August 26, 2015

Life Lately: Meet Riker

Everyone, I want you to meet Riker, Matt and my 4-month-old lab/something mix puppy! We adopted Riker from a local pet rescue after a lot of searching for a dog that seemed to mesh with us. Originally we didn't think we'd be going with a puppy but here we are with a baby dog! It's pretty cute how thrilled Matt is about us finally having a dog.

When we went to meet him for the first time he was super chill and now we can see he has plenty of crazy puppy energy. I think when he's older he's going to be pretty relaxed most of the time but now he goes from asleep to an absolute nut a few times per day. It's a lot of work having a puppy, but I knew that. I pick a lot of rocks, strings and mulch out of his mouth every day and I'm mastering hawk-like puppy surveillance skills. He's very goofy, loves all other dogs and people, and is working on learning his dog manners.

Riker at 4 months:
  • Is already learning! "Sit" is down at home but he's working on it in public. We're working on waiting before going out doors and "lay down" too. He automatically sits or lays down in the elevator and is 95% potty trained.
  • Is intrigued by any reflection of himself, including the reflection in my laptop screen when it's in sleep mode.
  • Loves to sleep and chew toys on his back. Sometimes he rolls off the couch while intensely chewing. He's so graceful.
  • Kind of is learning his name after 5 days of having him. He's named after Commander William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Still has some baby teeth and wants to chew chew chew. His favorite toys so far are ones he can shred up so I can pick strings out of his mouth.
  • Makes the goofiest high pitched noises when he yawns but is otherwise very quiet.
  • Likes to jump up and put his paws on other dogs and some people. We're working on sitting in exciting situations.
  • Sheds a suspiciously small amount... Probably just because of puppy hair.
  • Doesn't beg for food from the table, which is pretty amazing.
  • Pulls 80% of the time on his walks because he wants to see everything (working on that). He also finds any shade to walk in. It's hot here!
  • Is very very good in his crate while we're at work and goes right in without a fuss.
  • Sometimes snuggles right against me and lays his head on me which makes up for the times when he's a crazy nut dog.

It's definitely a lot of work but I think we're getting the swing of things. Today I took a sick day (sinus infection) and hung around with Riker all day and he was very good - hooray! Stay tuned for another Riker update at some point. If anything you'll get to see more puppy pictures and who doesn't love puppy pictures?

Have a great rest of your week!


Demi said...

Ohhhhh I'm so thrilled you got a dog from the shelter, and you're crate training too! So good! You guys look like the perfect family 💕 Also, he doesn't beg at the table because you haven't taught him to. Trust me, do not teach him to beg at the dinner table by teaching him that he gets food while you're there, haha. You'll never hear the end of it. Hugo is an atrocious beggar. My bad of course.

SaraLily said...

Ohhhh is he a cutie!!!!! Congrats!

Midwest Muse said...

So cute!

Laura Whitman said...

Awwww, what a cutie! Congrats on your new member of the family!


Rebecca said...

What a great little shelter guy! You must be thrilled and having so much fun with him. Good luck raising your new pup.

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