November 23, 2015

Remix: Burgundy Faux Leather Jacket

Different ways to wear a burgundy leather moto jacket
One | Two

I'm not sure why, but I've been wearing my burgundy leather moto jacket a lot this season. Maybe it's the fact that it's a leather jacket in a non-neutral shade or that it keeps me dry in the drizzly weather we've been having. Either way, it's a very versatile piece as you'll see here!

I usually like to pair it with neutrals - especially black - but it also works well with jewel tones and those toned down colors that fall fashion brings. This jacket is also the perfect length to look cute with dresses, which I'm pretty sure is because it's technically a crop jacket. Short girl tip: check out cropped jackets because they tend to hit at the length a normal jacket should which means your body proportions won't be thrown off. 

Here are a few ways I've worn this trusty Forever 21 jacket. Feel free to click through to see the full posts! 

Remixing a dark red faux leather moto jacket from Forever 21
Three | Four

Styling a burgundy leather cropped jacket with patterned dresses
Five | Six

Wearing a burgundy leather jacket with fall colors

Do you wear leather jackets a lot in the fall too? How do you wear yours?

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