July 13, 2015

Style Myth Busting: Redheads CAN Wear Red

It's time for the old adage that redheads shouldn't wear red to be retired. You don't hear many people say you can't wear white after Labor Day anymore, after all. Whenever I hear young women repeat this, it makes me sad. You wouldn't tell people with black hair that they can't wear black or tell someone with fantastic pink hair that wearing pink would be just too much, would you?

Sure, you might not think you look good in every single shade of red, but that's more of a general coloring thing rather than what your hair looks like. The same thing could be said of every color! Or some people say you shouldn't have that much of the same color in one look, but how many times have you seen someone with red hair that exactly matches what they're wearing? Maybe you're worried about the red hair clashing with the shade of red right next to it? I promise it's not.

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. It's bold and pretty and stands out. I've worn various shades with bright red hair:
Wearing Red Dresses with Bright Red Hair

I've worn red with light red hair and dark red hair:
Wearing Red Clothes with Light Red Hair and Dark Red Hair

I've worn it on top:
Wearing Red Tops with Bright Red Hair

And I've worn it on bottom:
Petite Panoply: Wearing Red Skirts with Red Hair

I even wore it for my college graduation!
Red Lace Dress from Shabby Apple at UGA

I guess you could read through this post and say I look awful in all of these red outfits, but I believe that to be incorrect! Or you could say I'm some sort of exception, but that's just not true. Look at all these celebrities rocking red dresses and red hair. You can also look to some of my favorite bloggers with red hair for red with red inspiration too, like: The Clothes Horse, Forever Amber, and Larkspur Vintage. If none of this has convinced you, I guess there's nothing else I can do!

My point is, style rules like this don't really mean anything and if you're still following them you can stop. You're welcome.


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

nice look!


Midwest Muse said...

You definitely pull of this look!

Anna Martin said...

You said it, girl! You look fantastic! Oh my gosh, I have that red dress with the white collar. It looks so much better on you, though! You have such a cute, little frame. :3

- Anna


Ali Hval said...

WORK IT, GIRL. I feel like I say that phrase way too much to you, so I'm sorry if I do. But seriously. I love how you are wearing red and red. It's like saying blondes can't wear yellow... super silly, right? You pull off red SO well. It may just be your best color. :)

Imogen said...

I actually like red more on redheads. I don't know where some of these rules come from (like you shouldn't wear blue and green together). These outfits are all amazing on you. Now I have red hair I definitely dont want to give up my love for red clothes either.

Hannah Lewis said...

Your graduation dress is so lovely!
I'm ginger and I really love colour, I don't go over the top but I agree that you can - and should - wear whatever colours you like!


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