April 13, 2015

Life Lately: The Color Run 2015

Happy happy Monday everyone! As you may remember, I did The Color Run for the second year in a row two weekends ago. It's more like a color walk because we do it with a big group of non-runners, but it's still super fun. We like to get with our group and come up with outfit ideas so we stand out. This year we went with capes! My mom, sister, and I added colorful wigs too. They come with the added bonus of not having to wash the color powder out of our hair after the event.

My mom is a very creative person and she drew and painted the cute bulldogs you'll see on the back of our capes here. They're color matched to our wigs too! "Why bulldogs?" you may ask. We just like bulldogs. I also like to think it's an homage to our deceased dog and to the Georgia Bulldogs. Because why not?

The entire event was a lot of fun, as expected. They changed up the colors this year and introduced orange in place of green and sparkly silver and glitter in place of purple. The glitter was a nice touch in theory. In actuality I was carefully picking the chunky glitter pieces off my upper and lower lashlines so they wouldn't creep their way into my eyes. Even after washing my hair I could see glitter falling out of it too! And I had a wig on! Despite the glitter issues, it was a great time spent with old friends and family. I'm excited to see what outfits we come up with next year!

Have you ever participated in The Color Run?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking at a great week ahead!


karlozman said...

Wow very, very nice!
Love the first shot!

I am Emilia said...




Cute :)

Eccentric Owl said...

So fun!!! I love the pink wig and the bulldog capes. I've always wanted to do a color run, but uh... I don't run, so... nevermind. :D

Crissy said...

This looks so awesome and fun! LOVE the capes!! I would definitely be walking for that lol

Marisa Noelle said...

I always wanted to do one of these! I would totally be in the walkers group too, hehe. Loving the wigs and cute little capes. If I ever do one...a pink wig will definitely be a part of my get-up :-)

Taylor Hart said...

Awwwww fun! Your costumes look super cute too! I love the bright colored wigs and sunnies and the Bull dogs that your Mom painted are excellent! Looks like you all had a great experience. I hope to participate in a Color Run some time here soon.

Keit said...

Rofl, I would die to participate in such an event, I love colors *_*
Glitter issues aside, I'd love to be covered in glitter :D
Haha, your mom is the best, I remember she did your costume for a Comic con or similar event, she's a pro! ^^

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