May 31, 2015

Work Outfit: Black Pleated Skirt, Floral Print Blouse, and Mary Jane Heels

Work Outfit: Floral Print Button Down, Black Pleated Skirt, and Mary Jane Heels
top: h&m | skirt: thrifted | shoes: croft & barrow - kohl's?

I'm back! There was an unexpected blog hiatus for about a week because we had some issues getting internet in the new apartment. Everything finally worked out this past weekend though. Now I can return to the land of the internet and it's pretty glorious. We were getting internet desperate around here last week!

Anyway, I'm catching up here and showing you a work outfit from about a month ago. (How was this that long ago already?) Classic pieces like this always combine to create a solid outfit. I should wear this thrifted pleated skirt more often. It's kind of the perfect length for work and not too heavy during these hot months. I enjoyed the way it looked with my relatively new floral H&M top. Dark florals are fantastic because they're appropriate for any time of the year! Unfortunately this top may have to be put away for a few months because black and long sleeves aren't the best idea for summer in Georgia. 

Bright Red Hair, Floral Print Top, and Pleated Skirt
Black Floral Print Long Sleeved Top and a Black Pleated Skirt
Black Pleated Thrifted Skirt, Red Hair, and a Dark Floral Blouse

As you may have guessed, I've moved into Atlanta! It went pretty smoothly and we're slowly getting things all settled around here. The commute sure is a lot better so I'm loving that. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine once everything's unpacked and exploring the area some more. It should be an interesting summer!

Have a fantastic start to your week!


Anna said...

Cute! Too true - dark florals are fantastic! :-)

Keit said...

Wow, you guys are fast, our moving out was such a pain in the ass :D Ah yes, the internet issue, painful too :D
Love dark florals too, there's something mysterious about them! Can't wait to hear your impressions of Atlanta. Is it your first time going there?

Panty Buns said...

The floral print on your H+M blouse and your hair both look very pretty, and I have always loved the look of pleated skirts. Your business OOTD looks lovely! Best wishes as you get settled in there in Atlanta, for the remaining weeks of Spring, and for the upcoming summer!

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