March 11, 2015

Outfit: Red Ralph Lauren Blazer with a Rose Print Dress

Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd show you an outfit made mostly of old pieces since my last post was full of new things. This rose print dress was one of my first thrift finds from a few years back when I really started getting into thrifting. It was definitely $1 or less at the thrift store outlet around here. Yes. A thrift store outlet. It's completely sheer and has the most horrendous puffy yet too long sleeves. The second button pops open all the time too, yet I've held onto it. I think that's mostly because it looks so good with this red blazer I also thrifted, but also because it reminds me of the days when I thrifted all the time. 

I wore this dress and blazer together years ago before I had this blog. It was about time to pull these pieces out of the closet again! This time I styled it a bit differently with gray tights and my cutout boots/flats. (What are these shoes considered anyway? I just like them.) 

Vintage Ralph Lauren Red Blazer, Rose Print Dress, Gray Tights, and Cutout Ankle Boots
dress: thrifted | blazer: ralph lauren - thrifted | tights: forever 21 | shoes: boohoo

Open Red Vintage Blazer, Red and Black Rose Print Dress
Polka Dot Peter Pan Collar, Rose Print Dress, and Red Jacket

One reason I enjoy recording my outfits is because the styles can vary so much. There must be a common thread to my general style but there is a wide range of things I like wearing. I dress according to how I feel that day! Sometimes I want to channel Debbie Harry and other times I want to rock a retro novelty print dress. 

I appreciate people who have a signature look but that'll never be me. I like too many things. Style is just fun to me. Dressing my own body is a creative outlet. I think it always will be. Have you seen the "Advanced Style" documentary? I want to be those cool ladies when I'm old. If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix. I identified with so many of the things those women said about fashion and style, so you might too!

Red Vintage Blazer with a Thrifted Rose Print Dress
Floral Dress with a Peter Pan Collar and a Red Blazer
Red Open Ralph Lauren Blazer with a Floral Print Dress and Gray Tights
Red Ralph Lauren Blazer, Rose Print Dress, Gray Tights, and Cutout Flats

Sorry I was absent from the blog on Monday. If I disappear it's most likely because I'm preparing for a job interview. Monday was my boyfriend's birthday too, so I spent the evening with him tasting some beers at a local growler shop and having dinner together. He's the best. It's been a busy week already! I'm back to my usual blog schedule now though.

Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful week! 


Jen Avery said...

Gorgeous dress, I love how you styled it with a red blazer!

Style by Avery

Adi R. said...

Oooooh that red blazer is beautiful!!
And I love the polka-dot collar, a darling touch.<3
P.S: Wearing a belt with a dress is one of my favorite accessory choices.

Vegetarian Courtesy

Frannie Pantz said...

I totally agree. My style changes on a day by day (sometimes even hour by hour) basis. LOL I like that though--something new always. I actually get a little bored of some blogs that post essentially the same outfit everyday. Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend! This dress is a killer thrift find!

libys11 said...

such a charming look!!! love that dress!!

Animated Confessions

Rumela said...

Wow lovely dress and belated happy birthday.
Hope to see you on my blog:

Alissa said...

My favorite thing about this outfit is how happy you look in it! You shine like a diamond as Rhianna would say!

Ina R. said...

This is so pretty! I love the snazzy little blazer jacket! Such a timeless and classic piece! It looks so chic with the florals dress! The shades of red go together perfectly! <3

Panty Buns said...

I see can why you styled that red blazer and lovely rose print shirt-dress together years ago - they look fabulous together. I love the collars on the dress and the blazer too. Are my eyes deceiving me? You got that dress for $1 or less? That's astounding - my jaw just dropped in awe. The weather has gotten above frezing here and the snow is melting (yay). :)

Laura Whitman said...

That dress is amazing! And oh my goodness, there are things as thrift store outlets?! How have I never heard of such a thing?! New thrifting mission - find one of these places. Especially if they have dresses like this at them. :)


Anonymous said...

ooo i should check out that movie. I always tell my boyfriend I want to be like those eccentric old women when I get older, like Iris Apfel. I hope I never feel like I can't have fun with clothes just because I'm old. That would be a damn shame.
You are adorable, as always xx

Anna Martin said...

Radness. The dotted collar is what got me. Love that juxtaposition of prints! <3

- Anna

Charlotte Ellis said...

I am in love with that blazer <3

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