February 2, 2015

Outfit: Red Plaid Mock Turtleneck Dress, Gray Cardigan, and Two Toned Flats

Happy Monday! It's time for another outfit post! After resizing these photos I realized I'm wearing nearly the same color scheme as the outfit in my last post. This time the sweater is gray rather than silver, but it's still very close. Oh well! Red with black/white/gray is a staple color pairing in my wardrobe. It's especially appropriate to wear plenty of red now that it's February (which means Valentine's Day and National Heart Month). I feel like wearing every red dress I own or anything with heart print. That might be excessive though.

Anyway, here I'm wearing my red plaid mock turtleneck dress again. I combined it with a gray H&M cardigan I've had since high school, some black tights, and new black & white Steve Madden flats I got for just $15 at Shoe Carnival. I find it hard to believe that certain things I wear are from my high school days, but here I am still wearing this gray cardigan. I swear, H&M cardigans hold up the best out of any I've bought. (And I have a ton.) I also took a decent picture of the cool earrings Jeanie bought me for Christmas. They're one of those pairs with the earring jacket, which is when the back part is more than just a plain earring back. You'll see.

Red Plaid Mock Turtleneck Dress, Gray Cardigan, Black Tights, and Two Toned Flats
dress: forever 21 | cardigan: h&m | tights: walmart? | shoes: steve madden - shoe carnival | earrings/hair bow: forever 21

Red Mock Turtleneck Dress from Forever 21 with a Gray H&M Cardigan
Pearl and Spike Earring with Earring Jacket, Rook Piercing, and Bright Red Hair
Red Plaid Mock Neck Dress, Gray Cardigan, and a Red Bob
Red Plaid Mock Neck Dress, Gray Cardigan, Black Tights, and Black & White Flats

I hope you all had a good weekend. I kept busy so it went by incredibly quickly. I managed to go bowling, go out to Athens to visit Jeanie, work out, and watch the Super Bowl with friends. Now I have to get down to business and prepare for an interview! I'm looking forward to a couple of fun weekends coming up though!

Have a fantastic start to your week!


Monique Reinds said...

Very lovely~! :)


Alissa said...

You look so pretty in this!

Lorna Sharp said...

lovely earring :)

Lorna Sharp said...

lovely earring :)

Anna Martin said...

This is such a darling dress. <3 Beautiful smile, too! ^_^ Good luck with your interview!

- Anna


Panty Buns said...

Your red plaid Forever 21 mock turtleneck dress looks lovely. I also love your winged eyeliner. Good for you getting things done and getting some exercise.


Lucy in the Sky said...

I really love that dress! It looks great with the grey cardigan and belt - lovely!

Ali Hval said...

Interviews! BUSINESS! PEOPLE! TALKING PROFESSIONALLY! You got whatever is coming you way, girl. I know it.

Man, I so regret not buying that dress when I saw it--you have made it look so cute all the time! I love it belted like that. Hope you have an incredible way (and eep, your comment on my busy times made me smile!)

CiCi Marie said...

That's hilarious, I have the same grey cardigan from H&M and it's also been in my wardrobe for years now! Mind you, it keeps getting split seams round the collar so maybe its days are numbered :( I don't have much red but if I did you can bet the cardigan would be worn with it ;)

Ina R. said...

Aaw Jamie, how cute! Matchy-matchy hair and dress, I love it! Adorable shoes too! And your best accessory is as usual your smile :)

~ K said...

The earrings are definitely very cool! The dress too, it's a really nice shape.

Good luck with the interview!

Taylor Hart said...

Those earrings are cool! Delicate with a bit of an edge to them.... love plaid! Plaid for dayyyyyysssss! Ha ha ha. I sent you back your top so you should be getting it any day now.

Sabrina said...

I love the retro red patterns on you! You look so cute.


Linda B said...

Well aren't you just a doll! This turtleneck dress is perfection, and I love the color palette you're rocking. Haha, personally my colors have shifted to just black/white/maroon. So yeah, I totally understand the appeal of having a set color palette to follow!

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Imogen said...

Love this dress each time I see you wear it. Tartan truly is the best. I bought a new tartan dress recently and it is one of my favourites.

Marlen said...

Ahh this dress is too pretty! I love a good turtleneck, but a turtleneck dress just sends me over. And unlike most girls, I get into a weeding frenzy with my closet, where i give away anything and everything that I havent worn in at least two months. Because of that, I miss a lot of pretty sweaters I hastily gave away back in the day :( Teach me your waaaays!

xo marlen
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Laura Whitman said...

This dress is so adorable! I love the colors and the shoes that you paired with it is so lovely! I'm impressed with that cardigan - there are very few things that I have left from high school. Of course, my style was very...unique in high school to say the least. :)


Camila Faria said...

Love the dress, how pretty! The color scheme is perfect!


Anonymous said...

You know, I love cardigans, but have the hardest time finding ones I like. I dont know why that is, you can pretty much find them anywhere! ha! You look adorable as always bb xo

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