May 31, 2015

Work Outfit: Black Pleated Skirt, Floral Print Blouse, and Mary Jane Heels

Work Outfit: Floral Print Button Down, Black Pleated Skirt, and Mary Jane Heels
top: h&m | skirt: thrifted | shoes: croft & barrow - kohl's?

I'm back! There was an unexpected blog hiatus for about a week because we had some issues getting internet in the new apartment. Everything finally worked out this past weekend though. Now I can return to the land of the internet and it's pretty glorious. We were getting internet desperate around here last week!

Anyway, I'm catching up here and showing you a work outfit from about a month ago. (How was this that long ago already?) Classic pieces like this always combine to create a solid outfit. I should wear this thrifted pleated skirt more often. It's kind of the perfect length for work and not too heavy during these hot months. I enjoyed the way it looked with my relatively new floral H&M top. Dark florals are fantastic because they're appropriate for any time of the year! Unfortunately this top may have to be put away for a few months because black and long sleeves aren't the best idea for summer in Georgia. 

Bright Red Hair, Floral Print Top, and Pleated Skirt
Black Floral Print Long Sleeved Top and a Black Pleated Skirt
Black Pleated Thrifted Skirt, Red Hair, and a Dark Floral Blouse

As you may have guessed, I've moved into Atlanta! It went pretty smoothly and we're slowly getting things all settled around here. The commute sure is a lot better so I'm loving that. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine once everything's unpacked and exploring the area some more. It should be an interesting summer!

Have a fantastic start to your week!

May 22, 2015

Outfit: Food Pop Art Novelty Print Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Black Sandals

Hamburger, Hotdog, and Milkshake Pop Art Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Black Sandals

I bought this amazingly fun Good Enough to Eat dress from Modcloth a while back but had to wait to wear it because the sleeves had to be taken up! I'm kind of in love with it. For its debut I wore it while apartment hunting in Atlanta. Of course I ended up a little sunburned from walking around in the sun. Except my face because my lotion has sunscreen in it! (Small victories.)

Anyway, I kept it simple with a purple cardigan - that you may have seen a couple posts ago in a work outfit - and my comfy black fisherman sandal-like heels. I want to wear this dress again as soon as I can but I haven't yet figured out if I can get away with it at work. Maybe on a casual day...

Pop Art Hamburger and Hotdog Print Dress and Purple Cardigan
Close Up Good Enough to Eat Dress from Modcloth
Purple Cardigan, Colorful Novelty Print Dress, and Black Sandals
good enough to eat dress: modcloth | cardigan: forever 21 | sandals: korks - shoe carnival

I found this graffiti covered underpass surrounding a part of the Atlanta BeltLine and knew it'd be a perfect background for this dress. Matt kindly snapped a couple pictures while people walked along, enjoying the sunny day.

Novelty Print Pop Art Dress from Modcloth with a Purple Cardigan

This weekend is moving weekend so I'll be pretty busy doing that! I'm hoping after we're settled in I'll have some extra time for fun things and blog stuff. My commute sure will be fantastic since I'll be able to walk to work instead of sitting in traffic for 2.5+ hours each day! I'm pretty pumped about getting those hours back.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and great Memorial Day!

May 18, 2015

Outfit: White Polka Dot Top, Red Neoprene Skater Skirt, and Cat Eye Glasses

Polka Dot Button Down Crop Top, Red Pleated Skater Skirt, and Black & White Shoes

Happy Monday everyone! This outfit was a fun weekend look from a couple weeks ago. Matt and I hung out on the porch for a little while, enjoying the relatively mild warmth before Georgia turns into a fiery inferno. I miss wearing my short skater skirts during the work week so I've been taking advantage of them on the weekends. (I think I'd be able to wear some of them in the cool months with tights though! Looking forward to that.) This red skirt is so much fun and I couldn't believe I hadn't worn it with my polka dot button-down from H&M yet. Black, white, and red is always a good color combination in my book so I loved how this outfit turned out!

Red Skater Skirt and Polka Dot Top
White Polka Dot Blouse, Red Neoprene Pleated Skirt, Cat Eye Glasses
Two Toned Black and White Steve Madden Shoes
Polka Dot Button Down Shirt, Red Skater Skirt, and Cat Eye Glasses
top: h&m | skirt: sheinside | shoes: steve madden - shoe carnival |  headband: forever 21 | glasses: zenni optical

I hope you all have a wonderful week to look forward to. I get to go to a digital marketing conference a couple days this week which will mix up my work day a bit. Then I'll be preparing for the move into the city! I get to inspect the apartment and everything this week. Things are happening! I'll be happy when the actual physical moving is over though.

Have a great start to your week!

May 15, 2015

Work Outfit: Checkered Top, Classic Pencil Skirt, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Heels

Work Style: Black Pencil Skirt, Checkerboard Blouse, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Heels
skirt: new york and company | top: boohoo | cardigan: forever 21 | shoes: christian siriano - payless | glasses: zenni optical

Happy Friday! It's time for another work outfit to feast your eyes upon! I wore this a few weeks back during a client meeting and for the rest of the day. I've had this black pencil skirt in my closet but hardly wore it because it was a potential interview piece. I styled it with my checkerboard print top , silver shoes, and a purple cardigan. 

It's definitely easy to incorporate pieces from your regular wardrobe into a work outfit when you have basic pieces. (Though I'm not the best at investing in staple pieces. Colorful or patterned clothes always interest me so much more!) Throwing your normal clothes into your work clothes rotation just makes your work wardrobe more "you." I'm not giving up colors or patterns or my bright hair! 

Checkered Bow Blouse, Purple Cardigan, and Cat Eye Glasses
Checkerboard Print Top with a Bow
Black New York & Co. Pencil Skirt,Violet Cardigan, and Checkered Blouse
Work Outfit: Purple Cardigan, Checkerboard Print Top, Black Pencil Skirt, and Silver Heels

How has your week been? I've been busy with work and am looking forward to some sleep this weekend. We'll be doing plenty of errands to get ready for our move downtown next week too! Maybe I'll relax after that's all over! 

Sorry for the brief post but I'm nearly falling asleep trying to get this post up. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of your blogs and lives soon!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead! 

May 11, 2015

Outfit: Hot Pink Lace Dress, Floral Print Cardigan, and Nude Heels

Spring Outfit: Pink Lace Dress, Floral Print Cardigan, and Tan Heels
dress: ross | cardigan: old navy | shoes: x-appeal - rack room shoes | belt: thrifted | hair clip: forever 21

Happy Monday everyone! I'm a bit backlogged with my pictures so today's post is what I wore on Easter. I figured a bright pink dress and floral cardigan were a good choice for the spring holiday. I picked up this dress for under $20 at Ross a little bit ago because I figured it'd be a great work dress. Plus I don't have a lot of pink pieces in my wardrobe which is a shame because I really like wearing pink! (Though I really like wearing pretty much any color...)

Anyway, I paired my new dress with a thrifted woven belt, my surprisingly comfortable nude peep toe heels, and a floral cardigan I bought right before I started college. I like how pretty much everything matches in this look. Sometimes I want to mismatch and other times I want everything to go together. It just depends on my mood!

Pink Lace Dress Detailing with a Floral Cardigan
Bright Pink Lace A-Line Dress with a Tan Floral Print Cardigan
Magenta Floral Hair Clip in Red Hair and a Pink Lace Dress
Nude Peeptoe Sandal Heels, Pink Dress
Pink Flower Hair Clip, Floral Cardigan, and Pink Lace Dress
Hot Pink Lace Dress with a floral cardigan and nude heels

So what do you think of my new pink dress? How would you style it? I need some more ideas so I can remix it for work a few times! I think it was a perfect choice for Easter dinner though!

Did you have a good weekend? I spent mine celebrating my little sister's graduation from college and then spending the day with my mom on Sunday for Mother's Day. I feel like I didn't get a whole ton done and the next couple weeks will be incredibly busy, but it was a good weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

May 7, 2015

Outfit: Tree Branch Statement Necklace, Green Scallop Hem Shorts, and a Light Blue Textured Top

Pastel Blue Top and Scalloped Shorts with White Sandals

Be prepared for a very spring-y outfit ahead! First I'm going to tell you all about this fantastic tree branch necklace the kind people at Happiness Boutique sent me. They contacted me to pick out a statement necklace to style, so of course I picked the most unique one I saw: this pearl detailed tree branch necklace. (Unfortunately they've sold out of this one, but there's a pair of matching earrings.) 

Happiness Boutique is based in Germany and curates trendy yet classic pieces. They have an awesome selection of necklaces and earrings at affordable prices and with free international shipping. It was fun looking through their pieces because I could imagine easily styling so many of them. Plus the store's theme around positivity and happiness is incredibly cute. Check them out next time you need an exciting piece of jewelry that won't break the bank! (They have a reward program too for those of you who buy a lot of jewelry!)

Happiness Boutique Peal and Tree Branch Statement Necklace Detailing
Blue Textured Top, Tree Branch Necklace, and Green Shorts

I wore this super pastel outfit on a day trip out to Milledgeville, GA with Matt. We wandered around the college down there and took some pictures. These shorts are a favorite of mine but they wrinkle so easily - as I'm sure you can tell. I've also had this shirt for a long while now and it's never been on the blog. It's one of those pieces I bought thinking it'd go with everything and reality never lived up to that expectation. I really loved how it looked against my new necklace though! 

Pastel Green Scalloped Shorts, Blue Top, and White Sandals
top, shorts: forever 21 | pearl tree branch necklace: c/o happiness boutique | shoes: boohoo

Green Shorts, Blue Shirt, and Red Hair
Tree Branch Necklace, Light Blue Textured Top, and Scallop Hem Shorts
Pearl Detail Bronze Tree Branch Necklace

So have you guys been having a good week so far? I've been working hard and am looking forward to the weekend. It's my sister's graduation from college this Friday too so I'll be heading out to Athens for the big UGA graduation directly from work. There's just a lot going on lately. It's such a departure from the past 6 months or so. Things are happening and it's scary but exciting. 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! Happy Thursday!

May 4, 2015

Outfit: Petite Dark Wash Bell Bottoms, Blue Striped Shirt, and Yellow Wedges

High Waisted Flare Jeans, Yellow Wedges, and a Blue Striped Shirt

Behold! I found a pair of bell bottoms for short women and they came from Old Navy! If you're short, you know how difficult it is to find properly fitting jeans outside of the straight leg or skinny styles. Skinny jeans and straight jeans can be hemmed and they'll generally look fine. With flares, you end up chopping off most of the flared part of the denim. Not only that, but the flare itself starts so far down on your leg it looks ridiculous. Needless to say, it was a journey trying to find bell bottoms made with a short inseam without having to spend over $150. 

Dark Wash High Waist Bell Bottom Jeans from Old Navy and Yellow Wedges
Retro Nautical Anchor Necklace and a Striped Shirt

At a recent mall trip I noticed Old Navy had high waisted bell bottoms so I tried them on even though I knew they'd be way too long on me. My local Old Navy stores don't carry petite sizes so I had to cross my fingers and guess at a size to order online. The high-rise rockstar flare-leg jeans ended up fitting wonderfully with a pair of tall wedges. Unfortunately they don't carry the medium-wash pair I tried on in the store in the petite inseam but I really love this dark wash too. 

If you get a pair, please remember to wash them a few times before wearing because whatever dye they use just seeps out of the denim. (It sucks, but it's worth it for a pair of affordable - $28 right now - petite jeans!) I recommend checking out Old Navy's denim selection if you're on the hunt for some bell bottoms (or any style of jean) and you're under 5'3"!

Blue and White Striped Shirt with a Collar and Nautical Necklace
Dark Wash Petite Bell Bottom Jeans, Yellow Wedge Heels, and Blue Striped Collared Blouse
high-rise rockstar flare jeans: old navy | shirt: modcloth | wedges: target | necklace: from grandma | glasses: zenni optical

In other news, the glasses I wore here are broken now. I've since replaced them with my fun cat eye glasses and another pair, but I still kind of miss these ones!

In even bigger news, I found an apartment with Matt and we're moving into the city at the end of the month. I'm excited and scared, but it should be a good change. We're really looking forward to living together again and being downtown with all kinds of fun things to do nearby. So you can look forward to seeing some new adventures in the near future! Until then, keep up with my life on Instagram and right here on the blog!

Happy Monday!

May 1, 2015

Work Outfit: Nautical Striped Shift Dress with Bronze Sandals and Cat Eye Glasses

Sleeveless Navy and Red Shift Dress with Bronze Sandals and Black Cat Eye Glasses

I found this little shift dress at Ross a month ago for about $26. It was a fantastic find because it's actually a petite size which means the pocket detailing is near my waist instead of down on my thighs. I didn't have a dress like this in my collection and I figured it'd be a good piece to quickly throw on for work, so it came home with me!

These pictures are from my second week at my new job (which I can't believe was weeks ago now). I played up the nautical feel of the dress with bronze and gold accessories. You might notice I'm wearing my cat eye glasses yet again. You'll be seeing glasses in a lot of upcoming pictures because I was wearing them for a month or so! I think they look good with this outfit though and I've learned to embrace glasses more than I ever thought I would. (If you were wondering, my eye is feeling much better lately but I'm babying it for now with contacts about every other day instead of daily.)

Navy and Red Striped Sleeveless Shift Dress with Cat Eye Glasses
Pocket Detailing on a Red and Navy Shift Dress
Nautical Striped Shift Dress with Bronze Fisherman Sandal Heels and Cat Eye Glasses
dress: ross | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | necklace: great grandma's | glasses: zenni optical 

I hope you're looking at a fantastic weekend ahead of you! I actually have plans to go apartment hunt but maybe there'll be a little bit of time to relax too? I sure hope so. Have a great Friday!

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