaid Skirt
Crushed Velvet Shirt, Plaid Pleated Skirt, Gray Tights, and Silver Shoes

Once again, I can't believe it's already Friday. I've hardly left the house the entire week. Just Tuesday to shop with store credit for a couple hours. Thus is the life of a job hunter. You guys, looking for a full time job is really bringing me down. I just want a job that's even remotely aligned with my career goals, pays me enough to live relatively comfortably, and that I don't despise going to each day. The job market is so ridiculously in favor of employers and they take advantage of it. It's frustrating. I could go on and on about it, but I won't. These are troubling times in the kingdom, my friends.

But anyway, I hope you have a good weekend. I'll probably be doing more of the same things I always do but maybe I'll take a break and do something strictly for fun. Happy Friday!

February 25, 2015

Flock Together Outfit: Girly Skeleton Print Dress

Today I blogged another outfit with this super cool skeletal anatomy print dress over on Flock Together! Jessica has quite an epic collection of dresses and I'm so happy she let me borrow this one. I styled this dress earlier this month with some polka dot tights and a leather jacket, but I'm not sure which look I like better. What do you think?

You can hop on over to Flock Together to see my post (including plenty of pictures of this dress) by clicking the picture below. See you there!

P.S. Did you guys watch the series finale of Parks and Recreation? So many feels! I'm sad it's over. I always thought Ron Swanson was my spirit animal but I think every single character in that show combines to create my ultimate spirit animal. Like a Ron + Leslie + April + Andy + Ben + bits of everyone combination. Good thing there's Netflix to rewatch! Anyway, I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Farewell!

February 23, 2015

January Favorites

It's about that time to share my first batch of favorite outfits from this year! January was a very diverse month as far as favorite outfits go. You'll notice a lot of different silhouettes and bloggers making use of creative layers. I like that this favorites post has a bunch of different pieces going on. There's a bodycon skirt, matching separates, a drop waist dress, trousers, overalls, and much more! Everyone looks fantastic, as always. I hope you can find inspiration from these women because I sure do!

I'm super impressed that Carbon Chic made this incredibly cute matching set and Mermaidens is looking adorable in a lip print sweater with matching red lipstick.

Love Maegan is rocking a drop waist dress layered over a colorful blouse and Melodic, Thrifty & Chic mixes yellow, orange, and a floral sweater like a pro.

Both Ready Two Wear and Messages on a Napkin are looking super stylish in trousers paired with feminine elements like leopard print and ruffles.

Swing The Day Away wore a stellar (haha get it?) galaxy print dress with a leather jacket and silver flats. The Soubrette Brunette looks amazing in a green plaid dress and quirky pencil necklace.

I'm loving both Midwest Muse and The Adore Life's subtle pattern mixing. Jessica's is in a casual cool girl way and Alissa's is a perfect work outfit.

A Fashion Nerd looks great in a pair of blue skinny overalls and Lazy to Lovely manages to make a suit look super laid back.

Did you have a favorite out of this bunch? Be sure to let me know and check out their blogs for even more style inspiration!

February 20, 2015

Remix: Maroon Skater Skirt from H&M

This maroon skater skirt from H&M is without question one of my most worn items of clothing. Something about this warm red (marsala, oxblood, or whatever other fancy word for that general color you want to use) looks wonderful with everything. The shape is incredibly versatile too. It's just a wonderful staple piece and it's held up so well. I wish I had one in every color! Scroll through to see some of the ways I've styled this trusty skirt and click on the numbers underneath to see the full posts.

Clearly one of my favorite colors to pair with this skirt is mustard yellow. The combination reminds me of my high school colors but mostly they just contrast really nicely! I've worn my maroon skirt with a mustard cardigan, mustard tights, and a mustard top on separate occasions!
A Maroon Skater Skirt Paired With Mustard Yellow Pieces
One | Two | Three

A solid colored skater skirt is a fantastic piece to wear the entire year. I rock it without tights in the Georgia heat and layer it up in the winter. I like that this skirt is made from a heavier material than your average cheap skirt. It makes it so the layers tucked in don't look lumpy.
Maroon H&M Skater Skirt Worn in Summer and Winter
Four | Five

For whatever reason I noticed I've worn a lot of button-down shirts with this skirt. That's probably because I own a lot of button-downs from my constantly thrifting days though! Here I wore this maroon skirt with leopard print, a quirky novelty print, and a good ol' denim shirt.
Wearing a maroon skater skirt with button down tops
Six | Seven | Eight

Finally, I really enjoy pairing this skater skirt with stripes. It's one of my go-to outfits because I know this skirt always looks great and stripes are a classic, easy-to-wear print. Any other colored skirt like this would look perfectly fine substituted in these looks too.
Remixing a Flippy Skirt with Stripes and Polka Dots
Nine | Ten

I'm sure most of you have a solid-colored skater skirt hanging around in your wardrobe. If you're not utilizing its versatile awesomeness, you should be! I hope this post gave you a few ideas about how to style a flippy skirt like this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 18, 2015

Outfit: Purple Velvet Mini Skirt, Floral Blouse, and Dotted Tights

I picked up this floral print blouse in Target clearance a few weeks back. I find such great things in their clearance racks! It's almost dangerous to browse through them because I'm almost guaranteed to find something I want. I used a gift card on it too which is a double win! For its first day out I paired it with a very old purple velvet mini skirt. I've had this skirt since freshman year of college and it's still going strong. I added a pair of tiny polka dot Betsey Johnson tights for some extra pattern too.

Yes, I'm wearing black lipstick here. It's the Nyx Macaron lipstick in Chambord. I have so many of the other shades in that line, I figured I'd pick up and try the black one too! I enjoy how it looks against the otherwise girly-ness of this outfit. It's not a particularly low maintenance shade, but what dark lipstick is? It's also pretty weird drinking coffee and seeing black lip marks instead of the usual colors. Weird but cool. The black lipstick makes me feel way cooler than I actually am. And see? It's easier to pull off in a casual type of way than you may have thought!

Purple Velvet Forever 21 Mini Skirt, Floral Target Bow Blouse, and Polka Dot Tights
top: target | skirt: forever 21 | tights: betsey johnson - ross | boots: hand-me-downs

Dotted Betsey Johnson Tights with a Purple Mini Skirt, and Black Ankle Boots
Pink, Purple, and Black Floral Pussy Bow Blouse with Red Hair and a Purple Skirt
Floral Blouse Bow Detailing
Floral Print Target Shirt, Black Lipstick, and Bright Red Hair
Purple Velvet Mini Skirt, Dotted Tights, Floral Print Blouse, and Black Ankle Boots

The wind was ridiculous when I was taking these pictures. Most of them were complete windblown outtakes. Of course the clouds were rolling in and out, ruining my white balance too. Oh well. Some shoots are better than others!

So, how has your week been going? I feel like I haven't gotten enough done. At least it's only Wednesday! We've been getting some "winter weather" here in Georgia so I've stayed in this week. Maybe I'll get outside and take some pictures sometime soon. There are only so many days to take advantage of the sweater + coat weather!

Have a happy Wednesday!

February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit: Leopard Dress, Red Tights, and Clogs

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! Valentine's Day was a ton of fun. We switched plans last minute because Matt thought going to one of the craft breweries closer in to Atlanta would be fun and I strongly agreed. We decided on Blue Tarp Brewery and headed out there to grab lunch at a noodle place and then hang out at the brewery together. After trying some new brews we wandered around the Korean area of town and tried a random Korean BBQ place. It was something different and delicious. Matt is a perfect partner for trying new foods! It was an entire day of fun and quite possibly the best Valentine's Day we've spent together so far. (And this was the 8th one! How has it been that long?)

Anyway, this is what I wore on Valentine's Day. I didn't decide on my outfit until I got in the shower that day. I paired my leopard print dress from Boohoo with some bright red tights and my comfy clogs. I skipped the red lipstick this time. My makeup was more pink-based than I usually go with on Valentine's Day, but I really liked it. Pink lips and burgundy + pink eye shadow with big wispy fake lashes. You can see my Valentine nails on Instagram too! 

Valentine's Day Outfit: Leopard Dress, Red Tights, and Clogs
dress: boohoo | tights: kmart | clogs: korks - shoe carnival | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted | earrings: gift | bow: old

Red Tights, Leopard Print Dress, and Brown Clogs
Red Hair, Craft Beer, and Pink and Burgundy Eye Shadow
Craft Beer at Blue Tarp Brewery
Leopard Print Dress with Bright Red hair
Blue Tarp Brewery Glass
Leopard Print Dress, Red Tights, and Brown Clogs

What did you wear on Valentine's Day? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? I'll have to catch up with your blogs asap!

I hope you have a great week ahead of you too! We're supposed to be getting some winter weather in Georgia but it'll probably just be freezing rain. We'll see. Anyway, happy Monday!

February 13, 2015

15 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day is tomorrow but I'm sure there are quite a few of us still scrambling to come up with a festive look! I'm a fan of Valentine's Day because it's a welcome break in the post-holiday-time winter gloom. Even if you're not into the holiday, a cheerful look borrowing elements associated with Valentine's Day could brighten any day. 

Here I put together some looks that could easily be worn on Valentine's Day. I included fancier and casual outfits because sometimes you just want to stay in and gorge yourself on chocolate! (But you can still look cute while doing so!) I hope these ideas will help you come up with a Valentine's Day look you'll love. Just click the numbers under the pictures to see the full posts for each look.

1. Try wearing blue - Obviously I like to wear a lot of red, but Valentine's Day doesn't have to be strictly red and pink. A pretty blue dress can be a welcome change from the norm. (I actually wore the blue lace dress on Valentine's Day two years ago.)

(One and Two)

2. Style a pink skirt - Pink is the more cheerful option for Valentine's Day! I don't have a ton of pink in my wardrobe but I enjoy a pink skirt. You can style a pink skirt with polka dots, floral print, or even a comfy graphic t-shirt.

(Three, Four, Five)

3. Leopard print dress - Leopard print screams Valentine's Day to me. Maybe its the way I love to wear it with red, but it's also a sexy print. Who doesn't want to be sexy on Valentine's Day? On the left I have a traditional leopard print or you can go for a nontraditional version like my pink leopard dress.

(Six and Seven)

4. Add a touch of leopard print - You don't have to wear a leopard print dress! Try adding touches of the print with other pieces like a skirt or jacket. I admit these are a little bold for someone not into a lot of pattern, but you could try leopard print shoes or a belt for a more subtle touch.

(Eight, Nine, Ten)

5. Leather skirt - Leather is cool and you're cool too. Try incorporating some texture into your look with a leather skirt! You can find leather pencil skirts at thrift stores (like my skirt on the left) or faux ones at almost any mall store right now since they're in style.

(Eleven and Twelve)

6. Throw on a red sweater - Red. It's the Valentine's Day color. You can be cozy wearing it though! On the left I paired a red sweater with a floral peplum skirt. A red cardigan looks great with an otherwise all black outfit too.

(Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen)

7. Floral print - Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all heart print. Florals are romantic too! Plus they're a pattern included on almost any clothing item. Be casual in some floral pants or dress to the nines in a fancy floral frock.

(Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen)

8. Classic red dress - The red dress is a Valentine's Day classic and a look I've gone with on multiple years. The peter pan collared dress on the right was my Valentine look last year (with added leopard print, of course.) 

(Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one)

9. Lace dress - I associate lace with Valentine's Day too. It's yet another thing that just feels romantic to me. It comes in every color and I think you could make any lace dress work for a night out on Valentine's Day. Though I wore a lace dress more casually on the top left with a blue sweater layered over it too.

(Twenty-two, Twenty-three
Twenty-four, Twenty-five)

10. Wear a red skirt - This red wool pencil skirt I thrifted always ends up in outfits that look like Valentine's Day. A red skirt looks great with black and white patterns or leopard print. My usual equation for a red skirt is: patterned blouse + red skirt + patterned tights = awesomeness.

(Twenty-six, Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight)

11. Velvet dress - Velvet is one of those lush fabrics that feels like it should only be worn for holidays. I don't think it should be reserved for those occasions but a velvet dress sure is perfect for Valentine's Day. It's extremely touchable and soft after all.

(Twenty-nine and Thirty)

12. Touch of pink - Find something pink. Put it on. Boom. Valentine's appropriate!

(Thirty-one, Thirty-two, Thirty-three)

13. Red jeans - They're casual but make a statement, which is perfect for a night in eating cheesecake you prepared only for yourself. (Don''t tell me I'm the only one who's done that.)

(Thirty-four and Thirty-five)

14. Pair white lace with a touch of red - Okay, the outfit on the left is more crochet than lace, but you get the picture. Lace + red is another wonderful combination for Valentine's Day.

(Thirty-six and Thirty-seven)

15. Try a polka dot dress - Break out of the heart print mold this Valentine's Day! Polka dots are cute and versatile. I've come up with quite a few outfits with my white polka dot dress that could be worn on a romantic night out or out having drinks with your girlfriends. 

(Thirty-eight, Thirty-nine, Fourty)

I hope this gave you some ideas for what to wear tomorrow! A lot of them could be used for date night outfits too. What will you be wearing on Valentine's Day? Are you having a fancy day or will you be doing something more casual? I'll be doing a little of both!

I'll be spending my 8th Valentine's Day with my wonderful boyfriend Matt. I'll leave you with a link to my small Valentine tribute to him from two years ago. If I don't talk to you tomorrow, Happy Valentine's Day! 

February 11, 2015

8 Tips for Maintaining Vivid Dyed Red Hair (When You Have an Oily Scalp)

If you're part of the dyed redhead club you're probably all too familiar with the fading and maintenance that comes along with our bright hair color of choice. Whenever I see tips about keeping the color vivid, the main one is always to avoid washing your hair for days on end. That's fine and dandy if you have normal to dry hair, but those of us on the oilier end start looking like we massaged our scalps in bacon fat by day 3. (Or is that just me?) So here are the ways I keep my hair as red as possible while still having to wash it often. By the way, these can also apply to anybody who dyes their hair a bright shade that isn't red!

1. Wash your hair every other day.
I know I just complained about this always being the main tip for maintaining the brightness of red hair, but it's just fact that washing strips the color. I find that if I keep skipping a day between washing, the non-washed day stays tolerably un-greasy. BUT if I'm consistently washing it each day, then that second day will be too greasy. This is because the scalp produces more sebum to compensate for washing it away every day. Each person's maximum amount of skip days differs. There's no way I could ever skip 4 days like some other women can. The every other day method works best for me. It at least cuts down on washing by half which means half the fading!

2. Use shampoo meant for color treated hair.
I use professional shampoos and conditioners because my mom is a hairdresser but you can find cheaper options. Pick something for red hair if you can find it. Right now I'm using Bed Head's Colour Goddess Shampoo. It's sulfate free which is supposed to be gentler, though I can't back that up with science. Just pick a shampoo meant for your hair type! Splurge on the $10 bottle rather than the $5 one because a cheapo clarifying shampoo isn't meant for color treated hair.

3. Concentrate conditioner at the end of your hair and avoid the scalp.
If you're having problems with your scalp getting oily, try conditioning only the ends of your hair. Don't rub it all over your scalp because you don't need the extra moisture there. It'll just weigh your hair down.

(Mmm. Freshly washed hair.)

4. Don't let the hot shower water run over your hair.
This is probably my biggest tip to you. Don't stand with your hair directly under the stream of steaming hot shower water. Hot water opens the hair cuticle and lets the color seep out more easily. When I lived in the dorms in college the showers had particularly high water pressure and you could see the spot where the stream hit my head and stripped my hair color. Not good. "But Jamie," you say, "how do I shower without enjoying the delight of indoor plumbing raining heat down upon my cold wet body?" Here's what I do! I get in, wet and shampoo my hair, throw conditioner on, and then get just my head out of the stream. It's not as hard as it seems. Once you're done with all your other shower activities, rinse the conditioner out. Boom.

5. Use dry shampoo on non-washing days. 
If I'm starting to look like the unwashed, I spray dry shampoo all over my roots. I concentrate on my bangs, the fine hair near my ears, and where I part my hair. Spray, leave it a few minutes to soak up all that "sexiness," and brush it out.

Bonus tip: using hair spray can make your hair less visibly oily the next day. The alcohol dries out your hair a little which conveniently means your hair looks less greasy. At least, this is the result I find with my own hair.

6. Try a boar bristle brush to help distribute the scalp oil through the rest of your hair.
I use the Wet Brush brand Shine Brush which combines boar bristles with the regular nubby type. It's extra effective at brushing dry shampoo through the hair too.

7. If you have bangs, push them back with a headband when you sleep.
This is huge if I want to skip washing my hair the next day. If my bangs sit on my forehead all night they'll definitely be too greasy to look presentable. They soak up the concoction of lotions I use to moisturize my dry face and maintain my youthful essence.  I just use a soft headband to get them out of the way.

Another bonus tip: if you wake up and your bangs look like crap but the rest of your hair is decent, stick just your bangs in the sink/shower and give them a good wash. It's amazing how clean bangs can make the rest of your hair look clean.

8. Wear a hat.
Hats cover any noticeably oily roots on the day you don't wash your hair. If you're out on a sunny day it'll protect your wonderfully bright hair from UV damage which can fade the color too. They can also be incredibly stylish!

The sad reality is, no matter what you do to keep your hair vibrant, it will fade. Darker reds will fade more nicely than coppery ginger reds. (Believe me. I've had many shades of red.) My hair grows so fast it usually needs to be dyed because of roots before the fading is a huge issue though.

I hope some of these tips will help my fellow brightly dyed hair people. I think some could be helpful for anybody who has oily second day hair too. Do you do any of these things to keep your hair color vivid? Do you experience what I like to call "grease head" by day 3 too? Let me know your tips for keeping your hair bright and not grossly greasy!

(Edit: I had a question about what color I use. My hair is professionally dyed and right now we're using Matrix Socolor HD Red in RR. You'd have to get separate developer and all the right tools since it's a professional product and not box dye.
Remember throwing on the same dye as someone else won't necessarily make your hair the same color. It depends on the natural level of your hair, if you have it dyed already, hair texture, etc. My advice: Please do a little research about hair dye before sticking it on your head. Better yet, let a professional do it.)

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