April 10, 2015

Outfit + Firmoo Review: Pink Leopard Dress, Lime Green Cardigan, Blue Tights, and Blue Glasses

It was a wonderful coincidence that the people over at Firmoo asked me to review a pair of their glasses right when my eyelid issue started flaring up. I actually needed an updated pair of glasses with a correct prescription to wear on non-contacts days! I picked out these blue square unisex frames because I loved the color. The blue looked a little lighter on the website but I really enjoy how they look in person too.

The day I wore this outfit was one of those days where I kept piling on the color. Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes I just want to wear a ton of color! First I thought this pink leopard print dress would look fun with my bright blue tights. Then my lime green cardigan (which was a costume piece when I was in Grease in high school) was calling to me. So on it went! The glasses were kind of the icing on the multi-colored cake. 

Lime Green Cardigan, Pink Leopard Print Dress, Blue Square Glasses, and Bright Blue Tights
dress: modcloth | tights: walmart | cardigan: stein mart? | flower hair clip: forever 21 | glasses: c/o firmoo

Blue Firmoo Glasses, Red Hair, and Pink Lipstick
Pink Leopard Dress Detailing and a Lime Green Cardigan

I was very pleased with my Firmoo experience. The glasses got here super quickly and came with probably the coolest glasses case. It's map print! These frames seem to be high quality so far and the lenses had UV coating and anti-reflection coating. Most importantly, I can see well with them! 

If you'e never ordered from Firmoo you can get 50% off your first pair of already inexpensive glasses. I say give it a try. I order my glasses online almost exclusively (though I hadn't tried Firmoo until now) and it's always been a good experience. 

Square Shaped Blue Firmoo Glasses, Pink Flower Clip, and Bright Red Hair
Lime Green Cardigan, Pink Leopard Print Dress, Blue Tights, and Blue Square Glasses

Can you believe it's already Friday? I'm finishing up my first full week of having a real adult job and it feels great. I'm just ready for my eyelid issue to get better so I can go back to not worrying about it all the time. There's always some issue, isn't there? It's pretty exciting that life is moving forward now though!

I hope you have a very happy weekend!


Taylor Hart said...

Happy Friday!!!I love your lime green cardi with the whole outfit! You are too cute! Hope you have some awesome fun plans for this weekend.

Sammy Scott said...

Great glasses, they look great on you!
Loving all the pretty colours of your outfit :)
Have a super weekend xox

Marlen Komar said...

This is SUCH a fun outfit- you work with color like no one else. I love that bright pop the tights give. And I hope your eye is feeling better!

xo marlen
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Crissy said...

I'm loving this colorful look! You look so pretty with those glasses :D

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