October 5, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter Costumes

Sailor Jupiter and Super Sailor Moon Cosplay from Dragon Con 2015

I'm so excited to finally show you our Sailor Scout costumes from Dragon Con last month. I'm a little behind posting these pictures, but now that it's October, it's almost even more perfect to share these. A fantastic thing about Dragon Con is already having costumes ready to go once Halloween rolls around! 

Sailor Senshi Costumes - Sailor Jupiter and Super Sailor Moon
dresses: handmade | converse: shoe carnival | wigs: amazon | gloves: amazon and then altered | sailor moon heart charm: bought at dragon con 

Jeanie came to Dragon Con this year, so I knew I wanted to dress up in some sort of theme with my sister. (Mom and I did Star Trek costumes together last year - and this year too.) There is epic 90s childhood nostalgia tied to Sailor Moon and it was a costume I thought would be cute and fun. Anybody else remember watching Sailor Moon on Toonami on Cartoon Network many moons ago? Now I'm watching the reboot on Hulu and enjoying every minute of it - transformation scenes and theme song included! I even read the comics early this year. And I'm supposed to be an adult?

Sailor Jupiter was always Jeanie's favorite so Mom made her her signature green and pink dress. My costume was a take on Usagi's Super Sailor Moon look, minus the boots. We both went with Converse for comfort and the fact that Converse are just easier to find and can be used again in real life. When I wear this costume again I may find some tall red boots (and actually buy a tiara instead of using makeup to draw one) but this was perfect for a day spent wandering around the convention. I will say, wigs are an epic pain in the ass. It was by far the most uncomfortable part of the costume. This wig was heavy and the pigtails were constantly in the way. I don't know how women with super long hair deal with it! It was worth it though!

Hand Sewn Sailor Jupiter Costume
Sailor Jupiter Costume from Dragon Con 2015
Usagi - Super Sailor Moon Cosplay
Sailor Moon Heart Silver Crystal Brooch
In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Sailor Moon Cosplay from Dragon Con 2015
Super Sailor Moon Costume Close Up
Handmade Sailor Jupiter and Super Sailor Moon Costumes

We're so lucky to have a creative mom that can sew us ridiculous costumes. Thanks Mom! I finally got to be Sailor Moon after all these years!


SaraLily said...

Oh man, you and Jeanie look AMAZING!!! So fun!! I love when I get a chance to join forces with my sisters - we are each so different so it's rare when we find something we can do together like this! =D

Camilla said...

Howwwwwww cute! I love Sailor Moon! <3


Imogen said...

Wow this looks so fun. I especially love it because I was such a big fan of sailor moon, I have a dress now which reminds me very much of her. It's even better that you two were able to do this together!

Claire said...


God bless,
Xo, Claire

Ali Hval said...

YAAAAS to Sailor Moon cosplays! You two are just the cutest. I can imagine that wig would get kind of heavy (besides being itchy, haha) so good for you for being a trooper and putting up with it. ;)

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