June 8, 2015

Work Outfit: Blue Lace Romper with White Pointed Flats and a Blazer

Black Blazer, Blue Lace Romper, and White Pointed Shoes for Work

Happy Monday! I wore this new blue lace romper to work a little while back and I figured it's about time I showed you guys. It's a comfortable lace material and has a zipper down the back so it's a convenient kind of romper! Have you ever tried to get out of one that has buttons in the back? No thanks. I paired it with a classic black blazer and a pair of white pointed flats I got on clearance on Forever 21's website. 

This is the outfit I wore when I got my headshots done for work. I figured the cobalt blue shade would compliment my hair and eyes for picture day! I don't think anybody can go wrong with a color like this though. It looks great on everyone. 

Short Sleeved Blue Lace Playsuit with a Silver Necklace and White Bow Flats
Cobalt Blue Lace with a Silver Beaded Stella & Dot Necklace
Bright Red Hair, Blue Lace Romper, and Silver Beaded Necklace
Work Outfit: Black Blazer over a Cobalt Blue Romper and White Pointed Flats
blazer & romper: new york & company | shoes: forever 21 | necklace: stella & dot

So have you ever worn a romper to work? This one is long enough and loose enough that I think it's appropriate for a business casual environment. Everyone at work thought it was a dress most of the day anyway! 

Did you have a good weekend? We celebrated Jeanie graduating from college with tons of delicious food and beverages on Saturday. I spent most of Sunday shopping for apartment things and then took a brief trip to Goodwill where I found a white 80s does 50s dress that I can't wait to wear once I give it a wash. It had been way too long since I went thrifting and I was super happy I got the dress for just $3.50!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


karlozman said...

Hi dear, beautiful lace romper,
the fifth photo my fav,
I included to you in my last post,
Sorry belated notice, I hope you like...
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Ali Hval said...

Happy Monday! Congrats to Jeanie graduating! I feel her there because I just did a month ago myself. We're all growing up, hahaha! I hope you've been good lately--been stalking you around on Instagram but haven't posted anything yet myself until today finally. I'm back in the blogosphere and can't wait to get all caught up with you and your life! Hope you've ben good! <33 You are just a doll as always.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I agree about this color on you (and everyone in general). I love this color with red hair, though. How great that you found a work-appropriate romper! AND it has a zipper! Ugh, I have a romper that has buttons in the back and I have yet to wear it. I don't know what I was thinking...

Imogen said...

I haven't worn one to work but I definitely would if I had this beautiful lace piece. It is so gorgeous. I feel lucky that I can wear any of my usual outfits to work.

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