May 1, 2015

Work Outfit: Nautical Striped Shift Dress with Bronze Sandals and Cat Eye Glasses

Sleeveless Navy and Red Shift Dress with Bronze Sandals and Black Cat Eye Glasses

I found this little shift dress at Ross a month ago for about $26. It was a fantastic find because it's actually a petite size which means the pocket detailing is near my waist instead of down on my thighs. I didn't have a dress like this in my collection and I figured it'd be a good piece to quickly throw on for work, so it came home with me!

These pictures are from my second week at my new job (which I can't believe was weeks ago now). I played up the nautical feel of the dress with bronze and gold accessories. You might notice I'm wearing my cat eye glasses yet again. You'll be seeing glasses in a lot of upcoming pictures because I was wearing them for a month or so! I think they look good with this outfit though and I've learned to embrace glasses more than I ever thought I would. (If you were wondering, my eye is feeling much better lately but I'm babying it for now with contacts about every other day instead of daily.)

Navy and Red Striped Sleeveless Shift Dress with Cat Eye Glasses
Pocket Detailing on a Red and Navy Shift Dress
Nautical Striped Shift Dress with Bronze Fisherman Sandal Heels and Cat Eye Glasses
dress: ross | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | necklace: great grandma's | glasses: zenni optical 

I hope you're looking at a fantastic weekend ahead of you! I actually have plans to go apartment hunt but maybe there'll be a little bit of time to relax too? I sure hope so. Have a great Friday!


Frannie Pantz said...

This dress is so cute on you and a great fit! Gotta love a striped dress!

Amy said...

Glasses suit you and your style swimmingly! I would never look as sweet as you in glasses ~ so far, I haven't needed them. Fingers crossed it stays that way for me. I worry most that I would fall asleep on the couch wearing them or forget to put them in a safe spot. I am so bad at keeping things in the right places :'(

Absolutely love your shoes too!

Love, Amy

Lyndsey said...

That dress looks great on you!! I love Ross. They have the most amazing everything.. haha. Those glasses also look sophisticated and cute! I'd say keep wearing them <3

Lyndsey of Dressed In Mascara

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