April 20, 2015

Work Outfit: Striped Dress, Black Cardigan, Cat Eye Glasses, and Blue Flats

Business Casual Work Outfit: Striped Dress and Blue Flats
dress: h&m | cardigan: so... - kohl's | shoes: delia's | glasses: zenni optical | necklace: stella & dot

Happy Monday everyone! I suppose it's time I started showing you some of the outfits I actually wear to work. It's sometimes difficult to get pictures after work when I don't get home until after 7, but I try! I don't have a strict dress code at work, so I get to wear my normal clothes, which is nice. We have casual days Thursday and Friday and a relaxed business casual the other days. Basically, I can wear jeans two days out of the week. That isn't huge for me since I don't wear jeans all that often but it's nice to have options. I find a dress much more comfortable 85% of the time anyway. 

I wore this striped dress and cardigan combo on one of the "business casual" days. This dress was a clearance find at H&M in December but it hasn't been on the blog yet. It's super versatile but I enjoyed styling it with only one touch of color from my cobalt blue flats. I think my new cat eye glasses kind of made this outfit though. 

Black and White Striped Dress, Black Cardigan, and Cat Eye Glasses
Black Cat Eye Glasses with Bright Red Hair
Striped A-line Dress with a Black Cardigan and Cobalt Blue Flats

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing outfits I wear an entire workday? I feel like they're basically outfits I'd wear even if I wasn't working but it's interesting to see what people wear for different occasions. I know I enjoy seeing a variety of looks from bloggers I follow!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you! Have a happy Monday!


Keit said...

Definitely would love to see more work outfits! It's awesome you don't have a strict work clothes code, most companies here are so stuck up you can't wear anything that is slightly different than pants and shirt, blah!

I am Emilia said...



Panty Buns said...

Cute work outfit! I love your facial expression mugging for the camera in the second-to-last photo. You must have a fabulous personality. Your lipstick and winged eyeliner look very pretty.


Crissy said...

That's so cool you get to wear your normal clothes! I LOVE that striped dress. You look super pretty! :D I'll be interested in seeing more workday outfits.

Cara E said...

You look so cute! love the dress and your hair is a gorgeous shade!

Love CompassionateLee said...

Classic look! I love the accent of the cobalt flats.

Happy Monday, Jamie :)

Laura Whitman said...

This is adorable! I love the simplicity and the pop of the blue shoes! I hope that you are enjoying your new job!


Taylor Hart said...

Stripes forever! Yay! I love this dress and it fits your perfectly. I am interested to see what people wear to work on a day to day basis. I myself dress like a bum with no makeup and my hair still wet from the shower. Ha! At least I shower right?! I love those blue shoes with the whole mix too!

Sammy Scott said...

Fab work outfit :)
Loving the stripes!

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