May 22, 2015

Outfit: Food Pop Art Novelty Print Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Black Sandals

Hamburger, Hotdog, and Milkshake Pop Art Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Black Sandals

I bought this amazingly fun Good Enough to Eat dress from Modcloth a while back but had to wait to wear it because the sleeves had to be taken up! I'm kind of in love with it. For its debut I wore it while apartment hunting in Atlanta. Of course I ended up a little sunburned from walking around in the sun. Except my face because my lotion has sunscreen in it! (Small victories.)

Anyway, I kept it simple with a purple cardigan - that you may have seen a couple posts ago in a work outfit - and my comfy black fisherman sandal-like heels. I want to wear this dress again as soon as I can but I haven't yet figured out if I can get away with it at work. Maybe on a casual day...

Pop Art Hamburger and Hotdog Print Dress and Purple Cardigan
Close Up Good Enough to Eat Dress from Modcloth
Purple Cardigan, Colorful Novelty Print Dress, and Black Sandals
good enough to eat dress: modcloth | cardigan: forever 21 | sandals: korks - shoe carnival

I found this graffiti covered underpass surrounding a part of the Atlanta BeltLine and knew it'd be a perfect background for this dress. Matt kindly snapped a couple pictures while people walked along, enjoying the sunny day.

Novelty Print Pop Art Dress from Modcloth with a Purple Cardigan

This weekend is moving weekend so I'll be pretty busy doing that! I'm hoping after we're settled in I'll have some extra time for fun things and blog stuff. My commute sure will be fantastic since I'll be able to walk to work instead of sitting in traffic for 2.5+ hours each day! I'm pretty pumped about getting those hours back.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and great Memorial Day!


Adi said...

The background couldn't be more perfect! The mutual colors definitely help the dress stand out.

Vegetarian Courtesy

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

you look so lovely and vibrant in this dress!

Pauline MoiNonPlus said...

Very Beautiful look :) !


Mindi Wooley said...

I've been eyeballing that dress for such a long time-it looks ADORABLE on you!

Jessica Gonzalez said...

I think that you'd make a big splash with this dress on a casual day at work!! I absolutely love your outfit--it's so much fun, so you!!


Imogen said...

This has to be the most fun dress ever!

Keit said...

Whoa, so many hours of just work commuting? Seriously? You are one bad ass, so happy you'll be closer to work now. We got our new apartment for exactly that reason, the boyfriend is 3 minutes away from work, which is a bliss! He comes home for lunch too ^_^
Really loving this dress, everything that has food painted on it is a top 10 for me! ^_^
Love the cardi mixed in like that as well!

Taylor Hart said...

Well, this is a really cute look for you! It fits you very nicely as well! I think I pretty much love bright pops of color on you because your hair is so colorful as well! I love the graffiti backdrop too! Real cute girl!

Serli N. said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love the combination of all the colors, and your purple cardigan contrasts perfectly with it. Also, how perfect is that graffiti background?! Your commute sounds a lot like mine. I live in northern Los Angeles and have to commute INTO the heart of the city for work. Round trip, usually takes 2.5-3 hours, so I feel your pain! I'm glad you'll get to walk into work soon. What a wonderful change that's going to be :). Good luck with the move!

xo, Serli

Sammy Scott said...

A huge WOW to that dress! Love it so much :)

Midwest Muse said...

This dress is perfect! The bright colors really suit your hair!

Amanda said...

So So cute! ^.^ I am 4'11 too, so I love finding other short girl style blogs, it's like a little club!
You are so adorable and I love your hair!!

Amanda said...

So So cute! ^.^ I am 4'11 too, so I love finding other short girl style blogs, it's like a little club!
You are so adorable and I love your hair!!

Elizabeth Murdock said...

Your dress is so vibrant and cool. x

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