March 2, 2015

Remix: Styling a Graphic T-shirt for Cool Weather

If you're a frequent reader of my blog you know I wear my collection of graphic t-shirts fairly often and year round. They're comfy while adding extra pattern and color to an outfit. Do you have a concert t-shirt lying around that you've only ever worn with jeans? It can be worn so many other ways! Let me help you expand your t-shirt style options! A little while back I showcased some cute ways to wear graphic tees during the summer. Now here are some ways I've styled my t-shirts when it's cool outside! 

Ideas for styling graphic t-shirts with shorts and tights
one | two | three

One of my favorite casual outfit equations is shorts + t-shirt + tights (+ sometimes cardigan). Even though it's too cold for bare legs, shorts are still an option if tights are layered underneath. I also tend to swap out the shorts for a mini skirt of some sort. All of these looks, except number four, feature shorts or skirts simply because I own a lot of those pieces. 

There's a way to make jeans and a t-shirt look more interesting too though! I do it by tucking the shirt into some high-waisted jeans to define my waist. Then I add cool shoes, jewelry, and a patterned or colorful coat or cardigan. Boom. You've transformed jeans and a t-shirt into a fun look!

I'm also a fan of styling graphic t-shirts with blazers. The juxtapositon of a super casual shirt and the structured fit of a blazer is fantastic. You can see me doing this in outfit two, four, six, and eleven. Bonus points if the blazer is patterned!

Styling graphic t-shirts in the cold weather months
four | five

Ways to wear graphic tees in an interesting way when it's cool outside
six | seven | eight

Different ways to style graphic t-shirts with black skirts
nine | ten | eleven
no links - pre-blog times

I think the trick to making a t-shirt outfit interesting is to play with color and pattern. That's especially easy when it's cold outside because you can add plenty of layers. Treat the t-shirt like any other patterned top in your wardrobe. Wearing them in non-traditional ways is modern and fun! 

I hope you got a few ideas about how to style up the t-shirts you have lying around. If anything, maybe one of these pictures gave you an outfit idea! Have a fantastic start to your week!


CiCi said...

Your wardrobe is simply immense! I like these ideas as I've just bought a t-shirt that is both patterned and has a graphic on it and I've been mulling over how to style it... Although I don't own a pair of shorts which aren't very fitted so putting tights over them isn't the most comfortable of things to do!

lisa said...

I love a graphic tee paired with dressier pieces- it looks so casually chic/cool! You have a great collection of shorts too- I especially love the first 3 looks!

Frannie Pantz said...

Graphic tees are some of my favorite pieces. I own a billion of them and wear them constantly. Love the way you've remixed all of yours!

The Braided Bandit said...

So many cute t shirts, I love all of these!
Have a great day!
xo Hannah

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Imogen said...

Amazing and helpful post. I have a few graphic tees but never know how to style them because I don't know how to style them. Need to wear my Madeline tee more... Also want to get a little mermaid like yours

Mademoiselle S. said...

Oh, girl! Wonderful outfits so fresh and cute, your style rocks! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post!

- Mademoiselle S.

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