March 4, 2015

Outfit: Vintage Teal Cardigan, Windowpane Print Top, and Cobalt Blue Shorts

Happy Wednesday everyone! I just have a very casual outfit to show you today. I've had this vintage Lacoste cardigan hanging around and it's never worn enough so I decided to create an outfit around it. I found it in the women's sweater section at a Goodwill up in Illinois and snatched it up. It's pretty oversized on me and I think that's because it's actually a men's cardigan. It's just such a great color despite being a little big on me. I make the oversized fit work by pairing it with more fitted clothes and by showing plenty of leg. 

I'm a big fan of the colors in this outfit. That's probably mostly due to the fact that my shorts and shoes match perfectly. Sometimes it's good to be matchy matchy! Plus something about cobalt blue next to a saturated teal makes me very happy.

Cobalt Blue Shorts, Oversized Teal Cardigan, Windowpane Print Shirt, and Blue Flats
cardigan: lacoste - goodwill | top and shorts: forever 21 | tights: walmart | shoes: delia's

Teal Vintage Lacoste Cardigan and a Black Windowpane Print Button Down
Windowpane Print Shirt, Oversized Teal Cardigan, and Blue Shorts
Teal Lacoste Cardigan, Cobalt Blue Shorts, Black Windowpane Print Top
Blue Shorts, Black Tights, and Pointed Cobalt Blue Flats
Vintage Lacoste Cardigan with Blue Shorts and a Windowpane Print Crop Top

This cardigan is clearly oversized on me not only because it's a men's small, but because I'm small myself. It's weird, but sometimes people online comment on getting outfit ideas based upon my "curviness," label me as a chubby blogger, or think my body type is different than it is.  A while back, I redeemed a dress on Chictopia in a size small. The shop contacted me saying I looked "curvier" than a small and that I should get a large. Well the large ended up being way too big. I try to show you guys how I dress my "petite" frame but I guess pictures don't accurately represent my true size. My only guess about the reason people think this is because I have boobs, my thighs touch, and my face is on the rounder side. My legs are thin despite the lack of thigh gap though. They touch (and I don't care) because I have extremely narrow hips - like 34 inches around, if that. I'm not even heavy enough to donate blood.

The only real curves I have are decent sized boobs so if you're looking for shirts to wear and you're boobsy, that's what I can help with. All of this is just to say, please don't go out and buy something I have because you think it'll fit your curvier frame. Believe me, I understand the challenges of dressing a body that's not average and love seeing people of all sizes embracing fashion. I love to be able to give style ideas to all of you (even if you're not short) but I'm not "chubby" inspiration even though if I am in the future I'd be glad to own it. But by all means if that's how you see me and I inspire you to be creative in your fashion choices, I'm happy! 

Let me know, do you ever have people misrepresent your body online?
Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful middle of your week!


~ K said...

Really?! To be completely honest, I never took that much notice. I just like the way you dress :)

I've not idea what people think of my body shape online... Maybe I'll ask haha. I wonder if I come across taller than in real life, after all when it's just you in the photos it's hard to tell how tall someone is.

Whatever they say, there's never a time when you haven't looked great!

Camilla said...

Reeeeeeally? I always thought you're tall and slender! And I still think so! :) Anyway, you're beautiful and cute and I love the way you dress! <3


Wild Flower said...

Super cute Jamie! I love those shoes :)


Keit said...

I never thought of you as a curvy girl, I see you quite petite! I guess it must be the boobs that get people confused :-D I've been told I look too skinny, which I am in real life, but not as skinny as most people assume. :-D
And when I tell people I weight only 44kg they get this shocked stare pasted on their face :-D But I look quite normal, except the fact that my arms are maaaaybe too skinny :-D
Any who, I love the cardigan, I love oversize, it's so comfy! The color is wonderful!

Panty Buns said...

I very much like the mint green colour of your cardigan. I think your body looks fabulous. With respect to whether I misrepresent my own body online, if there's any way possible I'd like to cover up the fact that I've put on about 30 pounds. Fortunately I happen to like styles of blouses that help cover up how out od shape I am (empire waists, blouson tops, tiered ruffles, peplum, puffy sleeves etc.). Sizes vary so much from one manufacturer and style to the next. That's why I love it when bloggers mention whether outfit pieces they've styled run larger or smaller than others I might be familiar with.

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