October 28, 2015

Outfit: Dark Floral Dress, Polka Dot Tights, Chunky Heels, and a Burgundy Leather Jacket

Dark Floral Print Dress, Polka Dot Tights, Chunky Black Heels, and a Burgundy Leather Jacket

This might be my favorite recent outfit so I hope you enjoy it too! I know the post right before this includes this burgundy leather jacket too, but I've been wearing it a lot. Something about the colored faux leather is so perfect for fall. This oxblood/burgundy/maroon shade pairs with so many other colors, but my favorite might be black. Here I styled it with some bold mixed prints: a dark floral print fit and flare dress and polka dot tights. 

This was what I wore on a weekend trip to local Second Self brewery for their first anniversary party. I'd worn this dress and tights together to work earlier in the year but never photographed it. I kept remembering how much I liked the pairing, so here it is! The comfy chunky heels were perfect for being on my feet for hours and the jacket kept me dry on this slightly drizzly day.

Giant Polka Dot Tights, Black Fisherman Sandal Heels, Dark Floral Print Dress
Faux Leather Burgundy Moto Jacket with a Dark Floral Dress
Petite Panoply: An outfit post with my black puppy Riker
dress: ross | jacket: forever 21 | tights: kmart | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

I love the picture right above this, but do you know how difficult it is to get a picture with a crazy puppy? Be sure to check out my Instagram today for some really epic outtakes including quite possibly my favorite blog outtake ever. My face is delightful.

Dotted Tights, Burgundy Leather Coat, and Floral Dress
Forever 21 Burgundy Moto Jacket with a Dark Floral Print Fit and Flare Dress
Polka Dot Tights, Dark Floral Print Fit and Flare Dress, Burgundy Faux Leather Jacket, and Chunky Sandal Heels

I'm pretty pumped it's Halloween week, how about you? It's my favorite holiday of the year and I'm glad it's on Saturday so I can watch my Halloween movie marathon. I'm going to try to get you a slightly Halloween-themed outfit at the end of the week but it's been super rainy here so don't hold your breath too long. I want to get back closer to my usual posting schedule even if that just means 2 times per week rather than the 1ish I've been doing the past couple months (because that's just sad.) Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading any of your festive posts and seeing your costumes!

Have a great rest of your week!


SaraLily said...

So pumped for Halloween! It kicks off the holiday season - my favorite time of year! Great outfit here - love me some polka dots!! I need to get me a pair of polka dot tights ;)

Ali Hval said...

I would steal this outfit from you in an instant--those tights with those heels and dress... honestly, I'd be at home in it! EEG! Might be one of my favorites from you.

Also, yes, HALLOWEEN! I'm going to dress up as Cinderella to give candy out to the kidlets. I've actually gotta get out and buy that candy today... better later than sooner because I'll probably end up buying the candy I like the best and eat most of it (oops)

Sammy Scott said...

Such a cute look!
The colour combo is perfect for this time of year :)

Adi said...

Love the jacket and shoes!
And yes, it can be tough taking a decent photo with animal companions. Hahaha

Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

Panty Buns said...

I love your beautiful floral print dress and big polka-dot hosiery! I love all of these outfit photos.


Wild Flower said...

Ah, I am such a sucker for pattern mixing. This look is brilliant! And your puppy, oh my goodness. What a cute honey!


Anastasia said...

This is so cute! I really like the print of your dress and the polka dot tights :)

Imogen said...

Florals and polka dots are the best combination. I'm loving this jacket you've been wearing lately. It's one of my favourite colours for the past few months.

Adele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adele said...

love you little candy corn earrings- they're soo cute


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