April 28, 2015

Review + Swatches: Nyx Intense Butter Gloss

Review of Nyx Intense Butter Gloss - New Spring 2015

I can't get enough of new lip products so I buy quite a lot of them, especially those in the drugstore price range. New formulas are particularly exciting to me! These Intense Butter Glosses by Nyx are a new addition to their line as of this spring and I'm a fan! They come in 12 shades in a great range of color.

I think their regular Butter Gloss is nice, but these are great for those of us who tend to like more pigment in our lip products. I'm usually a lipstick type of girl - not gloss - but these are so super pigmented I don't feel like I'm missing my lipstick. They're almost like a gloss/lipstick hybrid. Sometimes a glossy finish is fun, and on those days I'm reaching for my Intense Butter Gloss!

You can see quick swatches of the six shades I own below and my un-photoshopped, close-up mouth region. (Huzzah!)

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Funnel Delight
Funnel Delight

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Sorbet

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Banana Split
Banana Split

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Berry Strudel
Berry Strudel

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Chocolate Crepe
Chocolate Crepe

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Lip Swatch in Toasted Marshmallow
Toasted Marshmallow

You can see from the swatches that the very light shades can settle a little or be patchy, but from a regular human distance, I don't notice. I enjoy all of the colors I picked up even though Chocolate Crepe looks a little like I put chocolate frosting on my lips. (In a good way though, right?) Originally I just bought Banana Split and Berry Strudel because they were unique shades, but then I had to get four more.

These aren't sticky, smell like cake, and I don't find they migrate around my mouth. They definitely wear off when I eat and they leave leftover mouth marks on my coffee mug in the morning. I like that the darker shades leave a bit of a stain though, so I don't have to reapply too often.

Six Shades of Nyx Intense Butter Gloss
Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Packaging

You can find these at Ulta or on the Nyx website for around $6 each but I got mine BOGO 50%. There's a sale on Nyx at Ulta almost every other week so wait around for that.

Have you tried these glosses yet? What did you think? Which color is your favorite?


Ina R. said...

Ooh I keep seeing these at Target and always wonder if I should give them a shot or not. I'm not a fan of gloss and rather use lipstick but after reading that you say they're not sticky I might give it a try and buy one :)

Kailey said...

I need these!

Keit said...

Some of my men friends always feel disturbed by my glasses and beer bottles, because I always leave a huge, bright stain of lipstick on them. I wish there was a lippie that din't leave so much marks! I am loving these though, the toasted marshmallow is my favorite! ^_^

Crissy said...

Need! I love the color of Berry Strudel :D

Midwest Muse said...

I've been really impressed with NYX products. Their matte lipsticks are perfect. Might try this!

Anonymous said...

I have a love hate relationship with glosses. But I might give these a go!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I LOVE NYX. I love that they are affordable, but awesome products. That Banana Split shade looks so interesting!

Selina said...

Toasted marshmallow and chocolate crepe are my thing


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