March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Outfit: Green Polka Dot Dress and Tan Loafers

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Usually I have an outfit with something green ready to schedule for the occasion, but not this year. This is actually what I'm wearing today! Luckily I had time to get outside and take some pictures of it.

I'm pretty sure this green dress is the perfect piece to wear for Saint Pat's. I added shamrock earrings (that you can't really see) and a shamrock hair clip to make everything more festive. You'll probably notice that I'm rocking my glasses again. My eye issue apparently never cleared up. Almost all of my pictures had glasses glare. How does one take pictures in glasses without that problem? Yet another reason why I prefer my contacts! 

Anyway, I hope you're having a good St. Patrick's Day! We celebrated over the weekend but we've continued the celebration into today. I'm looking forward to Guinness stew pies tonight and perhaps a pint of Guinness itself. Yum!

Saint Patrick's Day Outfit: Dark Green Polka Dot Dress, Shamrock Hair Clip, and Tan Loafers
dress: romwe | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted | glasses: zenni optical

Dotted Green Dress and Flat Tassel Loafers
Long Sleeved Green Polka Dot Dress and Bright Red Hair
Sheer Sleeved Green Polka Dot Dress, Red Hair, and Shamrock Hair Clip
Dark Green Polka Dot Romwe Dress Detailing
St. Patrick's Day Outfit: Green Polka Dot Dress and Tan Loafers

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Olivia Aimes said...

Very cute look!

Adi said...

Ah yes, the horrid glasses glare problem; I've dealt with it too. Hahah
You have by far the best St. Patrick's Day outfit. :)

Vegetarian Courtesy

Sammi said...

What a beautiful color on you! I hardly ever wear my glasses for photos because of the same issue... the only time it works is when I'm wearing fake glasses! I just got new frames that I really want to wear with something on the blog, but I also use flash sometimes (I know, bad Sammi) and it'll be problematic. I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, you ravishing redhead!

xox Sammi


sWEET :)

CiCi said...

I've not noticed that problem with my glasses... but they've got anti-glare coating on, so perhaps that's it?? After that, I'm out of ideas... I love all your glasses though, so while it sucks your eye issue is back, I enjoy seeing them!

Panty Buns said...

1 day belatedly, Happy Saint Patrick's Day and two days early, Happy Spring! Your Romwe polka-dotted green dress looks pretty - I love the colour, the chiffon and the cute bow.

Marlen Komar said...

Guiness stew pies?! That sounds really interesting- I can't even wrap my mind around how that would taste. I'd definitely be down for a sample!

And you look amazing in green. It looks so nice against your skin and your vibrant hair. And that dress is adorable :)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Imogen said...

You look so gorgeously beautiful in green...I totally forgot to wear green for st patricks day...but I did it last year with some friends at work and that was fun.

Marisa Noelle said...

That green dress with your hair color is really stunning Jamie! Guinness stew pie sounds amazing. I've used Guinness in cupcakes before, but never a stew or stew pie for that matter. Yum!

I have the anti-glare coating on my glasses but if from time to time I still notice a fogginess...frustrating! I am definitively itching to get contacts again.

Crumbs In The Bed said...

Oooh very cute! I love the little hair clip!

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