July 30, 2015

Outfit: Elephant Graphic Tank Top, Dotted Denim Skirt, Silver Sandals, & Red Sunglasses

I'm just now getting to pictures from Fourth of July weekend but I'm really excited to share them! It's nice to have something different to show you. Matt and I took a short trip down to the very southernmost coast of Georgia to a town called St. Mary's and bopped around for about a day total. These photos were taken the first evening on the shore near its little downtown area. 

This is what I wore in the car for hours so it had to be a super comfy outfit but still cute enough to wear around all day. I went with my new elephant graphic tank top I got at the Mother Mother concert and a light denim polka dot skirt. I wore my trusty silver sandals the entire trip - even on Cumberland Island - and they may have gotten a little dirty and gross. I still need to deep clean them somehow but I think they've definitely seen better days and there's no turning back. That's disappointing because they're probably the most comfortable sandals I own! Do you ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself those shoes are super comfortable and you should buy 3 backups? It can't be just me. 

top: mother mother concert tee | skirt: target kids' section | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | bag: pepa loves | sunglasses: kohl's

What do you wear when you're traveling? I used to throw on clothes that were practically pajamas when I was in the car a long time but now I gravitate toward super soft cotton dresses. (Actually, if I'm heading home from a destination sometimes I'll wear sweats because I'm sleeping most of the time anyway!)  Outfits like this one work for car rides under 6 hours but anything above that requires even comfier attire. Sitting in a car for hours is uncomfortable enough without adding belts around your waist or less-than-baby-soft materials!

Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to an even better weekend!

July 24, 2015

Outfit: Strapless Polka Dot Romper, White Sandals, Aviators, and a Summer Hat

Summer Outfit: Strapless Polka Dot Romper with a Peplum, White Sandals, Straw Hat, and Aviator Sunglasses

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy it's Friday. This is one of my weekend outfits from a couple weeks ago when Matt and I wandered around the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival. There were tons of booths set up with original local art. We ate some spicy and delicious Indian food from a food truck and tried sweet corn ice cream (which was delightfully different). The festival was at Old Fourth Ward Park just a short walk from our apartment so it was definitely a nice location to take pictures. 

This polka dot romper was a purchase from Boohoo.com last year but it needed to be taken in a little so it was hardly worn. I've shown it on the blog before with a cardigan but now that it's fixed I can wear it on its own! (Fun fail fact: I got sunburned wearing this. Too much pasty skin showing and a couple missed spots with the sunscreen.) 

I may have over-accessorized this a bit but I liked it! The sunglasses are my only pair of aviators so I like to wear them once in a while to switch it up from my usual wayfarers. They were on clearance at Delia's years ago. The bracelet is a Great Grandma piece and the bag was an old old c/o from Pepa Loves. This hat is one of my favorites from H&M. Every time I take pictures in it I wonder why I so often forget to add hats to my ensembles!

Polka Dot Peplum Romper, Straw Hat, Aviators, and Bright Red Hair
Wearing a Strapless Boohoo Romper with Aviators and a Tan Straw Hat
Navy Blue Sweetheart Neckline Playsuit with White Sandals and a Straw Hat
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Dotted Romper with White Flat Sandals and a Summer Hat
Blue Polka Dot Peplum Romper with a H&M Hat, Aviator Sunglasses, and White Sandals
romper, sandals - boohoo | bag: pepa loves | hat: h&m | bracelet: vintage | sunglasses: delia's

So do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I don't but you never know what might pop up. I always look forward to sleeping in. Maybe I'll have time to catch up on some of your blogs and go grocery shopping. I'm clearly living the exciting life over here! 

Happy Friday!

July 20, 2015

Outfit: Pinstriped Bow Neck Blouse, Navy Button Down Skirt, and Red Sandals

White Pinstriped Bow Neck Blouse, Navy Blue A-line Button Down Skirt, and Red Sandals

Hey look! My hair is in a ponytail. I've never been a ponytail kind of girl but I must admit I've been enjoying switching it up. It's nice having the option of putting it up when my hair isn't looking in tip top shape between washes. I do miss having my short hair though! It pretty much always looked good and was super fast to blow dry. Someday it'll get the chop again!

Now on to the clothes! This isn't labeled as a work outfit since it looks much more like my usual style, but I did wear it to work. The skirt is probably a bit too short for work but oh well. Fun fact: I've had this button down skirt from Forever 21 since 2010 and it's still going strong. This striped button down shirt is almost as old. Sometimes you just find great things that last and last from Forever 21. It's kind of like a thrift store in a way. There's tons of crap but you might find a gem. Or you might find something slightly crappy that you're still convinced you need.

Pinstriped, Pussybow, and Ruffled Blouse
Bow Neck Striped Top, Navy Blue Aline Button Down Skirt
shirt, skirt, earrings: forever 21 (many many years ago) | shoes: target

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty laid back but nice. We spent all of Saturday bumming around the apartment and did a little shopping yesterday. I bought the second volume of the Rat Queens comic with a gift card so I'm looking forward to breaking that open. I just got into reading comics a year or two ago so if you have any suggestions throw them at me. The disappointing thing is the library hardly carries any new comics or non superhero ones, though I'm not against superhero comics! Spider-man is da bomb.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great start to your week! Happy Monday!

July 17, 2015

Work Outfit: Navy Sailor Pants, Red Short Sleeved Cardigan, Floral Print Top, and Tan Tassel Loafers

Work Outfit: Navy Skinny Trousers with Sailor Buttons, Short Sleeved Red Cardigan, and a Floral Print Blouse

Happy happy Friday to you!
Do you suffer from freezing office when it's burning hot outside too? Well, my current office isn't as cold as school was or my previous office was, but it can still be chilly. Wearing trousers keeps my legs protected from the air conditioning so I'm glad I have a few pairs of cute ones. These sailor pants are light enough to keep me from having heat stroke on my walk to work but keep me warm in the office. Win win!

For this work outfit I added a floral print top to my skinny sailor trousers and threw on a short sleeved cardigan for extra color. I finally put some of those back-of-the-ankle cushions on my little tan loafers to keep them from tearing up my ankles too, so here they are! I'm excited to wear them more often now.

Light Tan Tassel Loafers
Red Short Sleeved Cardigan, Cream Colored Floral Top, and Blue Sailor Pants
Floral Print Blouse, Red Cardigan, and Sailor Button Pants
Navy Blue Skinny Sailor Trousers, Tan Loafers, Floral Print Shirt, and Red Cardigan
cardigan: ann taylor - thrifted | pants, top: forever 21 | loafers: xappeal - rack room shoes

I'm so happy it's the weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and not having any big plans. We'll see what happens though! What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun?

July 13, 2015

Style Myth Busting: Redheads CAN Wear Red

It's time for the old adage that redheads shouldn't wear red to be retired. You don't hear many people say you can't wear white after Labor Day anymore, after all. Whenever I hear young women repeat this, it makes me sad. You wouldn't tell people with black hair that they can't wear black or tell someone with fantastic pink hair that wearing pink would be just too much, would you?

Sure, you might not think you look good in every single shade of red, but that's more of a general coloring thing rather than what your hair looks like. The same thing could be said of every color! Or some people say you shouldn't have that much of the same color in one look, but how many times have you seen someone with red hair that exactly matches what they're wearing? Maybe you're worried about the red hair clashing with the shade of red right next to it? I promise it's not.

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. It's bold and pretty and stands out. I've worn various shades with bright red hair:
Wearing Red Dresses with Bright Red Hair

I've worn red with light red hair and dark red hair:
Wearing Red Clothes with Light Red Hair and Dark Red Hair

I've worn it on top:
Wearing Red Tops with Bright Red Hair

And I've worn it on bottom:
Petite Panoply: Wearing Red Skirts with Red Hair

I even wore it for my college graduation!
Red Lace Dress from Shabby Apple at UGA

I guess you could read through this post and say I look awful in all of these red outfits, but I believe that to be incorrect! Or you could say I'm some sort of exception, but that's just not true. Look at all these celebrities rocking red dresses and red hair. You can also look to some of my favorite bloggers with red hair for red with red inspiration too, like: The Clothes Horse, Forever Amber, and Larkspur Vintage. If none of this has convinced you, I guess there's nothing else I can do!

My point is, style rules like this don't really mean anything and if you're still following them you can stop. You're welcome.

July 10, 2015

Outfit: Blue Abstract Floral Print 80s Dress and Two-toned Flats

Vintage 80s Abstract Print Dress with Two Toned Flats

I wore this magnificent 80s dress to the Mother Mother concert last month because it was time the wonders of this dress were seen by the public again. It was my 23rd birthday dress (back when my hair was super long) and I can't believe it's been that long since I put it back on! This time I styled it for warm weather with just a pair of black and white flats and a skinny white belt.

I found this dress at Saver's two years ago and it seriously fits like it was made for me. It still has its shoulder pads so my top half can look a little burly from some angles, but I love it. I'm a fan and I don't care who knows it! What about you? Do you rock any 80s vintage pieces?

Abstract Floral Print Dress with Black and White Flats
Blue Vintage Patterned 80s Dress with a White Skinny Belt and Bright Red Hair
dress: saver's | shoes: steve madden - shoe carnival | bow, earrings: forever 21 | belt: modcloth

Bright Red Hair with a Lace Hair Bow + a Blue Dress with Shoulder Pads

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a super exciting eye doctor appointment and other than that I'm waiting to see what happens the rest of the weekend. So let me live vicariously through your weekend plans! 

Have a wonderful rest of your Friday!

July 6, 2015

Outfit: Mint Green Satchel, Donut Print Bodysuit, and White High Waisted Jeans

Mint Green Leather Satchel Purse, White High Waisted Jeans, Pastel Donut Print Bodysuit, and Blue Wedges

I wore this pastel-colored outfit over the weekend because I probably shouldn't wear donut print to work (though it's not out of the question). I don't own a lot of pastel colors so when I wear them I have the urge to find all the pastel things I own and put them together. Does anyone else do that?

Modcloth sent me this awesome mint green Brit-Stitch satchel bag and the first thing I thought to pair with it was my donut print bodysuit. The green frosted donut nearly perfectly matches this purse! Then I added some very 80s-looking white jeans with my blue wedges and some white sunglasses. 

White Sunglasses, Donut Print Bodysuit, White Jeans, and a Mint Green Satchel
Bright Red Hair, White Sunglasses, and a Donut Print Top
Modcloth Have Style, Will Travel Satchel Bag in Mint Green
Donut Print Tank Top with White Jeans and Bright Red Hair
White High Waisted Jeans, Pastel Donut Print Bodysuit, Blue Wedges, and a Mint Green Leather Purse
bodysuit: forever 21 | jeans: c/o boohoo | shoes: xappeal - shoe carnival | sunglasses: walmart | have style, will travel bag in mint - c/o modcloth

This purse Modcloth sent me is so high quality I'm in love. It's entirely leather and feels like it won't fall apart after using it a few months. This was a bit of a surprise collaboration to me too! I contribute to the Modcloth Style Gallery really often, so they thought of me to upload a fun look with a bag from their new line! I had no idea what color it was going to be, but I'm very happy with the pretty mint green shade. I think I can pair it with plenty of other colors. 

So how was your Fourth of July weekend? I have pictures to show you from the Georgia coast so you'll see those sometime in the near future! It was a fun trip but I didn't relax a lot over the weekend. I also have had a headache to varying degrees in the same area since Friday so I've spent a lot of time worrying about it. The usual. Luckily our day trip was fun and I got to take a lot of pretty pictures, spend time with Matt, see ruins, and see wild horses. 

Tell me about your weekend! And if you have ideas on how else I should wear this ridiculous bodysuit, let me know. You can see how I wore it before with green shorts here. Have a great week!

July 3, 2015

Outfit: Blue Striped Shift Dress, Red Cardigan, and Gold Glitter Loafers

Navy Blue Striped Cotton Dress, Red Boyfriend Cardigan, and Gold Glitter Loafers

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all of my American readers! I have a wonderful 3 day weekend so I have the day off to spend with Matt. We're headed down to Cumberland island for an overnight trip and then back home for some sort of festivities. I'm looking forward to taking some pretty pictures down by the coast of Georgia. Perhaps I'll share some with you!

Anyway, this outfit is pretty patriotic-looking to me so I figured it was a good one to share for this holiday weekend. I wear a lot of red, white, and blue because I love how those colors pair together. The nautical vibe is perfect for summertime - not that I don't wear nautical-inspired outfits at other times of the year too. This striped shift dress was from the kids' section at Walmart and I had to get it because it was such a comfy basic piece. I paired a red boyfriend cardigan with it and my sparkly gold glitter loafers. 

Gold Vintage Statement Necklace
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, Striped Dress, Gold Necklace
4th of July Outfit: Red Cardigan, Navy Blue Striped Shift Dress, and Sparkly Gold Glitter Flats
dress: walmart | cardigan: forever 21 | loafers: target | necklace: great grandma's | sunglasses: gift

What are you wearing this weekend? Anything exuberantly patriotic? I have to plan my weekend outfits still - probably just normal ones, not exuberant. I plan on perusing your blogs this evening to get some inspiration though.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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