February 18, 2015

Outfit: Purple Velvet Mini Skirt, Floral Blouse, and Dotted Tights

I picked up this floral print blouse in Target clearance a few weeks back. I find such great things in their clearance racks! It's almost dangerous to browse through them because I'm almost guaranteed to find something I want. I used a gift card on it too which is a double win! For its first day out I paired it with a very old purple velvet mini skirt. I've had this skirt since freshman year of college and it's still going strong. I added a pair of tiny polka dot Betsey Johnson tights for some extra pattern too.

Yes, I'm wearing black lipstick here. It's the Nyx Macaron lipstick in Chambord. I have so many of the other shades in that line, I figured I'd pick up and try the black one too! I enjoy how it looks against the otherwise girly-ness of this outfit. It's not a particularly low maintenance shade, but what dark lipstick is? It's also pretty weird drinking coffee and seeing black lip marks instead of the usual colors. Weird but cool. The black lipstick makes me feel way cooler than I actually am. And see? It's easier to pull off in a casual type of way than you may have thought!

Purple Velvet Forever 21 Mini Skirt, Floral Target Bow Blouse, and Polka Dot Tights
top: target | skirt: forever 21 | tights: betsey johnson - ross | boots: hand-me-downs

Dotted Betsey Johnson Tights with a Purple Mini Skirt, and Black Ankle Boots
Pink, Purple, and Black Floral Pussy Bow Blouse with Red Hair and a Purple Skirt
Floral Blouse Bow Detailing
Floral Print Target Shirt, Black Lipstick, and Bright Red Hair
Purple Velvet Mini Skirt, Dotted Tights, Floral Print Blouse, and Black Ankle Boots

The wind was ridiculous when I was taking these pictures. Most of them were complete windblown outtakes. Of course the clouds were rolling in and out, ruining my white balance too. Oh well. Some shoots are better than others!

So, how has your week been going? I feel like I haven't gotten enough done. At least it's only Wednesday! We've been getting some "winter weather" here in Georgia so I've stayed in this week. Maybe I'll get outside and take some pictures sometime soon. There are only so many days to take advantage of the sweater + coat weather!

Have a happy Wednesday!


Ina R. said...

The skirt is such an eyecatcher! Love the combo with the matching blouse! Awesome contrast with your hair too! :)

Eccentric Owl said...

I love that you wear so many unusual lip colors, and they all look so good on you! Bonus of black: it makes teeth look whiter! Haha! Not that your teeth were yellow, but y'know. I'm tempted to try some odd lipcolors... though they'd just end up smeared all over my face and Asa's hands because lipstick is a baby-finger magnet.
Your outfit is so pretty! All of the purple really suits you, and makes your hair pop!

Marlen said...

I've been toying with the idea of trying out black lipstick, and this post has definitely tipped the scales. I looove how it contrasts with the sweetness of this look. Also, you're like a Target ninja- you always find stuff there! I need to get more diligent in my sale rack digging ;)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Anna Martin said...

So in love with that skirt. Color, texture, everything. <3 Fantastic shoes, too!

- Anna


Lauren said...

I love wearing black lipstick but I also wear wigs so nothing is off limits. I love how vibrant your hair looks in this outfit. Great outfit, but you always look super cute.


CiCi said...

I've realised lately that I'm actually a bit scared of purple - I have precisely two items of clothing with any purple on at all and I usually end up wearing them together as I don't know what to do with them! Total respect for the fact there's not a fashion or beauty colour you won't try - you've made black lipstick look good! CC x

Miranda said...

Purple isn't my favorite color, but I keep seeing people wear it really well! Maybe I should give it a try too! I love the floral top.
I recently started wearing dark lipstick - so I applaud your choice of black!


Panty Buns said...

I love florals, velvet, polka dots, those rich shades of purple and the big bow on your beautiful floral blouse. Your purple velvet Forever 21 skirt, polka dot tights, floral bow blouse from Target and black lipstick all look fabulous together.


~ K said...

The black lipstick is a really great contrast, and not too overpowering either. I love feeling cooler than I really am!

Adi R. said...

I was just in Target yesterday but I know myself too well, so I stayed away from everything, especially clearance racks. Lol!
Your outfit is gorgeous and your hair compliments the dark colors.<3
Don't you just love hand-me-downs? My favorite jacket used to belong to my big brother when he was 10. Haha

Vegetarian Courtesy

Bronwyn said...

I love your outfit. You really suit the black lipstick, if I try anything darker than my natural lip colour I look like a zombie, but you look so cool


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