February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit: Leopard Dress, Red Tights, and Clogs

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! Valentine's Day was a ton of fun. We switched plans last minute because Matt thought going to one of the craft breweries closer in to Atlanta would be fun and I strongly agreed. We decided on Blue Tarp Brewery and headed out there to grab lunch at a noodle place and then hang out at the brewery together. After trying some new brews we wandered around the Korean area of town and tried a random Korean BBQ place. It was something different and delicious. Matt is a perfect partner for trying new foods! It was an entire day of fun and quite possibly the best Valentine's Day we've spent together so far. (And this was the 8th one! How has it been that long?)

Anyway, this is what I wore on Valentine's Day. I didn't decide on my outfit until I got in the shower that day. I paired my leopard print dress from Boohoo with some bright red tights and my comfy clogs. I skipped the red lipstick this time. My makeup was more pink-based than I usually go with on Valentine's Day, but I really liked it. Pink lips and burgundy + pink eye shadow with big wispy fake lashes. You can see my Valentine nails on Instagram too! 

Valentine's Day Outfit: Leopard Dress, Red Tights, and Clogs
dress: boohoo | tights: kmart | clogs: korks - shoe carnival | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted | earrings: gift | bow: old

Red Tights, Leopard Print Dress, and Brown Clogs
Red Hair, Craft Beer, and Pink and Burgundy Eye Shadow
Craft Beer at Blue Tarp Brewery
Leopard Print Dress with Bright Red hair
Blue Tarp Brewery Glass
Leopard Print Dress, Red Tights, and Brown Clogs

What did you wear on Valentine's Day? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? I'll have to catch up with your blogs asap!

I hope you have a great week ahead of you too! We're supposed to be getting some winter weather in Georgia but it'll probably just be freezing rain. We'll see. Anyway, happy Monday!


CiCi said...

I wore my new leopard print beret on Valentine's Day, so now I feel as though I've slightly paid homage to you ;) Also, I nearly had Korean as we did the same as you and picked a random place to eat out - but in the end the Algerian place won. And was delicious. Anyway, cute outfit. I never put leopard print with red (apart from lipstick, of course), but I feel like I should give it a try now! CC x

Frannie Pantz said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! You look perfect for the occasion. I love the leopard and red together. What a great combo!

Adi R. said...

You have the cutest smile!
And some of the best outfits are the spontaneous ones.
I dressed very simple, but wore my heart candies barrette to make it pop. I ate pizza, cake, and watched movies. Hahah

Vegetarian Courtesy

Olivia Aimes said...

Lovely styling!!


ModernVintageStyle said...

I would never have thought of leopard and red tights together, but what a look! It's got me thinking... Kx

stevia indrawan said...

sounds like you had a great VDay!
and 8 years is a long time indeed

dope dress!!


Mystery Blogger said...

You looked soooo beautiful on vday!! Love those red leggings! Very valentinesy :)
Animal print is something I don't actually think I could live without. So I approve!!!

I've just followed you on GFC! Hope you follow back and keep in touch xxxx


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I wish I liked beer because I really wanted to do something like a brewery tour. I'm a hard cider lover, and there's just not any ciderys around here. I also only like a couple kinds of wine, so as much as I love vineyards and am willing to try more wines than beers, that doesn't do it as much for me as cider does..lol. It sounds like you guys had fun, and I love that leopard dress. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day! I think this is my new favorite outfit if yours, I just really love red and brown together!

Crissy said...

That sounds like a great way to spend the day! I've been wanting to go try out some breweries.. maybe I'll suggest that next year lol

You look so pretty in the outfit!

Crissy said...

That sounds like a great way to spend the day! I've been wanting to go try out some breweries.. maybe I'll suggest that next year lol

You look so pretty in the outfit!

~ K said...

We had a nice and quiet Valentine's evening on Friday. We sat down to watch The Wolf Of Wall Street, got a take away from this Lebanese place we'd never tried and had some popcorn for afterwards. It was pretty lovely :)

On the actual Valentine's day, we didn't really do anything. It was business as usual.

I'm loving the combination of the brown colours from the shoes and leopard print and the red. I'll have to try this combo out!

Nancy Wilde said...

Korean BBQ... Holy Fuck, how delicious! That outfit of yours reminds me of Liv Tyler in One Night at McCool's, she was also wearing a leopard number. I don't remember what I wore on Valentine's day so it must've been quite irrelevant ahah xxx

Anna Martin said...

Beer is the perfect garnish for any outfit. I totally approve of this. Hehe :D <3 Rad dress, by the way!

- Anna


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit you little darling! I love your clogs!!! Sounds like you had a super lovely Valentine's Day. It was freezing here that day and we had planned to browse some antique shops for furniture, but there was no way we wanted to walk down the block in weather like that, so we kept it pretty low key by heading to one of our favourite restaurants in the evening to enjoy some warm and tasty food.

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