November 17, 2015

Outfit: Houndstooth Mini Skirt, Black Turtleneck, Dotted Tights, and a Wool Beret

Houndstooth Mini Skirt, Black Short Sleeved Turtleneck, Black Beret, Dotted Tights, and Flat Knee High Boots

I feel like this black and white outfit is a pretty classic look with a tiny bit of modern print mixing. It has a little bit of a 60s feel. The houndstooth skirt - yes it's houndstooth but it's hard to tell from far away - was a very early thrift find. It was hemmed into a mini skirt and I've been wearing it for years. This time I styled it with some tights with tiny dots, a fitted turtleneck shirt, a beret, and knee high boots. Something about tall boots and a mini skirt looks fantastic for fall. Also berets and turtlenecks.

Hats can really make a look but I always forget to add them to my outfits. I have a drawer filled with four berets but they're tucked away and I forget they're there. Anytime I remember, they end up making my outfit 100% better though! This black one was from H&M and is the perfect size for my small head. Plus it kept my head nice and toasty during a walk around town! Now I just need to remember to wear my non-beret hats...

Black Beret, Red Ponytail, Black Turtleneck, and a Retro Tiny Houndstooth Skirt
Black Turtleneck, Houndstooth Thrifted Mini Skirt, Black Beret, and Black Boots
Flat Black Boohoo Knee High Boots with Tiny Polka Dot Tights
Black Beret with Bright Red Hair, Black Short Sleeved Turtleneck Top, and Houndstooth Skirt
Black Turtleneck, Houndstooth Mini Skirt, Black Beret, Dotted Tights, and Knee High Boots
skirt: thrifted | top, boots: boohoo | tights: betsey johnson - ross | purse: madden girl - ross | beret: h&m

How is your week going so far? Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving already? I'm looking forward to a couple days off work, eating lots of delicious foods, and spending time with family. I'll have to plan a Thanksgiving outfit that isn't just sweatpants too. Stretchy fit and flare dresses are always a good choice in my book. They leave ample room for stomach expansion!

Anyway, I hope you have a great Tuesday!


ModernVintageStyle said...

This look is great on you - such a fun 60s vibe, but with a contemporary touch. Beautiful! Karen x

SaraLily said...

Hats are always such a fun accessory - and I always forget to wear them! You look so mod and adorable!!

Mel said...

I love this outfit! It's so classic. I feel like I'm never gotten slouchy boots right, but they look perfect with your outfit!

Sammi said...

How adorable are you! Berets look really great on you. I'm not sold on them for me (I'm sort of convinced I can only wear little dainty vintage hats, which is sort of okay with me), but maybe I should try again! Such a cute fall outfit.

xox Sammi

Lee said...

I love this outfit! I agree about tall boots and mini-skirts - such a good look!
also hi from another 4'11" Georgian! hahaha new reader here :)

Lee -

jess said...

This look is so adorable. I love the polka dot tights.

Frannie Pantz said...

I love hats and this beret is too cute. I thrifted one recently and have only worn it once! You are reminding me how cute they can look. I love the skirt. Yes, I am TOTALLY ready for Thanksgiving to come--food and days off sound delectable!

CiCi said...

I love a good beret and polka dot tights - so this outfit is a winner for me! It's quite mod and that's in no way a bad thing :)

Serli N. said...

What a cute outfit! So perfect for the season. I love your tights and skirt, I've really been into the houndstooth print lately. I also have a bunch of hats that I don't ever wear. I don't know, I guess I've never been a big hat person, but I agree-- once I wear one, it makes the whole outfit so much better!

xo, Serli

Megan Butcher said...

Love this look! Such classics. Your hair color is the best accessory :D


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