June 26, 2015

Outfit: Green Top with Sheer Floral Detail, Black Floral Shorts, and Yellow Wedges

Green Top with Ruffle Sleeves and Floral Neckline, Black Patterned Shorts, and Yellow Wedge Sandals

Happy Friday everyone! I really like how these pictures turned out from our trip out to Andalusia Farm last month, so I'm excited to share them with you. Matt's becoming pretty handy with my camera when we're out and about. I set the settings and he clicks. It's a great partnership.

I'm also a fan of this outfit - which I guess makes sense since I wore it. The mix of vibrant yellow and green looks perfect against both the green backdrops and the wood of the old farm house. (The house in these pictures was apparently where the dairy family that worked on the farm lived.) I hadn't worn this green top in quite a while so I figured it was time to style it in a new way. I dug up this pair of black floral shorts I got from H&M clearance a long while back and added my bright yellow clearance wedges from Target. I guess I find a lot of things on clearance. 

This was one of those outfits I just kind of threw together last minute, but it turned out great. Even my accessories were thrown together but I think the yellow bow that matches my shoes and my Jord wood watch are perfect accessories for a day outside in humid hot Georgia.

Andalusia Farm in Georgia - Dairy Worker House
Yellow Wedge Sandals, Jord Wood Watch and Patterned Shorts
Floral Print H&M Shorts, Yellow Wedges, and a Green Shirt with Sheer Floral Neckline
top: sheinside | shorts: h&m | sunglasses: sam's club | wedges: target | watch: c/o jord | bow: forever 21

Girly Ruffle Sleeve Shirt with Patterned Flippy Shorts
Andalusia Farm in front of the Cow Barn

I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you. There are a few events going on here in Atlanta on Saturday so we might check some of them out. I'm also looking forward to getting some sleep because for whatever reason I've been extra sleepy this week. What are you doing this weekend?

Have a happy happy Friday!


Keit said...

Sometimes I throw together an outfit quick and it looks ten times better then an outfit I spend hours of thinking on :D So weird!
I love this ensemble, the detailing on the top makes it so unique and fun to play around with. Yay for Matt, the guy deserves a beer, those are some good photos! :D

Taylor Hart said...

I love that green top with the little ruffle sleeves. The whole look is really cute and those yellow wedges are pretty much amazing. Cute little Farm photo shoot too!

Crissy said...

This is such a cute outfit you put together! I like the way you mix colors.. I wouldn't know what to do lol

Colleen said...

I love the combo of green and yellow. I hope you had a great weekend!


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