May 4, 2015

Outfit: Petite Dark Wash Bell Bottoms, Blue Striped Shirt, and Yellow Wedges

High Waisted Flare Jeans, Yellow Wedges, and a Blue Striped Shirt

Behold! I found a pair of bell bottoms for short women and they came from Old Navy! If you're short, you know how difficult it is to find properly fitting jeans outside of the straight leg or skinny styles. Skinny jeans and straight jeans can be hemmed and they'll generally look fine. With flares, you end up chopping off most of the flared part of the denim. Not only that, but the flare itself starts so far down on your leg it looks ridiculous. Needless to say, it was a journey trying to find bell bottoms made with a short inseam without having to spend over $150. 

Dark Wash High Waist Bell Bottom Jeans from Old Navy and Yellow Wedges
Retro Nautical Anchor Necklace and a Striped Shirt

At a recent mall trip I noticed Old Navy had high waisted bell bottoms so I tried them on even though I knew they'd be way too long on me. My local Old Navy stores don't carry petite sizes so I had to cross my fingers and guess at a size to order online. The high-rise rockstar flare-leg jeans ended up fitting wonderfully with a pair of tall wedges. Unfortunately they don't carry the medium-wash pair I tried on in the store in the petite inseam but I really love this dark wash too. 

If you get a pair, please remember to wash them a few times before wearing because whatever dye they use just seeps out of the denim. (It sucks, but it's worth it for a pair of affordable - $28 right now - petite jeans!) I recommend checking out Old Navy's denim selection if you're on the hunt for some bell bottoms (or any style of jean) and you're under 5'3"!

Blue and White Striped Shirt with a Collar and Nautical Necklace
Dark Wash Petite Bell Bottom Jeans, Yellow Wedge Heels, and Blue Striped Collared Blouse
high-rise rockstar flare jeans: old navy | shirt: modcloth | wedges: target | necklace: from grandma | glasses: zenni optical

In other news, the glasses I wore here are broken now. I've since replaced them with my fun cat eye glasses and another pair, but I still kind of miss these ones!

In even bigger news, I found an apartment with Matt and we're moving into the city at the end of the month. I'm excited and scared, but it should be a good change. We're really looking forward to living together again and being downtown with all kinds of fun things to do nearby. So you can look forward to seeing some new adventures in the near future! Until then, keep up with my life on Instagram and right here on the blog!

Happy Monday!


Keit said...

Yaaay so happy for the new apartment! Although moving out sucks, especially if you have tons of crap like I did :D
I love these flare jeans, absolutely understand your pain with short people's problems :D You can always try to wear them with a gigantic heel, but where's the fun in that!
I'm glad you found this pair because you look lovely in them!

Annebeth said...

they really do look great on you! good luck with the big move :-)

Elizabeth Rose Hisle said...

These jeans look so good on you! Good luck with your move. A new chapter in life is always exciting.

jess said...

Those jeans do look really good. I've never tried the jeans from Old Navy. Good luck on your move.

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