April 6, 2015

Outfit: Galaxy Print Dress, Green Cardigan, and Holographic Flats

Happy Monday! Jessica over at Midwest Muse let me borrow her amazing galaxy print dress last month and I'm pretty sure I need one of my own. I styled it pretty simply here with a green cardigan and my holographic flats from Forever 21. I continued the space theme with the Star Trek earrings I got at Dragon Con last year. 

I feel like this is a kind of unique spring look! The galaxy print dress could easily be swapped for floral print but the different print really stands out. The great thing about galaxy print is it looks good with a ton of different colors too. Yet another reason I need to get a dress like this of my own!

Green Cardigan, Modcloth Galaxy Print Dress, Holographic Flats, and a Black Flower Hair Clip
heart and solar system dress: modcloth - borrowed from Jessica | cardigan: h&m | shoes, hair clip: forever 21 | earrings: vendor at Dragon Con

Holographic Peep Toe Flats with a Galaxy Print Dress
Green Cardigan, Galaxy Print Dress, and Holographic Forever 21 Flats
Gold Star Fleet Star Trek Earrings
Galaxy Print Notched Neckline Detailing and Green H&M Cardigan
Notched Neckline Galaxy Print Dress, Black Rose Hair Clip, and a Green Cardigan
Modcloth Heart and Solar System Galaxy Print Dress, Green Cardigan, and Holographic Flats

I started a full time real adult job last week and I'm getting used to a new schedule. I'm not a morning person so I'm trying to get enough sleep! Unfortunately my blogging (and/or social media) may suffer a little bit until I get used to everything, but I'm trying! I do have plenty of outfit pictures backlogged to share with you over this month though, so no worries. 

Did you have a good weekend? I did The Color Run (more like walk) for my second year on Saturday morning. (Pictures to come!) Easter dinner was delicious but other than that I didn't do much of anything on Sunday. I hope you all have a great week ahead!


Keit said...

Wow, I've been gone for two weeks and you already have a job! OMG! That's so exciting! Tell me everything about it! O_O
Also, this galaxy print is one of the most beautiful galaxy prints I have ever seen, it's breathtaking. Love the nerdy glasses too ^_^

Taylor Hart said...

Oooooooo! I love this fun print on this awesome galexy dress borrowed from Jessica! Too cute and I think I need to find myself one as well! Congrats on your new job!

Panty Buns said...

I love galaxy prints. That Modcloth heart and solar system dress is a pretty one. I also like the green H+M cardigan you styled the dress with. Best wishes for getting enough sleep and adjusting to your new job. Kudos on doing the Color Run again this year.


katie said...

The print on this dress is just flippin fantastic but I love how you echoed the gold and silver in the print with your sandals, it's really sharp! Galaxy prints are so cool, this one is really fun to look at and see all of the little details. :)

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