September 16, 2015

Outfit: Star Trek Ship Tank Top, Blue Skater Skirt, and Silver Heels

Star Trek Starship Graphic Tank Top, Blue Textured Skater Skirt, and Silver 90s Style Chunky Heels

Here's a little fun weekend outfit for you today! I picked up some clearance stuff on a while back and magically everything I bought looked good together. I just couldn't resist these 90s-tastic silver heels. They remind me of the Spice Girls. I definitely need to get some more wear out of these shoes before it's tights weather. Living in Georgia, that'll be a while longer, so I guess that's one positive thing about fall taking so terribly long to arrive (and stay).

I also couldn't resist picking up another Star Trek muscle tee. It has all of the different star ships from various Star Trek series and shirts like this are so comfy. They perfectly shift over to loungewear after a long day! The blue textured skater skirt is new too. Can you really ever have too many skater skirts? Speaking of new-to-my-wardrobe clothes, I really need to go thrifting again soon. Then again, pulling out all my cool-weather clothes is like Christmas to me. I have so many more options when I can factor in sweaters and long-sleeved tops!

90s Style Chunky Silver Heels with White Soles
Star Trek Muscle Tee with a Blue Skater Skirt
Red Hair in a Ponytail with a Silver Bow
Blue Textured Flippy Skirt, Star Trek Print Tank Top, and Chunky Silver Peeptoe Heels
top, skirt, bow, shoes: forever 21 (one recent order) | earrings: sheinside?

So how has your week/life been going? I've been very busy with Riker. He's definitely a puppy and a handful most of the time! I'm looking forward to doing fall things and really enjoying sitting on my deck. Atlanta got a few cool-ish days and I'm dreading them going away again. It's been so nice outside. 

Anyway, let me know what you think of my slightly futuristic outfit and keep a look out for another Dragon Con costume post soon! Happy Wednesday!


Camilla said...

Loved your heels! You rock, Jamie! :)


Panty Buns said...

Your black Forever 21 Starship Enterprise graphic Star Trek muscle T-shirt and blue skater skirt look nice styled together. Your outfit also coordinates nicely with your pretty red hair. P.S.: I also like your YouTube videos (

Ali Hval said...

I love your silver bow clip, too! Metallics and future-isticy styles really get me going and you wear them so well. Embrace the Star Wars. EMBRACE IT!

Oooh, also! So today I biked a good distance on this trail that crosses over to Georgia from Alabama and I thought of you! We never went past the border and turned around (it was still a good 60+ miles) but Georgia always makes me think of you.

Also, I really adored your kind words about what to do with the future: especially the part where I shouldn't worry about anyone judging me for trying something new out for a year. Honestly, that's probably what I'm afraid of the most! But you're so right: I've got this opportunity and should harness it to the best of my ability and see what happens (or doesn't). Thanks, lady love. :)

Hope your Friday goes so well!

Mel said...

Ahh, another Trekkie! Qapla' !

I love this look - the silver heels are especially fun.

Last year I bought one of the ThinkGeek Star Trek: TNG Uniform dresses, and while it's really comfy (I got it since I had an eight hour car ride on Halloween but still wanted to feel festive) it's not really fashionable.

Les Deux Lapins

May Cho said...

Oh, the joy of buying items that accidentally look good together!

Loving this look, Jamie! The holographic shoes are my favourite part! <3

May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

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