November 30, 2015

Outfit: Olive Green Sweater over a Floral Top, Pleated Leather Skirt, and Cutout Boots

Pleated Leather Skirt, Olive Green V-neck Sweater over a Floral Button Down, and Pointed Cutout Boots

Happy happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fantastic weekend but now it's time to get back to reality. Luckily I have an outfit post to slightly brighten your day - I hope? I actually wore this to work on a more casual day but it's something I'd wear any day.

This olive green sweater is one of my favorites for this time of the year. The v-neck and thin knit makes it great for layering over my many button down tops. This time I put it over a floral print button down crop top because it complimented the green shades in the floral print. Then I added my faux leather pleated skirt and cutout ankle boots.

Matt took these pictures for me while we were out walking Riker after work. Sadly it gets dark by the time we're home from work now and Riker has to walk around in the dark. I'll have to give you a Riker pupdate sometime soon. He just keeps growing!

V-neck Olive Green Sweater over a Dark Floral Button Down
Muted Green Sweater with a Faux Leather Skater Skirt
Faux Leather Skirt, Black Tights, and Pointed Cutout Boot Flats
Black Floral Print Top Under an Olive Green Sweater
Olive Green V-neck Sweater over a Floral Top and Pleated Leather Skirt
Floral Print Top Under an Olive Green Sweater, Faux Leather Pleated Skirt, Black Tights, and Pointed Cutout Flats
sweater: target | floral shirt: h&m | skirt: forever 21 | boots: boohoo

So did you have a good weekend? My family did the usual Thanksgiving delicious feast and spent a lot of time watching movies together. It's been a good break. I get an extra day of the weekend though because I took today off! Woo! Actually I have a dentist appointment so it's not too relaxing. I may go thrifting today though, so I'm looking forward to that.

Have a great start to your week!


ModernVintageStyle said...

So simple, but so cheery and elegant! Kx

Adi said...

That's what I don't like about this daylight savings time, it gets dark much too early!
The olive green looks so nice with your hair color. ~.o


Gordo said...

Great outfit! One thing I wanted to say (even though I know this sounds weird), but I like your tights. Specifically, the way that they show dimension/depth. I've always had a fondness for the look of tights that show off the shape of the leg through varying opacity.

Am I making sense/not sounding like a weirdo? :-)


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