February 13, 2015

15 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day is tomorrow but I'm sure there are quite a few of us still scrambling to come up with a festive look! I'm a fan of Valentine's Day because it's a welcome break in the post-holiday-time winter gloom. Even if you're not into the holiday, a cheerful look borrowing elements associated with Valentine's Day could brighten any day. 

Here I put together some looks that could easily be worn on Valentine's Day. I included fancier and casual outfits because sometimes you just want to stay in and gorge yourself on chocolate! (But you can still look cute while doing so!) I hope these ideas will help you come up with a Valentine's Day look you'll love. Just click the numbers under the pictures to see the full posts for each look.

1. Try wearing blue - Obviously I like to wear a lot of red, but Valentine's Day doesn't have to be strictly red and pink. A pretty blue dress can be a welcome change from the norm. (I actually wore the blue lace dress on Valentine's Day two years ago.)

(One and Two)

2. Style a pink skirt - Pink is the more cheerful option for Valentine's Day! I don't have a ton of pink in my wardrobe but I enjoy a pink skirt. You can style a pink skirt with polka dots, floral print, or even a comfy graphic t-shirt.

(Three, Four, Five)

3. Leopard print dress - Leopard print screams Valentine's Day to me. Maybe its the way I love to wear it with red, but it's also a sexy print. Who doesn't want to be sexy on Valentine's Day? On the left I have a traditional leopard print or you can go for a nontraditional version like my pink leopard dress.

(Six and Seven)

4. Add a touch of leopard print - You don't have to wear a leopard print dress! Try adding touches of the print with other pieces like a skirt or jacket. I admit these are a little bold for someone not into a lot of pattern, but you could try leopard print shoes or a belt for a more subtle touch.

(Eight, Nine, Ten)

5. Leather skirt - Leather is cool and you're cool too. Try incorporating some texture into your look with a leather skirt! You can find leather pencil skirts at thrift stores (like my skirt on the left) or faux ones at almost any mall store right now since they're in style.

(Eleven and Twelve)

6. Throw on a red sweater - Red. It's the Valentine's Day color. You can be cozy wearing it though! On the left I paired a red sweater with a floral peplum skirt. A red cardigan looks great with an otherwise all black outfit too.

(Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen)

7. Floral print - Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all heart print. Florals are romantic too! Plus they're a pattern included on almost any clothing item. Be casual in some floral pants or dress to the nines in a fancy floral frock.

(Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen)

8. Classic red dress - The red dress is a Valentine's Day classic and a look I've gone with on multiple years. The peter pan collared dress on the right was my Valentine look last year (with added leopard print, of course.) 

(Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one)

9. Lace dress - I associate lace with Valentine's Day too. It's yet another thing that just feels romantic to me. It comes in every color and I think you could make any lace dress work for a night out on Valentine's Day. Though I wore a lace dress more casually on the top left with a blue sweater layered over it too.

(Twenty-two, Twenty-three
Twenty-four, Twenty-five)

10. Wear a red skirt - This red wool pencil skirt I thrifted always ends up in outfits that look like Valentine's Day. A red skirt looks great with black and white patterns or leopard print. My usual equation for a red skirt is: patterned blouse + red skirt + patterned tights = awesomeness.

(Twenty-six, Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight)

11. Velvet dress - Velvet is one of those lush fabrics that feels like it should only be worn for holidays. I don't think it should be reserved for those occasions but a velvet dress sure is perfect for Valentine's Day. It's extremely touchable and soft after all.

(Twenty-nine and Thirty)

12. Touch of pink - Find something pink. Put it on. Boom. Valentine's appropriate!

(Thirty-one, Thirty-two, Thirty-three)

13. Red jeans - They're casual but make a statement, which is perfect for a night in eating cheesecake you prepared only for yourself. (Don''t tell me I'm the only one who's done that.)

(Thirty-four and Thirty-five)

14. Pair white lace with a touch of red - Okay, the outfit on the left is more crochet than lace, but you get the picture. Lace + red is another wonderful combination for Valentine's Day.

(Thirty-six and Thirty-seven)

15. Try a polka dot dress - Break out of the heart print mold this Valentine's Day! Polka dots are cute and versatile. I've come up with quite a few outfits with my white polka dot dress that could be worn on a romantic night out or out having drinks with your girlfriends. 

(Thirty-eight, Thirty-nine, Fourty)

I hope this gave you some ideas for what to wear tomorrow! A lot of them could be used for date night outfits too. What will you be wearing on Valentine's Day? Are you having a fancy day or will you be doing something more casual? I'll be doing a little of both!

I'll be spending my 8th Valentine's Day with my wonderful boyfriend Matt. I'll leave you with a link to my small Valentine tribute to him from two years ago. If I don't talk to you tomorrow, Happy Valentine's Day! 


Panty Buns said...

I love the Valentine's Day outfits you and your sister showcased in these photos. The pinks, reds and lace I associate with Valentine's Day all look fabulous complemented with the contrasting colours you styled them with. The shades of pink of the skirts in Three and Five are beautiful as are the pinks in Thirty-one, Thirty-two and Thirty-three. The hosiery you styled with the outfits is beautiful too. I also love that blue dress in One and Twenty-two. I suspect I'll be sitting by myself reading blogs on Valentine's Day and being thankful if I manage to stay warm - and I may watch NetFlix some too.


Adi R. said...

Your Peter pan collared outfits have definitely given me ideas on what to wear. I've been freaking out for two weeks with no because I'm not sure on what to put on tomorrow. ;___; Thank you for the lovely ideas, I think I have a better vision on what to put together tomorrow.<33

Vegetarian Courtesy

Callie - Coffee and Cardigans said...

So many cute ideas! I think these can inspire outfits outside of Valentine's Day too - it definitely did for me! Thanks so much for sharing.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Great post Jamie. I loved seeing all your Valentine's Day inspiration. So many great outfits. You are so darn cute. Happy Valentine's Day.


Alexandra Marie said...

So many adorable outfits! Alex


Bronwyn said...

your style is great all the way through this post!


Crissy said...

This is just perfect! I really love the pop of red and pink... but the velvet totally won me over!! haha

Marlen said...

Ahhh this is SUCH a fun post! I loved all the out of the box ideas you shared. Admittedly I always gravitate towards the usual reds and pinks (it's so festive!) but I'd feel equally lovey in polka dots and florals. I also really liked seeing you have an ah-mazing tights collection! That bright blue pair- holy moly.

xo marlen
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