July 30, 2015

Outfit: Elephant Graphic Tank Top, Dotted Denim Skirt, Silver Sandals, & Red Sunglasses

I'm just now getting to pictures from Fourth of July weekend but I'm really excited to share them! It's nice to have something different to show you. Matt and I took a short trip down to the very southernmost coast of Georgia to a town called St. Mary's and bopped around for about a day total. These photos were taken the first evening on the shore near its little downtown area. 

This is what I wore in the car for hours so it had to be a super comfy outfit but still cute enough to wear around all day. I went with my new elephant graphic tank top I got at the Mother Mother concert and a light denim polka dot skirt. I wore my trusty silver sandals the entire trip - even on Cumberland Island - and they may have gotten a little dirty and gross. I still need to deep clean them somehow but I think they've definitely seen better days and there's no turning back. That's disappointing because they're probably the most comfortable sandals I own! Do you ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself those shoes are super comfortable and you should buy 3 backups? It can't be just me. 

top: mother mother concert tee | skirt: target kids' section | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | bag: pepa loves | sunglasses: kohl's

What do you wear when you're traveling? I used to throw on clothes that were practically pajamas when I was in the car a long time but now I gravitate toward super soft cotton dresses. (Actually, if I'm heading home from a destination sometimes I'll wear sweats because I'm sleeping most of the time anyway!)  Outfits like this one work for car rides under 6 hours but anything above that requires even comfier attire. Sitting in a car for hours is uncomfortable enough without adding belts around your waist or less-than-baby-soft materials!

Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to an even better weekend!


Adi said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I love being anywhere near the ocean, the vibe is just so relaxing. Traveling by car is my preference rather than plane. Not out of fear, but because you get to see and stop at so many different places.
And I love your top!!! I really love elephants. :)

Vegetarian Courtesy


So cute!!!

Charlotte Ellis said...

That skirt is so cute, matches your smile!!


B Ramida said...

lovely look!


Imogen said...

What a gorgeous location and how much fun is the top!

Ali Hval said...

Cute and comfortable is a rare combination, so there's nothing wrong with having that thought. There's always online searching if you want more. :)

Rebecca H said...

Super cute outfit. Love the mix of the graphic tee + preppy polka dots. Maxi dresses, a jean jacket or cardigan and sandals are my preferred traveling pieces.
Rebecca | www.daisydisdain.com

Pauline MoiNonPlus said...

Great look !
Love it :)

Laura Whitman said...

That skirt is so adorable and it looks really comfy! Plus, I love the fun elephant skirt!

I have been wearing a lot of nicer things while traveling too this past year, mostly because I need to get off the plane/get out of the car and go do work things! I have a couple of heavier vintage skirts that I like for planes because they don't wrinkle and they keep me warm in the freezing planes!

Looks like you had a great time on your trip!


Laura Deboel said...

Lovely pictures and great skirt!

Megan Butcher said...

Love this look for the 4th! I like how it's subtly red white & blue :) and how versatile that skirt is! Also totally in love with your sandals, metallics are my new favorite thing :D


lisa said...

I always love a graphic tee and skirt combo! What a cut traveling outfit. I bet the coast of Georgia is beautiful- my only visit to the southeast was New Orleans so I think I need to see more one day! I'm with you on traveling in cotton dresses, it's the perfect way to stay comfy but still feel cute when you make stops :)

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