September 29, 2015

Outfit: Star Trek Matching Set with Blue Flats and a Bouffant

Handmade Star Trek Print Matching Separates with Cobalt Blue Flats
top, skirt: handmade | shoes: delia's | earrings: dragon con 2014

I know I wore this Star Trek matching set to Dragon Con last year, but I just had to put it back on for Dragon Con 2015. Mom made it for me and it's one of my favorite outfits I own. I especially enjoy that the skirt and top can be worn separately too. I've definitely gotten plenty of use out of the skirt because the pattern pairs with pretty much any other color. The top gets less wear because I have to wear a sticky bra with it and ain't nobody got time for that - most days.

This was my outfit for the last day of Dragon Con, which is probably the saddest day because everyone's packing to leave and most of the panels are finished. The crowds are 1/10th of their former ridiculousness. We still headed down there for more people watching and to eat lunch though. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Bright Red Hair, Star Fleet Earrings, and Blue Eyeliner
Pleated Star Trek Print Skirt with Blue Flats
Star Trek Matching Set with Halter Top and Pleated Skirt
Blue Winged Liner with a Red Bouffant
Red Bouffant and Star Trek Comic Print Halter Top and Pleated Skirt

Anyway, I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far and had a great weekend. I did the Walk to End Alzheimer's on Saturday and went to Wild Heaven Brewery on Sunday followed by a brief visit to Taste of Atlanta. It rained all weekend too and I'm ready for it to not be soggy outside because soggy puppies are not my jam. Plus Riker really needs a good run around at the dog park and it'll have to dry out before that happens!

Happy Tuesday!

September 24, 2015

Work Outfit: Mustard Yellow Shift Dress with Blue Peeptoe Wedges

Mustard Yellow Shift Dress, Blue Peeptoe Wedges, and an Apple Necklace

A couple years ago I probably wouldn't have picked up a shift dress like this, but there are a lot of more-fitted ones around now that they've come back into style! I think the older I get, the more styles I enjoy (which can be a problem when you like clothes because then the wardrobe just keeps getting larger.) This yellow dress should be a super versatile year-round piece though, so I couldn't resist it. Mustard yellow pairs with so many different colors too. This time I went with a pair of blue wedges to contrast.

I actually wore this outfit during headshots day at work. They brought in makeup people and everything. They did my makeup very natural-looking. I tend to like either a little more on the eyes or on the lips, but my skin looked great!

It's been a little cool here in Georgia for this time of the year. How would you style this dress for fall? You think a collared shirt would layer well underneath it? I might have to try!

Forever 21 Yellow Retro Style Shift Dress with an Apple Necklace and Red Hair
Retro Clear Apple Necklace with a Yellow Background
Light Blue Peeptoe Wedges
Red Hair, Mustard Dress, and an Apple Necklace
Mustard Yellow Forever 21 Shift Dress with Blue Wedges
dress: forever 21 | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes | necklace: great grandma

I apologize for being a little absent from the blogiverse but the majority of this past week has been spent with family because my grandma died. So I was up in Illinois last weekend and catching up with work the rest of this week. I'm ready for a day off because the past little while has sucked. At least I was able to make it up north to be with my family last weekend. I don't have a lot of time to sit around and mope though. I'm distracted by my new crazy puppy, Riker, and work and that's probably a good thing. 

Other than that, things are fine and I'm looking forward to fall festivities. What kinds of fall things are you most looking forward to? I'm excited for tights weather even though Riker will probably jump on me and tear up my favorite pairs. And soup and roasted vegetables. And all pumpkin-flavored things. Plus my birthday is next month.

Have a happy Friday and happy weekend!

September 16, 2015

Outfit: Star Trek Ship Tank Top, Blue Skater Skirt, and Silver Heels

Star Trek Starship Graphic Tank Top, Blue Textured Skater Skirt, and Silver 90s Style Chunky Heels

Here's a little fun weekend outfit for you today! I picked up some clearance stuff on a while back and magically everything I bought looked good together. I just couldn't resist these 90s-tastic silver heels. They remind me of the Spice Girls. I definitely need to get some more wear out of these shoes before it's tights weather. Living in Georgia, that'll be a while longer, so I guess that's one positive thing about fall taking so terribly long to arrive (and stay).

I also couldn't resist picking up another Star Trek muscle tee. It has all of the different star ships from various Star Trek series and shirts like this are so comfy. They perfectly shift over to loungewear after a long day! The blue textured skater skirt is new too. Can you really ever have too many skater skirts? Speaking of new-to-my-wardrobe clothes, I really need to go thrifting again soon. Then again, pulling out all my cool-weather clothes is like Christmas to me. I have so many more options when I can factor in sweaters and long-sleeved tops!

90s Style Chunky Silver Heels with White Soles
Star Trek Muscle Tee with a Blue Skater Skirt
Red Hair in a Ponytail with a Silver Bow
Blue Textured Flippy Skirt, Star Trek Print Tank Top, and Chunky Silver Peeptoe Heels
top, skirt, bow, shoes: forever 21 (one recent order) | earrings: sheinside?

So how has your week/life been going? I've been very busy with Riker. He's definitely a puppy and a handful most of the time! I'm looking forward to doing fall things and really enjoying sitting on my deck. Atlanta got a few cool-ish days and I'm dreading them going away again. It's been so nice outside. 

Anyway, let me know what you think of my slightly futuristic outfit and keep a look out for another Dragon Con costume post soon! Happy Wednesday!

September 14, 2015

Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival in Atlanta

Bun Xao Thit Bo from Viet-Nomie's in Atlanta with a SweetWater IPA

On Saturday Matt and I harnessed-up Riker and took a walk down the Atlanta BeltLine to the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival. I didn't realize it was going on so incredibly close to our apartment. Talk about convenient! We were excited about a dog friendly event that involved food trucks and local craft beer. 

We're still getting used to being out and about with a puppy, but Riker was very well behaved and mingled (wrestled) with the other dogs that were there. If you're not from around Atlanta, the Old Fourth Ward/Inman Park neighborhoods are very dog friendly. Nearly everyone walking around has one so there are plenty of dog friendly events to check out.

The festival went on from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. but we were up early with Riker that day, so I think we were some of the first people there. That was good because we had to be back home by 3:30 for the UGA football game. There was plenty of open space to roam around with the puppy while checking out the local food trucks. 

Both Matt and I had a hard time deciding on all the delicious food so we shared a couple dishes. First I bought us some SweetWater IPA tallboys to sip on and then we ordered a tasty marinated beef dish, Bun Xao Thit Bo, from the Vietnamese food truck, Viet-Nomie's. It was super delicious with rice noodles, peanuts and a salad with fresh herbs and jalapenos. The next dish we tried was a BBQ macaroni and cheese from Mac the Cheese and holy crap was it good. The pulled pork was tender and whoever thought about putting pimento cheese on top of mac and cheese is a genius. Yum!

Viet-Nomie's Food Truck in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward Park
Black Lab Mix Puppy Laying in the Grass
Beer and Food Stands at the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival in Atlanta
Relaxing at the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival off the BeltLine
BBQ Macaroni and Cheese from Mac the Cheese Food Truck
Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival Music Stage

There was live music going on the entire time, which I always enjoy. The weather was perfectly overcast and not at all balmy - which is usually what we deal with at this time of the year. Just a great day to get outside, meet other dog parents, and eat tasty local food. I'm not sure how much "fall" stuff was going on here, but at least it felt like a Georgia fall outside. I'll leave you with this amazing phrase we saw on the Meatballerz food truck. So good.

Meatballerz Atlanta food truck phrase

September 10, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors Costume

Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors with Baby Audrey II Plant Cosplay for Dragon Con 2015

If you know me, you know my favorite movie of all time is Little Shop of Horrors, the musical about a man-eating plant featuring songs written by the same duo who wrote the music in The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Dressing as Audrey has been on my costume bucket list since I was 12 and I finally did it for Dragon Con this year! 

I think a lot of my putting it off was needing blonde hair or a wig and needing an Audrey 2 plant of my own. Both of those needs were finally met. I'm especially excited about having my own Audrey 2 handmade by my mom (thanks Mom!) and put in a vintage Maxwell House coffee can just like in the movie. My Audrey 2 is now proudly displayed on my book shelf.

The other parts of the outfit were pretty easy to put together. This leopard print dress has been in my wardrobe for about 7 years and, though it's sleeveless, is a pretty good match for an Audrey dress. I treated myself to these fancy Nine West leopard print heels because I knew I'd be walking in them a good bit that day and didn't want horribly uncomfortable shoes. Plus I've been wanting a nice pair of leopard print heels. To me they're as versatile as nice black heels! I completed the look with a wig bought off Amazon and some baby blue eye shadow that you can't see very well here.

Hand Made Baby Audrey 2 in a Vintage Maxwell House Coffee Can

Dragon Con 2015 Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors Cosplay in Leopard Print Dress with Audrey II Plant

Someone at Dragon Con asked me if my hair here was real and I guess it looks pretty good from afar but it's definitely shinier than real hair. People who see these pictures keep telling me I should go blonde too. Well, I'm naturally dishwater blonde-ish so most colors look pretty normal on me. So no, I didn't dye my hair! It's just a wig. I'm scared if I went blonde I'd be too tempted to dye it pink or blue...

Audrey in a Leopard Print Dress Costume with a Baby Audrey II
Handmade Baby Audrey II plant from Little Shop of Horrors

So what do you think of my Friday Dragon Con outfit? Was it a hit? I had a few people ask me for a picture so that's a win in my book! I'll probably be wearing this costume for Halloween this year too, so you might see it again.

September 3, 2015

Outfit: Vintage Floral Skirt, Black Lace Top, Silver Triangle Necklace, & Pink Sandals

Bright Red Hair, Silver Triangles Necklace, Lace Shirt, and a Vintage Floral Print Skirt

This vintage floral skirt is one of my favorites. The colors are fantastic and pair so nicely with a lot of other colors. This time I paired it with some slightly edgy pieces to contrast with the super girly print. This black lace top from H&M goes with pretty much everything, but it's a crop top so it can be hard to keep tucked in to a skirt like this which isn't entirely tight around my waist. I added a brand new silver triangle necklace I bought from a Modcloth sale and some pink sandals I'm pretty sure I've had since high school.

Vintage Pink, Purple and Turquoise Floral Skirt, Pink Sandals, and a Black Lace Shirt
top: h&m | skirt: thrifted | shoe: ross | necklace: modcloth

Modcloth Silver Triangles Necklace with a Black Lace H&M Shirt
Silver Triangles Necklace from Modcloth, Black Lace Top, and Floral Skirt
Black Lace Crop Top, Vintage Floral Skirt, and Pink Flat Sandals
Vintage Colorful Floral Skirt and Pink Sandals
Black Lace Top, Vintage Pink, Purple, & Turquoise Floral Skirt, and Silver Triangle Necklace

As of tonight I'm officially on my labor day weekend. I'm super pumped about it because not only do I have 2 days off work but I'm going to Dragon Con again! So be prepared for some costume goodness again this year. If you'd like a refresher, you can click to see my Josie and the Pussycats costume, my Star Trek costume, and my one-of-a-kind Star Trek matching set outfit. I also had a Dragon Con 2014 recap post! I can't wait to show you this year's costumes! There will be wigs this year. I hope it's not ten thousand degrees outside.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead of you too. Keep a look out on Instagram because I may be posting a few too many Dragon Con pictures!

Happy Thursday!

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