May 7, 2015

Outfit: Tree Branch Statement Necklace, Green Scallop Hem Shorts, and a Light Blue Textured Top

Pastel Blue Top and Scalloped Shorts with White Sandals

Be prepared for a very spring-y outfit ahead! First I'm going to tell you all about this fantastic tree branch necklace the kind people at Happiness Boutique sent me. They contacted me to pick out a statement necklace to style, so of course I picked the most unique one I saw: this pearl detailed tree branch necklace. (Unfortunately they've sold out of this one, but there's a pair of matching earrings.) 

Happiness Boutique is based in Germany and curates trendy yet classic pieces. They have an awesome selection of necklaces and earrings at affordable prices and with free international shipping. It was fun looking through their pieces because I could imagine easily styling so many of them. Plus the store's theme around positivity and happiness is incredibly cute. Check them out next time you need an exciting piece of jewelry that won't break the bank! (They have a reward program too for those of you who buy a lot of jewelry!)

Happiness Boutique Peal and Tree Branch Statement Necklace Detailing
Blue Textured Top, Tree Branch Necklace, and Green Shorts

I wore this super pastel outfit on a day trip out to Milledgeville, GA with Matt. We wandered around the college down there and took some pictures. These shorts are a favorite of mine but they wrinkle so easily - as I'm sure you can tell. I've also had this shirt for a long while now and it's never been on the blog. It's one of those pieces I bought thinking it'd go with everything and reality never lived up to that expectation. I really loved how it looked against my new necklace though! 

Pastel Green Scalloped Shorts, Blue Top, and White Sandals
top, shorts: forever 21 | pearl tree branch necklace: c/o happiness boutique | shoes: boohoo

Green Shorts, Blue Shirt, and Red Hair
Tree Branch Necklace, Light Blue Textured Top, and Scallop Hem Shorts
Pearl Detail Bronze Tree Branch Necklace

So have you guys been having a good week so far? I've been working hard and am looking forward to the weekend. It's my sister's graduation from college this Friday too so I'll be heading out to Athens for the big UGA graduation directly from work. There's just a lot going on lately. It's such a departure from the past 6 months or so. Things are happening and it's scary but exciting. 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! Happy Thursday!


Charlotte Ellis said...

Those shorts are absolutely adorable. The necklace is very you too :)

Taylor Hart said...

OMG! Those shorts... I love them! You are too cute and I can't wait to see more springy outfits! Yay!

I am Emilia said...

cool - obserwuje i licze na to samo

Alexandra Marie said...

Your shorts are beautiful! Alex

Frannie Pantz said...

I totally fell in love with this necklace when I saw it on IG. This whole springy outfit is so fun! I love the shorts!

Imogen said...

Such a beautiful necklace. I love the combination of blue and green and the scalloped design is super amazing.

Anna Martin said...

Radness. These colors are SO close to something I was thinking about putting together and wearing in a couple of weeks. I *just* love mint and powder blue. You look super cute!

- Anna

Miranda said...

I absolutely love this whole look. That necklace is so gorgeous!

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