July 6, 2015

Outfit: Mint Green Satchel, Donut Print Bodysuit, and White High Waisted Jeans

Mint Green Leather Satchel Purse, White High Waisted Jeans, Pastel Donut Print Bodysuit, and Blue Wedges

I wore this pastel-colored outfit over the weekend because I probably shouldn't wear donut print to work (though it's not out of the question). I don't own a lot of pastel colors so when I wear them I have the urge to find all the pastel things I own and put them together. Does anyone else do that?

Modcloth sent me this awesome mint green Brit-Stitch satchel bag and the first thing I thought to pair with it was my donut print bodysuit. The green frosted donut nearly perfectly matches this purse! Then I added some very 80s-looking white jeans with my blue wedges and some white sunglasses. 

White Sunglasses, Donut Print Bodysuit, White Jeans, and a Mint Green Satchel
Bright Red Hair, White Sunglasses, and a Donut Print Top
Modcloth Have Style, Will Travel Satchel Bag in Mint Green
Donut Print Tank Top with White Jeans and Bright Red Hair
White High Waisted Jeans, Pastel Donut Print Bodysuit, Blue Wedges, and a Mint Green Leather Purse
bodysuit: forever 21 | jeans: c/o boohoo | shoes: xappeal - shoe carnival | sunglasses: walmart | have style, will travel bag in mint - c/o modcloth

This purse Modcloth sent me is so high quality I'm in love. It's entirely leather and feels like it won't fall apart after using it a few months. This was a bit of a surprise collaboration to me too! I contribute to the Modcloth Style Gallery really often, so they thought of me to upload a fun look with a bag from their new line! I had no idea what color it was going to be, but I'm very happy with the pretty mint green shade. I think I can pair it with plenty of other colors. 

So how was your Fourth of July weekend? I have pictures to show you from the Georgia coast so you'll see those sometime in the near future! It was a fun trip but I didn't relax a lot over the weekend. I also have had a headache to varying degrees in the same area since Friday so I've spent a lot of time worrying about it. The usual. Luckily our day trip was fun and I got to take a lot of pretty pictures, spend time with Matt, see ruins, and see wild horses. 

Tell me about your weekend! And if you have ideas on how else I should wear this ridiculous bodysuit, let me know. You can see how I wore it before with green shorts here. Have a great week!


Shyscout said...

That bodysuit is awesome! And it definitely works well with the Modcloth bag. That is so neat that they collaborated with you - such a dream :] Sounds like a lovely weekend, sans the headache.

My weekend was spent with the fam, it was so nice to get away from it all.

Taylor Hart said...

That donut body suit is blowing my mind!!!! Please tell me it snaps together at the crotch! Ha ha! Love it!

Keit said...

I love food printed clothing, it's just the best! :D The bodysuit is adorable, great mix with the retro jeans, I really like this ensemble, you made it so chic! It would also look good with maxi skirts, or maybe make it more fancy and wear it with a pencil skirt and lace outerwear, or kimono? Maaan, my brain will explode :D

Lindsey Puls said...

This look is so fun! All of your pastels go together perfectly! I really love the lip color, too. :) That's awesome ModCloth sent you a super cute bag - their quality never fails to impress me!

Hope you're having a great week!


Ali Hval said...

Haha but I love your ridiculous donut printed bodysuit! Bodysuits are the best because they don't leave weird lines on whatever skirt you're wearing, but difficult to pee in. But hey, we do it for the fashion, am I right? I feel like it would be so cute with a skirt that's the color of one of those donuts... I know you've got some red and back skirts but do you have any donut colored ones? Or hell, you could go wild and throw the mermaid sequin skirt with it if it matches that shade of blue. Hahaha that'd be insane. DO IT.

Crissy said...

omg that do0unt bodysuit is soooooo awesome! I love the pastels on you :D


Cute bag :)
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Maria V.

Neuza Mariano said...

Amazing dear.
Kisses from Portugal!

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