September 14, 2015

Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival in Atlanta

Bun Xao Thit Bo from Viet-Nomie's in Atlanta with a SweetWater IPA

On Saturday Matt and I harnessed-up Riker and took a walk down the Atlanta BeltLine to the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival. I didn't realize it was going on so incredibly close to our apartment. Talk about convenient! We were excited about a dog friendly event that involved food trucks and local craft beer. 

We're still getting used to being out and about with a puppy, but Riker was very well behaved and mingled (wrestled) with the other dogs that were there. If you're not from around Atlanta, the Old Fourth Ward/Inman Park neighborhoods are very dog friendly. Nearly everyone walking around has one so there are plenty of dog friendly events to check out.

The festival went on from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. but we were up early with Riker that day, so I think we were some of the first people there. That was good because we had to be back home by 3:30 for the UGA football game. There was plenty of open space to roam around with the puppy while checking out the local food trucks. 

Both Matt and I had a hard time deciding on all the delicious food so we shared a couple dishes. First I bought us some SweetWater IPA tallboys to sip on and then we ordered a tasty marinated beef dish, Bun Xao Thit Bo, from the Vietnamese food truck, Viet-Nomie's. It was super delicious with rice noodles, peanuts and a salad with fresh herbs and jalapenos. The next dish we tried was a BBQ macaroni and cheese from Mac the Cheese and holy crap was it good. The pulled pork was tender and whoever thought about putting pimento cheese on top of mac and cheese is a genius. Yum!

Viet-Nomie's Food Truck in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward Park
Black Lab Mix Puppy Laying in the Grass
Beer and Food Stands at the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival in Atlanta
Relaxing at the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival off the BeltLine
BBQ Macaroni and Cheese from Mac the Cheese Food Truck
Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival Music Stage

There was live music going on the entire time, which I always enjoy. The weather was perfectly overcast and not at all balmy - which is usually what we deal with at this time of the year. Just a great day to get outside, meet other dog parents, and eat tasty local food. I'm not sure how much "fall" stuff was going on here, but at least it felt like a Georgia fall outside. I'll leave you with this amazing phrase we saw on the Meatballerz food truck. So good.

Meatballerz Atlanta food truck phrase


Life's a shoe said...

great photos! the food looks so good!


Ali Hval said...

You take great pictures, Jamie! It's like being there and I love how very warm they are. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the slightly cooler weather doing outdoor things just as I've been doing. :)

Marlen Komar said...

yaaas, summer can't be over without one or two festivals peppered in there. and how awesome that it was right next to your place? i always throw money like its rain when food trucks are involved haha- smart move sharing plates to get a little taste of everything :)

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