September 3, 2015

Outfit: Vintage Floral Skirt, Black Lace Top, Silver Triangle Necklace, & Pink Sandals

Bright Red Hair, Silver Triangles Necklace, Lace Shirt, and a Vintage Floral Print Skirt

This vintage floral skirt is one of my favorites. The colors are fantastic and pair so nicely with a lot of other colors. This time I paired it with some slightly edgy pieces to contrast with the super girly print. This black lace top from H&M goes with pretty much everything, but it's a crop top so it can be hard to keep tucked in to a skirt like this which isn't entirely tight around my waist. I added a brand new silver triangle necklace I bought from a Modcloth sale and some pink sandals I'm pretty sure I've had since high school.

Vintage Pink, Purple and Turquoise Floral Skirt, Pink Sandals, and a Black Lace Shirt
top: h&m | skirt: thrifted | shoe: ross | necklace: modcloth

Modcloth Silver Triangles Necklace with a Black Lace H&M Shirt
Silver Triangles Necklace from Modcloth, Black Lace Top, and Floral Skirt
Black Lace Crop Top, Vintage Floral Skirt, and Pink Flat Sandals
Vintage Colorful Floral Skirt and Pink Sandals
Black Lace Top, Vintage Pink, Purple, & Turquoise Floral Skirt, and Silver Triangle Necklace

As of tonight I'm officially on my labor day weekend. I'm super pumped about it because not only do I have 2 days off work but I'm going to Dragon Con again! So be prepared for some costume goodness again this year. If you'd like a refresher, you can click to see my Josie and the Pussycats costume, my Star Trek costume, and my one-of-a-kind Star Trek matching set outfit. I also had a Dragon Con 2014 recap post! I can't wait to show you this year's costumes! There will be wigs this year. I hope it's not ten thousand degrees outside.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead of you too. Keep a look out on Instagram because I may be posting a few too many Dragon Con pictures!

Happy Thursday!



So cute!!!!

SaraLily said...

Super cute! I love the texture of the crop top paired with this skirt. And the fact that you've had those sandals for so long - I have a few things like that. It's so funny when you have items that never get old or just always work with your style throughout the years!

Laura Clark said...

Lovely blog!Just started following you


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

It looked like you had fun at DragonCon! Conventions are always a good time. I really want to go to a big one again next year!

sophia florence said...

great blog!


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