June 19, 2015

Work Outfit: Silver Top, Handmade Red Floral Skirt, and Silver Sandals

Work Outfit: Silver Shirt, Red Floral Pleated Skirt, Cat Eye Glasses, and Silver Sandals

There's something about mixing cool and warm tones that's unexpected and interesting. I enjoy doing it with my makeup, but I decided to try it with my clothes this time! This silver shirt was originally bought as part of an interview outfit but it's versatile enough to wear any time. I paired it with a handmade pleated skirt speckled with orange-y red floral. 

Warm Toned Floral Print Pleated Skirt with a Silver Button Down Top
Red hair, cat eye glasses, and a silver blouse
Handmade red and orange floral skirt with a silver blouse and silver sandals

These pictures were taken around my new apartment. I'm still trying to figure out some go-to places to take pictures where there aren't ten thousand people staring. It's very awkward taking outfit pictures with a ton of people around, but I'm in the city now so I guess I'll have to get used to it! It's been crappy outside pretty much every other day since I moved too, so there have been even fewer days I could take pictures. I'll get my crap together soon and figure everything out.

I hope you have an absolutely fantastic weekend. I'm definitely excited it's Friday!


Adi said...

Your work outfits are everything I'd ever want in a wardrobe.<33
And I hear ya' on taking photos in front of many people; it's even more awkward when it's video! Hahah This scenery is very beautiful though. :)

Vegetarian Courtesy

Charlotte Ellis said...

That skirt is so pretty. Did you make it yourself?


Frannie Pantz said...

Finding new places to take photos is so much fun! I love this combo. Great skirt!

Crissy said...

So cute! I love the location :D I'm a little nervous since I'm moving to an apartment soon and really don't want to do public OOTD pictures! haha .

Ali Hval said...

Pretty sure you're the cutest dressed at your work. It's hard to find places without so many people! Wuuuugh! People everywhere! Hahah. I'm sure you'll scout out some new locations. Best of luck! <3

Imaginary Confetti Club said...

I just found your blog and I love it!! You are so cute!

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